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  1. Hodoris

    Share Your Fan Site

    Hi guys, I have started a new site for Game Of Thrones memes and named it Game Of Laughs http://gameoflaughs.com/ . Do check it and if you can also submit memes there. Thank you :)
  2. Hodoris


    Hello, I first saw the TV series and became a big fan. After season 3 got over I felt like knowing more about the world created by GRRM. So I started reading the books and now I am about to finish A Feast For Crows and very soon the 5th one also. I am eagerly waiting for the 6th book. Does anyone have an idea when it will be published ?
  3. Hodoris

    Favorite POV Character

    For me Ned Stark's chapters were the favorite
  4. Hodoris

    Why would Tywin Lannister have sex with shae?

    Now that you have mentioned it, it all makes sense. I was wondering about the same thing all this time as it wasnt making much sense to show Shae there. Thanks
  5. Wow! I never knew that there was so much stuff about Game Of Thrones. I am reading the novels now and about to finish A Feast For Crows