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  1. I don't know why anyone expected anything different. D&D are hacks and the show's "original" "writing" has pretty much always been awful with few to no exceptions. Glad to see them finally go even further off the deep end and finally see the show that brought us "With those big balls of yours, how fast can you run?" rightly criticized on its way into the garbage disposal. Sansa interrupting Edmure was beyond idiotic and probably barely even cracks the top 10 dumbest things about this ridiculous finale. Drogon burning the Iron Throne was a ridiculous work of fanfiction. Small Council meeting framed as comic relief feat. Bronn somehow as Master of Coin.... so much that was ridiculous here. If Drogon has the level of self-awareness to realize Dany was bad and deserved to die why the fuck was he obeying her last week.
  2. Scrambled Aegon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I gave it a 1, but 1 is too high. How on Earth can anyone eat up this festering trash pile of a series? Sansa interrupting Edmure might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.
  3. The books are the books and the show is the show. There is zero reason to judge GRRM's books by the ending of someone else's adaptation. I'll patiently await the release of future volumes and if and when they come out judge these books accordingly. This is not the ending of the books, and it does not tarnish them. It is a completely different series. If anything, it's had a positive effect, by making me further appreciate so many of the great things that the awful show left out.
  4. The worst problem is how blatantly they did it. Tyrion looking at Jon/the viewer and saying "WE cheered for her"? Give me a break. What terrible writing.
  5. Scrambled Aegon

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    This might be even worse than last week's. How did Drogon understand the symbolism of melting a chair? Why didn't Grey Worm kill Jon immediately? Why did Sansa interrupt Edmure? Why was anyone okay with her doing so? Why didn't the Iron Islands declare independence if it's that easy? Why didn't Dorne? How is Sam the Grand Maester? Why is Bronn the Master of Coin? Why was the first small council meeting a comic relief scene? Why bother showing Bran say he'll look for the dragon and then not do so? Who even called that meeting, if Grey Worm still has enough power to be holding prisoners? Why did Yohn Royce get a vote when Robin was right there? Why didn't Robin get a vote? Why did Brienne and Davos get votes? Why did the Unsullied just roll with what was being said? What happens to the remaining Dothraki, why weren't they pillaging and raping and avenging their khaleesi? Why even have a Night's Watch? What... the fuck.... was this? And the dialogue, oh my god. "How do you know it will be good?" "Because I know what good is." "You freed your brother, and committed treason." "Yes, I committed treason. And you slaughtered a city" -- how do people watch this? Like gee, thanks, characters, for just recounting facts in case I missed last week. Tyrion looking practically right at the camera and just lampshading the entire "We cheered for Dany before this" thing alol just.... absolute trash writing. The first like 15 minutes of Tyrion going through rubble were pretty solid and beautiful. Go figure that as soon as people started opening their mouths, the episode turned to absolute trash.
  6. That Sansa's rape was apparent weeks ago doesn't make it any less awful and absurd. I don't even have any words anymore.
  7. Scrambled Aegon

    How would you rate episode 410?

    It's been about ten months by now, and I'm still raging over that Tyrion scene.
  8. Scrambled Aegon

    How would you rate episode 410?

    A good way to put it. Show-only people are probably freaking out right now. But that Tyrion/Tywin confrontation was.... so underwhelming and so rushed. It was the one thing I was certain they would nail, because it involves King's Landing and all their favorites. But instead... what was that?
  9. Scrambled Aegon

    How would you rate episode 410?

    No Tysha? What the fuck? lol.
  10. Scrambled Aegon

    How would you rate episode 408?

    Probably gonna give it a 9/10 (keeping with my "Blackwater is so far above everything else that I can't give anything else the same score as it" thing.)
  11. Scrambled Aegon

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    :agree: :agree: :agree:
  12. Scrambled Aegon

    How would you rate episode 407?

    You pity me for having a different opinion than you do about an episode of television show..?
  13. Scrambled Aegon

    How would you rate episode 407?

    Generally a really good episode, but I'm upset enough about how much they inexplicably watered down the Eyrie scene that for now I'm giving it a 3. Maybe I'll get over it in the next week, but I doubt it.