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  1. Nah, Hamas definitely broke the cease fire with rockets and another terror attack, and brought it to a definite end with its failure to provide a list of more hostages to released to extend the cease fire. Which leaves one to wonder whether they lack living hostages (despite having kidnapped more than 130 who haven't been released), or just decided not to even try to extend the cease fire.
  2. "Funny" way to describe Hamas repeatedly violating the cease fire and failing/being unable to come up with more hostages to keep the cease fire going despite still having more than 100 in Gaza.
  3. He definitely doesn't represent the majority view of Israelis. Maybe not even the majority view of Israeli Jews. He has been able to cobble together coalitions for a decade and a half never winning more than 30% of the vote. Hamas won 44% of the proportional Palestinian vote compared to 41% for Fatah, and 40% of the district vote compared to 35% by Fatah and 20% by independents. Hamas was elected by both Gazan and WB Palestinians. They were only able to seize Gaza. It is fair to say Palestinian society is divided between Hamas, Fatah, and "IDK," or that they won a plurality rather than a majority, but it is bullshit to act like openly genocidal Jew-hating Hamas wasn't elected comfortably in both Gaza and the WB, and their most heinous actions are not widely supported in both Gaza and WB.
  4. The TOI journalist's argument is ridiculous. No doubt Netanyahu is a shit who only cares about himself. But he had no option to prevent aid into Gaza, which is the infusion she is disingenuously referring to. Furthermore, even Kerry and several sources around him and the 2014 negotiations have acknowledged how far Netanyahu was willing to go to negotiate a 2 state solution based on 67 borders with Abbas, which was thwarted by Abbas forming a unity gov with Hamas when voting on the last stage of the prisoner release was delayed.
  5. This is revisionist history. Sharon, who wanted to end the occupation and dropped Likud in order to start that process, handed Gaza over to the PA/PLO/Fatah, the same people who Israel and the world expect/expected to be able to rule the WB and a Palestinian state. They proved to be incapable of preventing Hamas from taking over in Gaza, and absolutely destroyed any faith many pro-state Israelis had in their ability to maintain control of the WB in the event of a unilateral pullout like occurred from Gaza. Likud is garbage, but they didn't allow or encourage Hamas to come to power. They didn't even come to power until Hamas had already won elections and seized Gaza from Fatah.
  6. On the contrary. Hamas attacks reflect badly on them with their voters. Their whole shtick has been that only they can prevent attacks. This has ruined them with the people that actually believed that. Hence why every poll since Oct 7 has them down below 20 seats from 32.
  7. It's inaccurate to say moderates are supporting him (Gantz joined an emergency war-time gov, but didn't suddenly become a Bibi supporter, and will almost certainly be his main opponent in any election). Even many of his own supporters say he will have to go. But it would be difficult to hold new elections during the war. Perhaps the best temporary solution would be for Likud to boot him, but not sure how that would unfold.
  8. Since his gov is made of a coalition of parties, it would require one of those parties leaving to bring them below the required number of seats. Actually, it would require multiple parties since Gantz's 12 seats joined for a war-time unity gov. While it is possible Gantz would also pull his party out to force new elections if one of Bibi's far right allies left, it's also possible he would attempt to avoid forcing new elections before the war was finished.
  9. Another proof that Bibi is absolute garbage that only cares about himself and will sacrifice anyone and anything for his own bullshit. Musk has no business being welcomed to Israel when he not only enables but personally spreads Jew-hatred on his platform.
  10. The episode that began with the Arabs of Palestine and abroad attempting to commit genocide & ethnic cleansing against the Jews of Palestine and the rest of MENA? That episode?
  11. People like you have never done or given anything to make peace between Jews and Palestinians. Nothing. Ever. I come from people that accepted a two state solution before 47, that supported a Palestinian state and continued pushing for peace while our families and friends were being murdered in buses and restaurants by Palestinians that were literally devoted to blowing up the peace process in the 90s (Hamas), because we believed Palestinian leaders (the PLO) and those they represented really wanted a state and peace. Once again, our faith in that was blown to pieces by the second intifada, election of Hamas, etc. Just because we are woke to the reality of Palestinian rejectionism doesn't mean we have any less desire for peace and a Palestinian state. But we will not have faith in the existence of a desire for peace again until we actually see it.
  12. Palestinians in the WB and Gaza overwhelmingly support Hamas' Oct 7 terrorist attack and also support a Palestinian state "from the river to the sea" (in other words, the destruction of Israel and Jewish self-determination). THESE are the exact sort of attitudes that caused the Nakba [*before* Jews had a military advantage] rather than establishment of Arab Palestine, the refusal to share which led to their attempt (failed) to prevent the establishment of even a Jewish state that would have been nearly 2/3 desert. https://m.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/article-773791
  13. People who are opposed to those who have murdered Jews, including their loved ones, being released from prison to murder more. Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza and man behind the murder of over a thousand Israelis and kidnapping of over 200 more, was just one of the more than 1000 people who were released for a single Jew a bit over a decade ago. That said, while I sympathize with them not wanting the murderers of their loved ones out again, I think it is most important to get our loved ones back. It might incentivize more kidnappings, but our only real way to stop kidnappings is to stop them, as not Hamas isn't going to stop trying to murder and kidnap Jews either way.
  14. It's wild to watch people, "human rights orgs," news media, etc. wake up every day and choose to rely on and regurgitate the word of an org of genocidal Jew-haters that personally massacred your friends and family a month and a half ago.
  15. The hoops people are jumping through to portray Hamas as reliable or even to act as though the simplest explanation is that Hamas isn't just pulling shit out of its ass is nauseating.
  16. The 30th MK on Likud's list with no power wasn't going to dictate what Israel does before the unity gov, let alone now, let alone when the gov inevitably falls and Bibi, Otzma, etc. are out.
  17. You seem to be under the mistaken assumption that Israel and the hostage families would not exchange for their remains. Hamas, like Hizbullah, knows better.
  18. Because of false balance and the decision to depict Israel and Hamas as equally reliable/unreliable.
  19. Which part of murdering over a thousand people in Israel and kidnapping hundreds more back to Gaza isn't a crime? For fucks sake
  20. The "moderate" Holocaust denying, pay for slay Palestinian party is at it again: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/palestinian-authority-claims-israel-fabricated-evidence-of-october-7-to-justify-its-attack-on-gaza/
  21. Anyone demonizing Israel and its diverse citizenry as an ethnostate while demanding the establishment of a Palestinian state that will have no Jews is obviously full of shit. There is no explaining this hypocrisy away, which is why it is so fucking inherently stupid to try to argue.
  22. How nice that the Red Cross blindly parrots Hamas statistics while still having never once visited or checked on Hamas' hostages. Once a Nazi enabler, always a Nazi enabler.
  23. Can't tell you how many fellow progressive Jews I know, Jews who generally denied or downplayed the seriousness of antisemitism on the left, who have had their whole world shattered seeing Jews blamed for Hamas using Gazans as human shields and seeing Jews accused of caring more about killing Gazans than freeing the hostages.
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