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  1. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Wheely? Discussing the "breaking of the wheel"

    It could work, I heard there will be a sequel and the story involves Davos’ Master plan, he is now in the Red Keep, with access to Qyburns books, all he needs do is find Stannis’ cold preserved body and bring him back from the dead, there is no chance he’d allow a Red Priest to get the credit for his resurrection. After Stannis reassumed control of the Stormlands from a Gendry who died childless, Stannis is free to throw his hat into the mix for election after Bran dies and seemingly for all eternity until he wins, when he does he is King, forever, the wheel is broken, the problem solved. Or to give the Westerosi some credit, Brian dies and his successor is appointed, his successor however has children and he tries to reinstate the old monarchy style, civil war erupts, team election win and change the rules again so that the new King may only serve a term before another must be elected. Until Stannis’ resurrected corpse wins and remains in power forever anyway
  2. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    It’s a good story? We all like a good story
  3. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Drogon's demise

    Last scene is Drogon being fed by Sam Tarly, Maester of the Citadel, poisoner if dragons
  4. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Northmen slaughtering civilians

    Both books and show do not hide that the Northmen are as bad as anyone without proper leadership, in fact throughout the war of 5 Kings in the novels we hear of only 2 men who keep their soldiers in hand, Randyll Tarly and Stannis Baratheon
  5. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    I will say that I don’t think it was uncommon for a city that resisted to be brutally sacked, and KL had resisted, they may have thrown down their weapons in the end but they fought back and killed hostages, Tywin would probably have reacted in the same way
  6. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    It’s an outcome I expected with an appalling buildup, they have connected the dots but not really in a way that makes much tangeable sense. I complained about Stannis in S5, how he went from considering burning his bastard nephew whom he had never met to awaken a freaking Dragon, but in no way would sacrifice his daughter, to burning his daughter cos ‘bad weather’ I was told at the time that it didn’t really matter because the outcome was the same as it will be in the books and should get over it Here it is, context does matter, reaching c without really adding a and b makes for a poor story. Like I say, expected outcome, decent delivery, undermines by a poor buildup
  7. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Great battle plan! Dubious tactics discussion.

    I can see why Bronze Yohn wasn’t seen at all, probably saw the battle plan and thought ‘I am not putting my name on that!’
  8. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Death scene: Theon

    Theon made a bee-line for the one guy he knew he had to kill, he knew he was dead at this point, no way out of it, willingly put himself in that position in fact, but he made a charge at the one guy he needed to bring down to save everyone. I feel like in his shoes not many others would have done the same, and nearly all that attempted would be just as dead. The charge itself was a bit silly, obviously never saw Oberyn fight with a spear, I would have thought he would have feinted or something, not given his enemy a full five minutes or whatever channel his move. Still RIP Theon, you were truly one of the great characters
  9. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    The Tower Of Joy - 3 vs 3

    While I am sure his haters would love to wrongly disagree, I do believe that Stannis is capable of brutalising all but Westeros’ most elite warriors, that said, against any of Aerys’ 3 I fear all he could do is survive long enough that when he did get cut down Robert would have dealt with whoever he was against to keep the odds even
  10. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Best lines of E02

    I liked ‘I wish Father were here’ because very briefly it seemed as though Tyrion wanted Lord Tywin around cos he’d know what to do
  11. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Every time I lean one way or another I remember something the other has done, however, Tywins mass attocities probably outweigh Roose’s, but I don’t doubt, for a single second, that Roose would happily do anything Tywin has done and more if put in the same situations, he is also a confirmed rapist, torturer and murderer on a personal level, but generally is a dirt level version of Tywin, and certainly more traditionally evil. Tywin eats him for breakfast though
  12. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    The Tower Of Joy - 3 vs 3

    So as we know from the novels, Neddard Stark travelled to Dorne to get his sister from whatever fate she had befallen, somehow Ned and his 6 companions found out they needed to get to the Tower Of Joy, what followed there was alelegedly a brutal and largely unnecessary bloody encounter between Neds war weary 7 and three of Aerys’ finest, leaving only 2 survivors in what must be the most pointless exchange of swordplay since Mercutio met his end. But enough of the morals of that, pick 3 men from the side of the rebels you’d rather see face down those famous 3. My picks - Walder Frey, the late Lord Frey would be keen to to atone for his tardiness to the Trident, a born survivor, he’d surely cause enough carnage to match the average Westerosi wedding. Roose Bolton - A man difficult to intimidate, held Ser Barristan of the Kingsguard at his mercy, about to slit his throat until Robert Baratheon intervened to show him mercy, rumours that the battle was already over and Barristan grievously wounded are over exaggerated. Hosted Tully - bravely put entire villages to the sword, singlehandedly
  13. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    They have the only escape any of us have. Death
  14. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    Oh yeah that guy really is horrible, Black Walder too