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  1. Somewhat comparable to Athaliah, who ruled Judah for 7 years after death of her son King Ahaziah & was otherthrown by the High Priest Jehoiada & his wife the daughter of Athaliah, who placed Athaliah's surviving grandson of 7 or 8 on the throne. Obviously differences, but ultimately her reign wasn't recognized as legitimate by the biblical authors even though she literally ruled & had power for 7 years.
  2. IMO that would have been preferable to what felt like trying to hit a checklist of events covering 30 years, with few of them having much time to feel meaningful. The book is bare bones, so it's not like adapting ASOIAF. Pertinent background info could've been used to craft the last months of the buildup to the Dance. Aegon, Aemond, Helaena, Jace, Luke, and the kids never/barely introduced could have used considerably more time. You don't have to invent major tragedies or wars to do that, just create scenes that develop the traits you want people to associate with them.
  3. I actually liked how the dragons went into business for themselves (whether based on their own attitudes or underlying attitudes of their riders), and how illusory the notion of complete control over them became when it was dragon being turned against dragon rather than just against human enemies.
  4. With the first full season finished, they should have started a year/six months before Viserys' death, and given the kids a full season to develop and grow on the audience, rather than trying to depict so much backstory. Important background info could've been revealed over time when useful. Still enjoy it, but the aged up kids and other players needed more time.
  5. Nah, it's fine, there's rarely just one reason why events happen in history
  6. I assume it will be a factor, but when it gets down to it, Rhaenyra's marriage to Daemon guaranteed that Otto and Alicent were not just going to go along with putting the fate of her sons in their hands.
  7. Nah, the origin of their feud is that the first Bracken and Blackwood were actually twins, Bracken came out first but Blackwood claimed the milk sources first and established an exorbitant tax for use.
  8. I didn't mind Daemon's ridiculous scene too much. It is completely in line with his showing at the tourney and in the standoff with Otto. He has all the confidence and arrogance of a man boy prince with a dragon that knows he is worth more alive than dead, whether to pirates or to the Triarchy. Now, maybe they would have had no trouble killing him, but I think this ridiculous show of arrogance is in line with the character they established.
  9. A report that a Jon Snow series is in the works does not in any way, shape, or form market a Dance of the Dragons series. Step away from the computer for a bit. These are not rational responses to the report.
  10. I think you're over complicating things. The BF rebellion is just the Robert's Rebellion of ASOIAF, recent backstory for the current characters. Daemon, like Rhaegar, is best kept a dead man hated by some and beloved by others, who we learn about through them. Bittersteel is a much more interesting character in the first place. There's no real comparison with Ragnar, who was the central character, not to mention that had more to do with awful writing than anything. Not to say they couldn't tweak the timeline to have the BF rebellion occur during Dunk and Egg's time together, but I don't think that is a better story, or necessary.
  11. I don't think it's made clear. Since Rhaegar and Elia wed in early 280, the presentation seems likely to have occurred between the last few months of 280 and first few months of 281. The fact that only Rhaegar is mentioned could indicate he went to make the presentation without Elia, or could indicate nothing at all.
  12. He also had an aunt Jocelyn that married a Royce, and three cousins through her that married Vale lordlings. I doubt Rickard was an actual knight, but he was probably a northern equivalent, and was IMO definitely positively disposed towards southern cultures and traditions.
  13. Ned promised Robert that he would look after his children, and indeed he intended to look after his bastards, and even to let his legal children escape danger. But he obviously had no intention of carrying out Robert's wishes as he expressed them. Ned has kept Jon safe from the people around Robert that would kill him in a heartbeat if they knew his paternal identity. But I absolutely expect to find out that Ned did not carry out the full extent of Lyanna's wishes as she expressed them. I highly doubt that Lyanna wanted Ned to raised Jon as his own son forever, and never tell him about her.
  14. Not to mention that he had to violate his oath to his best friend Robert almost immediately following his accession to the kingship, in order to keep his promises to Lyanna, and to keep Jon's identity a secret for the past fifteen years.
  15. The difference between stuff like Jon being listed as Ned's bastard/Cersei's kids being listed as Robert's children and Lyanna's place of death is that there is no hint Westeros knows or believes Lyanna died at the TOJ. The only suggestion it might have occurred there is in the fevre dream of one of the few characters that witnessed Lyanna's death. Which is why we have good reason to think that is where it occurred. Could the dream be conflating things that occurred at both the TOJ and Starfall? Sure. And the vague statements that Lyanna died in the Mountains of Dorne perhaps keep both possibilities alive. But for now, we have no reason to think the realities the contents of Ned's dream are based on are common knowledge to Westeros like Jon being Ned's bastard is.
  16. While I am completely open to the possibility that Starfall had major involvement, I don't think we can just extrapolate that from Rhaegar and Arthur being close friends, and Arthur's brother being Lord of Starfall. We know the connections between families don't just magically sever when someone joins the KG, or NW, or whatever. Hence the rumors about Whent and his Lord brother re: the Harrenhal tourney, and Rhaegar's alleged informal great council. But during a literal rebellion where the king and prince have at best an on and off strained relationship, but possibly a much more strained relationship especially once Rhaegar goes missing with Lyanna, helping Rhaegar could mean House Dayne and Starfall being wiped out.
  17. Let's also remember that Rhaegar had a number of likely noble companions with him when he set out. Not only the younger brother [and perhaps sister?] of the Lord of Starfall, but very likely the Lord of Griffin's Roost as well until some time before the Battle of the Bells, which is also relatively close to Rhaegar's favorite place Summerhall. We also don't know where Lonmouth was located, or whether he was among Rhaegar's companions during the abduction. It's not as though all of this is happening in some part of Westeros that Rhaegar and his companions are completely oblivious to.
  18. Does anyone think it likely that the same person informed Ned both that Lyanna was at the TOJ and that Rhaegar had called it the Tower of Joy?
  19. Is the "Starfall" theory that Ned found both Lyanna and Jon at Starfall, or that Ned found Lyanna at the Tower of Joy and then recovered Jon at Starfall?
  20. To those who believe Lyanna and Jon were at Starfall when Ned met them, why do you think the KG were at the TOJ? Did they merely intercept Ned there on his way to Starfall, or what?
  21. Not sure if this has changed, but based on @Ran's comment, we are presumably at least six or seven months into 300 by the end of ADWD?
  22. It's really not logical, but assumptions built on assumptions built on assumptions. No indication Rickard made it anywhere near Riverrun, on the contrary since Brandon was only on his way back to Riverrun when he heard about Lyanna.
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