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  1. They could be lying about Stannis. If he's dead, this is the lames possible way that they could have handled his storyline. But D&D do hate him, so who knows.
  2. I don't think Stannis is dead. Nor are Sansa and Theon. They haven't shown them die. So I think they will be alive somehow. Brienne may have other plans for Stannis. Don't know how Sansa and Reek can surive such a fall, unless there is like 5 feet of snow to fall in.
  3. I really liked the episode overall. But I think they did an absolutely horrible job at building up the Mountain. The only somewhat impressive feat he had was lifting a guy up with his sword. Everyone else with a sword could have killed those people. Besides, who were they, why were they killed and why were they given weapons? They should have shown him in combat at least once IMO. So far the only things he has done on the show is kill a horse and butcher some untrained people. Many unsullied on other fora are not impressed with him at all, considering some fighters like Bronn, the Hound and Brienne have had awesome fight scenes and killed dozens of people. They are not impressed by his reputation either. Bad move by D&D IMO.
  4. I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. Locke was being built up as a great fighter, but only killed 2 men, who were just wildly swinging at him. That's a shame IMO. Locke was a great character and I would have loved to see more of him. Also, the whole Locke at the Wall and Bran and the Keep stories led to nothing at all. Locke is now dead, so are the mutineers. Nothing happened to Bran and his companions. So basically everything is as it was before the whole thing? What's the point of Locke being there? What was the point of Bran and the mutineers. Episode has some great scenes as well. Cersei was great this episode. Love how she's trying to get everyone's sympathy.
  5. I could see that happening. He's a very different personality than Satin, but he could play the same part. And I could see why it would piss people off if Jon names him his steward. It would be cool to see him kill Ygritte though, and maybe some other wildlings who killed his family.
  6. I wonder what they'll do with his character. I could see him shooting wildlings during the battle, but after that? Is he going to survive and what will he do if so?
  7. Can someone remind me if Thorne was so hatefull of Jon Snow in the books? In the show it seems like he hates Snow so much he'd rather do things that are not in the best interest of the Wall, just to get at Jon. He doesn't want him (arguably the best swordsman at the Wall, alongside himself and now Locke) to train recruits because he's a steward. And he'd rather see Jon get killed than keeping one of the best fighters alive. Even going to far as to trying to get Jon's raid at Crasters to fail, risking the lives of Snow and anyone who might join him (considering he'd hoped nobody, or only 1 or 2 or so would) and also risking the lives of everyone at the Wall and in the North. Hell, it seems like he would rather kill Snow than see him succeed, even if Jon's succes is for the best of the Wall. In 4x2 it seemed like genuine mistrust, now it's just blatant hate. However, one thing that I did notice was that he did allow him to take Locke. He could have just said: "no, he's not ready to take his vows" to screw with Jon Snow.
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