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  1. Greenwood's trial date set for 27 November 2023.
  2. It's arse. And you are wrong. This rule improved the game.
  3. Yeah the game would definitely not be better without this rule. The rule was implemented in the first place to stop opposition attackers from just camping in the box all game.
  4. This has been the rule for many, many years. Just because you didn't like the outcome doesn't mean a long standing rule should suddenly be thrown out the window.
  5. The rule is that an attacking player is offside if there are less than two defenders between him and the goal at the time the ball is played in. 99.9% of the time this is not an issue since the keeper is one of those players so we only look at the line of the defence.
  6. Big boost for Canada. Alphonso Davies looks to have recovered and says he's ready to play against Belgium. Just need Eustaquio to be fit as well.
  7. There's no need to undo a so called calamity that will soon be forgotten about. There will be no consequences either - Infantino is almost certainly going to be reelected FIFA president and most likely he will run unopposed again.
  8. A world in which the rich and powerful regularly get away with all sorts of heinous shit with little to no consequences. This current outcry will die down soon enough and be completely forgotten when the domestic leagues start up again (so before the end of December). Infantino will likely continue to be elected FIFA president for the next 15-20 years.
  9. Biggest upset for a while was Georgia beating Wales. Georgia look to have improved significantly ‐ narrowly lost to Samoa and beat Italy previously. The Six Nations should introduce relegation.
  10. FIFA is just a glorified mafia and among the most corrupt organisations on the planet. The doccie on Netflix, FIFA Uncovered, makes that abundantly clear.
  11. Repeating what United fans have been saying for years doesn't give him any credibility when he also goes on to insult Rangnick, Ten Hag and Rooney, claims that he's being forced out of the club since last season, claims that he's been betrayed, etc. His own actions say otherwise as he has attempted to undermine the manager at every turn - fucking off to Portugal without permission under Rangnick, skipping preseason while his agent shopped him around all over Europe, leaving the stadium while the match was still in progress against Rayo Vallecano and Spurs, refusing to be included in the squad against Fulham when Ten Hag told him Martial would be starting the game by claiming to be ill. The fact that he reached out to that rancid cunt Piers Morgan to do this interview should tell you everything about his intentions - he does not give a fuck about the club, the infrastructure or the Glazers. Only the deluded fanboys think he does.
  12. I'm just going to back the team whose victory would generate the most salt. So.... England or France.
  13. Not really, no. Ronaldo could have accepted graciously that age has caught up with him and he's declined, put the team above his own ego and become a mentor to others in the squad – Zlatan did this and is adored in Milan. Instead, Ronaldo chose to behave like an entitled twat and is so far up his own arse that he still thinks he's the best player in the world and expects to start every game and for the team to be built around him.
  14. That's probably what will happen. There's been reports that United would be willing to tear up Ronaldo's contract in January and let him leave as a free agent provided he does not insist on a payout. If he does want a payout then the club will probably look into putting him on gardening leave until the end of the season (his contract is up at the end of the season). Reports are that United has lawyers looking into the matter.
  15. That interview was pretty funny. Couldn't help reading Ronaldo's ramblings in Trump's voice. I'm glad Ronaldo did that interview - makes his situation at the club untenable and Ten Hag's job of binning him much easier. Wouldn't be surprised if the club agrees to terminate his contract.
  16. From what I've observed, a big problem with Sancho when he plays on the left is that he's now constantly looking to cut inside and that's become a crutch and turned him into a one-trick pony which makes it easy for defenders to defend against. He's rarely made use of his dribbling ability this season to run at defenders and go on the outside when playing on the left. He ends up killing the momentum of attacks by constantly cutting inside only having to then play a backwards or sideways pass because it's so easy for defenders to telegraph. I actually think he's looked more dangerous this season whenever he's switched over to the RW.
  17. Phew! Good thing Garnacho is playing well as we were short of options up front. We did our best to fuck that up in the 2nd half though - we battered Fulham in the 1st half and should have put the game to bed but our forwards are struggling badly in front of goal.
  18. City were off the pace today. Looked like players were saving themselves for the WC. That's why I'm not confident for our game. Most of our squad is going to the WC so concerned that players are going to phone it in and play like it's a pre-season game to avoid injury.
  19. Love Brentford. Toney should be in the WC squad.
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