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  1. Do you speak of the blasphemous "whur is ma dragonz?!" from that which shall not be named?! Basphemy! :p
  2. Definitions of shroud include: noun 1) a length of cloth or an enveloping garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial: "he was buried in a linen shroud" 2) a thing that envelops or obscures something: a shroud of mist verb 1) wrap or dress (a body) in a shroud for burial. 2) cover or envelop so as to conceal from view: Probably because of personal bias stemming from a gut feeling, I have taken it to mean that either Tommen or Myrcella, or even both, may not actually die before Cersei but at the very least be concealed from her or something similar. Its possible Myrcella already has that with the protection of the Golden "shroud" of Dorne. Alternatively, the Golden Company could conceal her from Cersei if it suits their purposes. It would actually fit quite well if she was taken by them; Doran agreed to return by land to King's Landing, as Cersei had requested. Looking at the map, any route by land from Sunspear or the Water Gardens to King's Landing would require travel through the Stormlands, thus putting Myrcella in a position where she can easily be taken by the Golden Company and concealed from Cersei
  3. It was likely given over to Tommen, or rather is intended to bepassed to him when he is capable of weilding it.
  4. By freedmen do you mean the companies of freedmen on thos who are part of the Brazen Beasts? Also, while I buy into the Skahaz turning on Barristan, the presence of 2000 Unsullied makes me.wonder whether he would dare.
  5. Hmm, I wonder whether he might come back to a city of butchered prisoners? But then again, there seem to be about 2-3k Unsullied still in the city so Skahaz wouldnt be so daring...would he?
  6. Back to the topic of Barristan; does anyone recall snything about Reznak in the samples? I know its implied in Dance that he was imprisoned but i'm curious
  7. Also note that now Jorah has joined the Second Sons, he is beginning to recover somewhat. His strength will be slightly restored by the time the two clash. I also have a feelling something will happen which allows Victarion to die. Either the Dragorn Horn blows, vic is distracted and a motally wounded Jorah stabs him, or Moqorro tends his wounds and reveals that Vic was nothing more than a means to get him to SB all along, and kills him
  8. Iirc correctly, someone in the foreshadowing thread (v.6 i believe) created a list of all the times Victarion is described as a Bull. There was a substantial amount!
  9. I know this is a Barristan thread but I'll add it here anyway because we dont have a Victarion but he is relevant to Barristans chapters. Anyway, while rereading Dance(again, i need a new hobby) I boticed that in the fighting pits there was (paraphrasing) 'a battle between a bull and a bear, that left both creatures torn and dying'. I thought this foreshadowed Victarion, who is often described as a Bull, fightig Jorah who is often described as a Bear. The fight would end with both men wounded and eventually dying. This ties in nicely to Barristans remarks that the sellsword companies are closest to the Bay, and werent joining the fight because they were engaged with the ships; Jorah is down there with the Second Sons. Even if it doesnt happen then, I imagine when Jorah finds out that Victarion intends to wed Dany he will go ape shit and attack Vic. I also think Barristan will return to the city and find that Skahaz has killed Hizdhar... And possibly sealed the gates against him
  10. Is the chapter available on George's website the full chapter? I read in places about Arriane arriving at Griffin's Roost and the CoTF cave but its not in the chapter on George's site. Anyone advise me?
  11. She is also being charged with regicide (killing the king) and deicide (killing a God/The High Septon). Her charge of fornication is for the Kettleblacks and Lancel, if the Faith were to find her guilty with Jamie then they lose all the power give to them.by Tommen, which of course they dont want to happen
  12. The idea of unJamie is one i can't get on board with. I would much rather he is either alive or dead, not somewhere in between. I dont see any reason LS would copy Stannis though, surely she would allow the punishment to wait till the oath is fulfilled in your scenario? I dont understand why she would kill him and then bring him back; surely she would actually want to see her daughter again? But if she brings back Jamie, she would.die...
  13. She wants a drink, she needs to cup the water in her hands, she scoops up mud too by accident, quite common when scooping water from a shallow stream.I dont think its important but it sounds like hebjust leaned back like you do when you "swing" on a chair
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