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  1. I think the Hound is the best pound for pound fighter in Westeros at the moment, historically I'd take Criston Cole over Barristan Selmy. Maybe not better than Arthur Dayne but surely in the same class. He didn't even have a magical sword.
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    [Spoilers] EP608

    LSH will not be appearing. In the books she appeared a few days after the RW. How much time has passed? Its been a couple of years I believe. She would be a shambling corpse. I just do not see it going down. On the Arya arc, I have to admit at first I saw several things I thought were holes in the Faceless men plot. How is it your supposed to be 'no one' but the waif clearly isn't. Jaqen has adapted a static identity each episode. It could be that Jaqen has helped Arya on a path of self discovery, and she is more sure of herself now than ever before. All the training as 'noone' could just have been toughening her up. Who the hell knows. There's still stuff I dont get, like them claiming you cannot kill whom you want, and that only death may pay for life, but they are an assassins guild, they get paid to kill, so clearly cash pays for death too. I donno I hope the books develop that whole plot better than the show does.