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  1. I don't think we can sign Onana unless West Ham have come in with an improved bid for McTominay. Atalanta pulled our pants down so I don't think we can do another £70/80m+ fee without making a big sale.

    ETA. Plus Steinberg has reported that the Maguire transfer could fall through because West Ham are growing frustrated over United taking too long to finalise his exit.



  2. Kristof Terreur has reported that Lavia moving to Chelsea is now more likely. Chelsea haven't agreed a fee with Southampton yet though. If Steinberg's report is accurate then they will have to match or beat Liverpool's £60m bid.

    Steinberg has also reported that United have approached Everton for Amadou Onana. Also mentions that Everton are unlikely to sell unless a huge bid comes in as the club are not under pressure to make a sale and don't need to raise funds to finance the signing of a striker.

  3. 26 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

    Probably should have researched where he is going better. 

    I'm sure the Saudis will make exceptions for the big name footballers they've just signed on gigantic wages. 

  4. 46 minutes ago, BigFatCoward said:

    The fuck is Neyman thinking? 

    Makes sense for him to take the bag in Saudi Arabia. PSG want to get rid of him, nobody else is having him for anywhere near the wages he wants, he's injury prone and misses large parts of every season and he seems more interested in partying than football. He's only agreed to a two-year contract as well so the door is still open to him if he wants to come back to Europe.

  5. Olmo is making Bayern's defence look like amateurs. Hat-trick completed.

    I've read that he has a €60m release clause. Given the direction of the transfer market, that's a downright bargain. The only concern would be his injury record but might be worth taking a risk for a player of that quality.

  6. 4 minutes ago, ljkeane said:

    That doesn’t seem to be the universal opinion on Tonali. I haven’t really seen much of him but a number of usually good journalists seen unconvinced. It’ll be an interesting one to see how it goes.

    Depends on the journalists. Many English journalists tend to be like English pundits: incredibly arrogant about the PL and look down on other leagues. I think most people who have watched a good amount of Serie A would agree that £55m for Tonali was a great deal for Newcastle.

  7. Another great piece of business by Newcastle getting Tonali in for the price they did especially when you consider the prices for Caicedo and Rice. Neither of those are better than Tonali.

    This is a really good game for the neutrals thus far.

  8. Just as I suspected. Don't ever give those Glazer cunts the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully the protests gather steam and there is a backlash which spooks sponsors because that's the only thing that would force those rat bastards to do the right thing.



  9. I thought Chelsea had some FFP concerns. But apparently not if they're trying to sign both Caicedo and Lavia. There's also reports that they're looking to get Olise from Palace as well. If they get all those over the line, that'd take their spending to around the billion pound mark in the space of 13 months. Boehly is a madman.

  10. Liverpool should just pay the £50m for Lavia and get Andre as well. Neither are immediate solutions but combined would cost less than Caicedo in transfer fee and wages. Lavia looks like he could become top class. Might as well get these high potential targets in while Klopp is still around to develop them. Klopp is a great coach and I wouldn't be surprised if he turns Lavia into a £100m+ player in a couple of years. I've not seen Andre play but some reports I've read about him, he seems to be very highly rated with loads of potential.

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