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  1. A boring one that can crop up is who is the best general, etc. People go on about battles, feats, feats, feats, feats and more feats, so and so was unbeaten, so and so lost this battle, Robb Stark was unbeaten! But did Robb ever fight a pitched battle? Either you’re the best or you’re shite. Hannibal, much like Rob did Tywin, pushed the Romans to brink, but had to go home before he could finish the job and then ended up getting soundly defeated. Soundly defeated. Robb got Red Wedding’d instead but it can happen to anyone. Suleiman the Magnificent increased the Ottoman Empire hugely, but one angry Croat and three thousand of his comrades ruined his campaign to conquer all Europe. But you lose one skirmish in ASOIAF and you are a crap general. This gets even worse for the Tarlys and Arthur Daynes. It’s just not worth arguing, yeah we have no real textual evidence of Arthur Daynes prowess as a warrior or leader through feats, so it’s a boring debate to read
  2. Robert, no contest, ignoring their private lives anyway. But ask yourself this, if Stannis or Renly are in danger, does Robert stand idly by or make mundane little plots with his pals? I’d Stannis it Renly get murdered does the murderer stand a hope in hell of getting away with it? Stannis has earned my respect because I thought he was a twat right up until the pink letter and then I literally threw my book in anger, because why does nothing good happen!? I didn’t realise until his supposed death that I DO NOT want this character to leave my pages, I enjoy the fact that numerous bad guys have trembled at his approach, that there is a chance that Roose and Ramsay could face his wrath. I enjoy his character arc, the sense of danger that we’ll lose the man Davis respects for good, or he’ll emerge better and stronger than before, whether his path will end in redemption or he’ll go down the path straight to hell. When the story is told he could be the brother I respect the most, or the worst person in history. Provided his story is not cut short at Winterfell. Bear in mind he is at fault as anyone for the shitstorm Westeros is in, but in this shitstorm he is in danger of becoming an incredibly viable candidate. That is if you can, like me, put the Renly murder, and the Edric debacle in the past, but also like me live in constant fear for Shireen and Stannis’ own soul, too many close calls. Stannis, if nothing else, for me is a page turner. Edit - Renly died too soon to have much of an impact, but it’s worth remembering his war was with Cersei, and the steps he took were all about removing her, the real danger. Pretty much everything that goes wrong since can be laid at the feet of his death and his slayer, his death forced the Lannister Tyrell pact, denied Stannis his throne, put the largest army in Westeros in the hands of Tywin fucking Lannister, denied the Dornish their vengeance, denied the Starks their justice, forced the Red Wedding, got Oberyns skull crushed and more. Like I say above, Stannis is responsible for the state of things now, it’s ironic that he’s starting to look good for anyone, but there it is
  3. Stannis kills him, then has kinky bondage sex with Asha, to continue his long history of dominating Ironborn
  4. I wish Euron had been introduced earlier, what a villain he is shaping up to be, a man who leaves the likes of Roose and Ramsay quaking in his wake, deserves to be the big evil of his own series I’d say. Death by dragon fire during the sack of Kings Landing I’d argue is the only way that man is going down, though the later the better
  5. Err hell yeah, Cersie actually somewhat fancied Robert before the ‘Lyanna’ incident, and still cheated with Jaime before that happened. Stannis wouldn’t pass out drunk and give them opportunities but chances are he keeps Cersei at enough of an arms length that she wouldn’t have a shortage of them regardless. Also the kids legitimacy would have been called into question much earlier because once Stannis (Jaime) has a son he’d likely back off anyway
  6. Doubtful, it’d take more than one strong Kings lifetime to complete and history often shows one Kings hard work can be undone by his sons/grandsons. If it was possible it would have been done.
  7. I totally missed that, but now you’ve said it I can’t ignore it, the symbolism, the symbolism! Yes, I am asking would this have happened regardless?
  8. Pros; makes for a better simulation on a Medieval Mod. Thats all I got
  9. You could argue that Theon has not been punished for those murders, not by proper proceedings anyway, if two guys in the modern world did that, and then one locked the other away and beat him daily, just for kicks, I would imagine that both would still see the inside of a jail cell. But who has the right to punish Theon? Was it Ramsay? Certainly not, Ramsay needed Theon too whipped to admit those boys weren’t Bran and Rickon and he wanted to have some fun. Is it Stannis? As the only man in the vicinity with a crown you could make a case, but Theons crimes were against the Starks, who were rebels to Stannis, and does Stannis risk the possible emnity or lose a bargaining chip with the Ironborn over two Millers boys should he find out the truth. Is it Bran or Rickon? What is Bran or Rickon going to charge him with? Treason? He is Ironborn. Any sane person who sees Theon would think that he has suffered enough, but every pair of hands that gets hold of him will want to punish him for Bran and Rickon still, unless they all learn the truth, in which case it’s likely only Theons conscious will punish him at all. It’s a mad world they live in
  10. Cos there is seven of them, and for every one that wants to play Kingmaker there are hundreds or Barristans who take their oaths seriously and probably more than a few brutes who like to do the Kings killing. It’s posed as a plain life for a plain man, honour and prestige for sure, but plain, plain, plain. Not an institution for the thinkers
  11. Roose is a good guy, remember when he gave all those squatters in Winterfell jobs and let them hang out there afterwards?
  12. All good and interesting possibilities, thank you, it’s interesting that you mention Mandon using Podrick as a weapon in that I think this is heavily foreshadowed, Podrick is basically a weapon for whoever he is in service to throughout the books. I would not be surprised to see Brienne wield a screaming Podrick sometime in the next book
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