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  1. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    "characters who are perfectly nice"

    Clearly referring to Janos Slynt, who’s only crime is loyalty to the King and raising himself up from mere commoner to Lord
  2. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    I thought he lost the war cos he lost his virginity
  3. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Why did Jon Arryn raise his banners ?

    Logically Aerys was slowly pulling the realm apart, he would have faced possible rebellions from the North and Stormlands anyway, albeit perhaps not as one entity, perhaps he would have crushed them both, individually, then the repercussions would have been truly immense. Aerys could no longer count on Lannister support, no longer count on anything but token Dornish/Tyrell support, lost the respect of the Northmen/many Stormlanders. Logically, if plans really were in motion, Jon Arryn hit a goldmine when Aerys demanded heads, by raising his own banners when he did he gave himself the best possible odds of having 2 other kingdoms behind his own, the two most powerful loyalists sitting out the war, the pissed off Dornish essentially turning a blind eye, with that, the fate of the realm was really in the hands of Hoster Tully. Of course, he couldn’t have foreseen the jackpot that was Tywin marching on KL That, in my opinion was the logical reason, the iron had never been hotter
  4. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    I dunno probably something to do with breaking guest right
  5. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Oberyn Martell=Batman?

    Got broken by Gregor ClegBane. It all adds up
  6. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    What if the Targaryens still had dragons during Robert's Rebellion?

    Well, Robert would have lost
  7. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Favorite Jaime Quotes

    Your Grace," he said, when he and Cersei were alone, "I was wondering. Are you drunk, or merely stupid?
  8. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    The plight of the poor

    I think the poor will be modernised far quicker than you think, they will be turned into an army of mindless zombies under control of the White Walkers, much like today’s working class
  9. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Rickard deserves no justice, his sons died in battle, Rickard and his sons have killed many sons, brothers, fathers and more in battles themselves, if every man in war got ‘justice’ there would be no men left. All involved knew the risks, knew they could die. He committed one of the worst crimes in the series, his head is more sensible removed from his shoulders. He murdered children, his should have died I may be misremembering but wasn’t his last son a hostage at this time? Seems a good way to get him killed too It becomes more interesting if you put him in the same position as Cat, his sons are captured and he frees the Kingslayer for their safe return, would he still lose his head? My guess is yes
  10. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    So who is The Harpy?

    It’s Ser Barristan Selmy, a firm believer in the social classes and a racist to boot, he clearly wants to see the people suffer
  11. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Saddest chapters in ASOIAF

    Retrospectively the ‘The King in the North!’ Ranks up there now, because of what that turned into in the end, a chapter on first read that pumps you up becomes one of inevitable dread on re-reads, it was kinda sad anyway because Eddard was dead and you got the impression that Rob was out of his depth by comparison to his dad, and it proved true (though it has to be said Ned was older than Rob for his first war and was backed up by Jon Arryn and the Vale, Hoster Tully and the Riverlands and the human war machine Robert with the Stormlords) but you hoped it would lead to justice for Ned, instead it led to Greywinds head sewn onto Robbs body and Lady Stoneheart
  12. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    What’s your favourite poison?

    I keep misreading this as position and wondering which forums it is I’ve come onto.
  13. I think it’s quite telling that there is an invasion coming intoWesteros backed by rich merchants essentially with a puppet figurehead, a signal of changing times perhaps, Littlefinger is also somewhat of a herald of former nobodies using wealth to change things to their liking, these people are looking to upset a stagnant system by buying into it from the inside but I can imagine, should they garner anymore success, you’ll see more favours going to the merchant classes than ever before
  14. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Another thing that pissed me off about them is that I was waiting to hear about Oberyn and Catelyns recoveries from their injuries in Storm and felt I got no resolution there
  15. FitzChivalry Fartseer

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    I dunno I find Ramsay hilarious, and Roose actually, but with regards to the quote above I tend to agree, book Tyrion barely raises a smile from me whereas the supposedly humourless Stannis is the kind of comedy genius with one sentence that Tyrion wishes he was with a paragraph