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  1. I see now. Netanyahu is definitely twisting things. The Nazis didn't need Husseini for the idea to wipe out Jews, Hitler was alluding to it pretty much as early as the Nazis began breaking treaties and invading countries, and the Nazis had already murdered masses of Jews before the Wannsee Conference put a number on those that remained. Having said that, Husseini and his family were highly influential in inciting murder against Jews in Palestine before, during, and after the Holocaust, and even had a role recruiting for a Muslim Waffen SS division. He was absolutely seeking help and alliance with mass murdering Nazis. But yeah, he wasn't the man behind the Nazi murder of masses of Jews.
  2. No Arab state or entity killed more Israelis than Egypt, and although ties between the populations are still pretty cold, the govs have managed to make peace with Israel returning the Sinai many times larger than Israel itself. The difference is Hamas is devoted to genocide against Jews and no compromise. It has at best offered short truces to give it time to build up its capabilities. Every rocket it fires is intended to kill as many Jews as possible, just as every suicide bombings or shooting attack was before the wall and fences went up. The Iron Dome has made that less effective for now, but we see after this week what Hamas can do with any security failure on Israel's part.
  3. Are you really calling leftist former Labor head and Netanyahu opponent Herzog a Holocaust revisionist? If not, who and what the fuck are you talking about?
  4. For those who find Netanyahu's allowance of billions in Qatari funding to Gaza through Hamas questionable, you might want to be a bit more skeptical about relying so uncritically on Qatari state media Al Jazeera as an unbiased source of information on the conflict.
  5. Jews is what we are called and is not a slur unless you use it as such. If you're uncomfortable with the term you are probably used to hearing it as a slur. In Hebrew there is no distinction between Jew and Jewish, Yehudi, just as there is no distinction between Israelite and Israeli, Yisraeli.
  6. Hamas murdered a lot of Jews who were protesting against this gov. No way to know how many, but this attack targeted any/all Jews (without regard that a quarter of Israelis and many others in Israel who aren't Jews). This gov is finished, but no Israeli gov would have stood for this attack without response. Hamas committed this act. They might have benefitted from a failure of Netanyahu's gov, but the murder is still on Hamas.
  7. How? Nobody ever actually has a doable answer for how Israel could have reacted to the Hamas attack differently. Not this time or any previous time. It is always some impossible "target Hamas only" or don't respond at all fantasy. Hamas fires from and sets up in heavily populated areas. Not responding to Hamas was not a realistic option after this extremely personal massacre. "Hamas-seeking weapons" don't exist. Neither regional nations nor further off nations can do or have done anything to stop Hamas. Egypt has blockaded Gaza the entire time Israel has, and Hamas doesn't launch attacks on Egypt nor does Egypt get any share of the blame for its blockade. It could have been doing much more this last decade and a half, but it also only really cares about Egypt, despite joining Palestinians in trying to prevent the establishment of Israel and launching several subsequent wars to destroy it "for Palestine."
  8. It remains to be seen what happens come next election, but polls indicate a massive drop in support for right wing parties after this government's security failures (not to mention judicial overhaul garbage). One poll indicates Likud would win 19 seats (down from 32) while Smotrich and the Kahanist party would win 9 (down from a combined 14). It also shows the religious parties Shas and Torah Judaism down to 14 (from 18). The same poll indicates Gantz's centrist party would win 41 (up from 12), Yesh Atid with 15 (down from 24), and Meretz making it back in with 6. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/poll-shows-backing-for-netanyahu-imploding-gantz-taking-the-rudder/ https://m.maariv.co.il/news/politics/Article-1044603
  9. Typically they are, although this time it clearly doesn't include Hamas members who crossed into and were eventually killed in Israel.
  10. Bennett is much further right than Netanyahu and nobody with any understanding of Israeli politics would call him a moderate. The absolute POS Smotrich was previously a member of his party. His party had 6 or 7 seats out of a 60+ broad anti-Netanyahu gov (which also included leftists, centrists, and an actual Islamist party) and never could have actually won an election or won enough seats to form a gov.
  11. I consider my post(s) more careful than those suggesting Netanyahu funded Hamas so it would attack Israel so he could attack Gazan civilians. Netanyahu cares about his reputation and this has obliterated it with the people who actually believed it. Killing Gazan civilians is/will be no substitute for failing to uproot Hamas even for the most extreme in his government and base. And he will not be any more capable of uprooting Hamas from Gaza this time than he was in any previous operation. Not because he wants Hamas to remain in power but because when the shit hits the fan, Hamas leaders in Gaza can hide where the IDF cannot find them until pressure compels the IDF to withdraw from the inevitable ground invasion. This whole thing fucked Netanyahu's carefully cultivated bullshit image.
  12. Rabin got the ball rolling on the peace process, but did not actually support a Palestinian state, but something closer to what hypocrote Netanyahu pitched in the last decade. Netanyahu won an oddball election in which the PM position was detached from Knesset elections, which Peres' Labor won. Netanyahu oversaw handing over parts of the WB to Arafat and lost overwhelmingly to Barak's Labor. Barak offered the most significant offer of two states but was rejected by Arafat, who launched the 2nd Intifada. Olmert offered even more land in the late 00s, but Abbas rejected it and Olmert probably would have had more difficulty getting it accepted by enough parties by then anyways. Barak's was definitely THE missed opportunity, even a counter offer to his offer could have led to a real deal, but Arafat just walked away and launched the terror campaign that enabled Hamas to surpass his party after his death.
  13. Netanyahu is a shitty asshole who only cares about himself (including his "reputation" of keeping Jews safe), but it's wild seeing people talk like he masterminded Hamas' murder of 1200+ Israelis and foreign nationals. Not because Netanyahu isn't garbage, but because Hamas exists for no other reason than to kill Jews (per their own charter), and this attack irreparably destroys Netanyahu's decades-cultivated self-styled image of protecting Israel and Jews from harm. And as if Israel could have denied Qatar's billion+ in aid to Gaza without being accused of starving/killing them even more than Israel is already accused of doing. One need only look at a decade and a half of failed Hamas/Fatah attempts to form unity governments to see how and why they have failed without Israeli help. Which is not to say people like Netanyahu encouraged Palestinian unity, but were hardly a major cause of their disunity. Abbas is out there denying the Holocaust and Jewish history in the land, Netanyahu didn't need to fabricate or facilitate Hamas to find a Palestinian to portray as a villain. Assholes like Netanyahu and Smotrich say shit like this to justify to their bases why they allow billions to pass to Palestinians when they run on cutting them off from such aid.
  14. Yossi Landau of ZAKA, which is not a right wing org, claimed to see it with his own eyes. Whether it happened or to what extent, it is incorrect that a single right wing extremist is the only source.
  15. Many, perhaps most, do not want to retain the WB. But unilateral withdrawal without an agreement from Palestinians is also a non-starter for many after the results of unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, which has led to non-stop rockets and this massacre.
  16. Barak in the late 90s and Olmert in the late 00s went much further than Rabin in their offers of a Palestinian state (something Rabin didnt entirely support). Even Netanyahu in the late 90s played a significant role in implementing Palestinian control of parts of the West Bank. The move further rightward mostly followed the rejection of Barak's offer by Arafat, 2nd Intifada, election of Hamas, and Hamas' seizure of Gaza. Even then, Netanyahu has faced increasing difficulty forming coalitions, and most indications are he would have even more difficulty in another election.
  17. Attacks like this will not lead to concessions by Israel, it will lead to the opposite. The Second Intifada and aftermath of the Gaza pullout have convinced even many leftists and people who spent the 80s and 90s fighting for peace that unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank, which also sits above most of Israel, is not an option. A peace deal is the only way Israel will withdraw. The most dangerous threat to Israel's right wing would be for the PA and Palestinians to call for and throw their support behind serious negotiations for a two state solution without preconditions. "Resistance" like Hamas' will not move Israel's right wing government nor those who have been protesting against it.
  18. There are more Muslim citizens of Israel with full civil and religious rights than there are Jews in all of the Middle East and Europe combined because of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the ancient Jewish communities in those lands. You could not be more wrong. The current government is propped up by historically fringe parties with insane right wing ideologies, and certainly dragging Israel in the wrong direction, but Israel past and present is not comparable to the religious oppression of its neighbors or even democratic European countries. The sustained protests against that government, even by people who voted for it, attest to the democratic nature of Israel and most its population. Even Israel's most right wing governments protect a status quo that gives Muslims more rights at the holiest Jewish site than Jews have, something inconceivable in any neighboring country, where few Jews remain at all.
  19. Hamas considers pre-67 Israel occupied, so the idea that ending the blockade (which Egypt also maintains) and pulling out of the West Bank would prevent more of this is a total fantasy. Especially since the Second Intifada preceded Israel's pullout from Gaza, the Palestinian election of Hamas, Hamas' rise in Gaza, and the blockade. The simultaneous "Hamas doesn't represent Palestinians" and "This is a natural response to the occupation" being repeated by so many right now (whether here or social media) is contradictory bullshit. If this is just Hamas being Jew-hating assholes, it shouldn't be hard to condemn them and say this isn't legitimate or a natural consequence, just a genocidal group not representative of Palestinians or Gazans pulling a complete bullshit move. Just as it is easy to call out the right wing Israeli government's expansion of remote settlements, enabling of Hilltop Youth assholes, and excessive bullying of Palestinians in the WB.
  20. I think Tywin explicitly or implicitly commanded the deaths of Aegon and Rhaenys. As for Elia, Tywin could have commanded that the Mountain kill any witnesses knowing that Elia was essentially being held hostage with her children at the time, or perhaps he could have left it unsaid and assumed that the Mountain would kill anyone present who could implicate him. It's true that Elia wasn't of much worth alive without her children, and that everyone knew/assumed the Lannisters killed her children anyway, but the accusation would have been different coming from a living Elia.
  21. The show versions of Ned, Jon, and Daenerys weren't the most charismatic, but that didn't stop a lot of people from loving them. There isn't one way or reason fans connect to characters or a show. And dragons weren't everyone's reason for watching. Anecdotally, me and a lot of history-loving friends of mine got into the books/show despite fantasy elements like dragons. There's been several movies or shows with dragons that didn't catch on with anywhere near as many people as GOT did.
  22. That replacement queen belonged to one of the only families in Westeros whose wealth was comparable to the Lannisters, and without the awful reputations of Tywin and his brood. It is a no-brainer for Renly, who has close personal ties with the Tyrells and believes the Lannisters will move to kill or cut off Robert and his friends and family. The Lannisters openly tainted Robert's reign from day one after doing nothing to help their king and nothing to support the rebellion until the rebellion was on its final march to take King's Landing. The Tyrells, meanwhile, did not bend the knee until Robert had already secured the throne. Whatever can be said about the Tyrells and their secret ambitions, they fought for their king to the end and beyond.
  23. Renly didn't know or even necessarily believe the accusation. What he knew/believed was that the Lannisters were usurping control over Robert's heirs and were going to dispose of Robert, his brothers, and friends in the process of accomplishing it. He was perfectly willing to strike first, take control over Robert's heirs, and keep them on the throne so long as it put him in a strong/safe position.
  24. There was no such conspiracy, as demonstrated by the fact that Tywin was still trying to finagle a Cersei/Rhaegar match after Elia and Rhaegar were already married and had a kid.
  25. Thanks for the mention, @Kal-L. I check the forums and make a post from time to time, but not as frequently. Lack of new main series material is a contributing factor, but so is free time. I think TWOW would bring some people back, but who knows how other factors might impact that.
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