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  1. Guest users are those browsing the site without logging in. I don't think they have the ability to post anything, just view. To log in anonymously you just check the box 'sign in anonymously' when logging on.
  2. If a user who is logged in anonymously views your profile they will not appear under 'recent profile visitors' but your number of profile views will increment. ETA. Guest views are being counted as well.
  3. Have you tried resetting your password by clicking on "forgot your password"? You should be able to reset your password provided that you are still using the same email address that was linked to your account. FYI, the email sent to reset your password appears in the spam folder on gmail.
  4. Click on the dot (or star if you have posted in the thread) in front of the thread title to go to your first unread post.
  5. You mean the notification that pops up when you first load the page? If so, yes I have accepted the cookie policy but still receive the error when I try to log in. At least the method I described in my previous post works so I am able to log in on my phone albeit in a roundabout way.
  6. Anyone else still having trouble logging in on their phone? I've made sure that cookies are enabled on both Firefox and Chrome, cleared cache and I'm still getting the error message: Your browser does not accept cookies which is required in order to log in. However, for some reason, I am able to log in from my phone using Firefox with the following method: Select "Request Desktop Site" from the Firefox menu Log in Deselect "Request Desktop Site" which then bring me to the "Sign In" page. I am able to log in from here.
  7. Yeah, alot of screen real estate is being wasted with this new skin. Also, there is no "go to first unread post" option which makes navigating threads, especially ones that are 10+ pages in length, a real pain. I'm also unable to log in on the mobile version. Keep getting the error message: Your browser does not accept cookies which is required in order to log in. Checked my browser settings and cookies are enabled. Tried with both Firefox and Chrome.
  8.   Are you thinking of the online search or something else?
  9. Because it was poorly handled. The events leading up to the burning and rationale were completely illogical and those who felt that it was done for nothing more than shock value were absolutely correct.
  10. 4/10. The WoS was decently done. I thought this episode was supposed to break the internet but it was just more of the same illogical plotlines, inconsistent characterisation and plot holes. So I guess the burning of Shireen ultimately proved to be pointless and Reek morphs into Theon out of the blue and decides to kill Myranda and rescue Sansa (actually there is no Sansa, only Jeyne Poole). The entire WF plotline has been a joke and the same goes for Dorne. The finale was in keeping with the rest of this season - thoroughly mediocre.
  11. I am certainly not a huge fan of either Feast or Dance but I disagree with the bolded. To each their own, I suppose.
  12. I got your point and agree that changes have to be made but that does not excuse the sub par writing we got this season. That was my point. The Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne arcs that we got in the show were rather poor and it had nothing to do with logistics. No, it isn't.
  13. I think we can all accept that the show has to operate under certain constraints, however that does not excuse the poor writing we've had this season. The show is not even internally consistent and that comes down to sloppiness. I didn't mind Sansa popping up at Winterfell but the execution of that plotline has been rather poor. Seems like the entire WF plotline is in service to Ramsay. Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, are any of their storylines better than their Feast and Dance storylines? Not in my opinion.
  14. Yes he did. Something about Maegor III wanting to outlaw usury. The show made that up since we know that there was no Maegor III in the published material. Perhaps, but then again, who knows? It could mean something or nothing. The show is not exactly consistent with their narrative.
  15. 4/10 A rather poor follow up to Hardhome. Jon and co. just had a battle against the WW, a stare down with the NK, and new found knowledge of Valyrian steel being another effective weapon against the WW. But none of that is even mentioned in this episode. Instead we get sulky Jon and staring Olly. The pit scene was the best part and even that was not great. Stannis allowing Shireen to be burned was poorly set up and came across as nothing more than shock value. Dorne has been very consistent this season - utter rubbish from the beginning.
  16. It has been established all the way back in season 1 that fire is the only effective weapon against wights. Remember Jon's fight with Othor? But now it seems that they can be put down with an arrow, sword or stomp to the head, yet they seem no worse for wear after jumping off a cliff.
  17. 9.5/10. Certainly my favourite episode of the series thus far. Only a few minor nitpicks: Why Lana instead of Cat? Whatever happened to only fire being an effective weapon against wights? Seems like any old weapon will do from now on or just stamp on their heads. Not a fan of the skeleton wights. They just look silly and remind me of that one scene in Scary Movie 2. Why are these people running from Calista Flockhart? Olly sucks as usual Dany's "i'm going to break the wheel" made me laugh. BIG plus: No Dorne. That whole plotline has dragged down the season. Also, I feel that the show has done a better job than the books at setting up The Others as an existential threat.
  18. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Various_ASoIaF_Questions
  19. The site is in performance mode which disables the search function, profiles and other features.
  20. Me neither. Also the email address listed on my profile is the same one that I am currently using. So it isn't a case of differing email addresses.
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