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    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Arya dreamed of not being a lady, of exploring and having adventures. Bran wanted to be a knight, and seeing far-off places. Jon wanted to be a Stark/not being a bastard. Sansa wanted to be a lady. Tyrion wanted Casterly Rock/respect. In a way, a number of the characters are getting *sort of* what they wanted, (if the leaks are correct) but in a "careful what you wish for" way. Others didn't make it, but still got some kind of version of what they wanted (Theon, Sandor.) Isn't that bittersweet? It is sweet that the wars hopefully end, that some of our surviving main characters are alive and in charge. A lot of the furore is about Daenerys becoming a mad queen, which is something I already anticipated, and for that reason I wasn't upset. She is my least favourite character in both the books and the show. I really didn't want Jon and her sharing the throne or having a baby. I wish they had made two 10 episode seasons too, though, it does feel rushed. Overall, I'm cautiously happy about where it's headed.