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  1. I voted 10 because the King's Landing part was just perfect, from the music to the actors. The others are certainly up to par too but nothing come close to KL scenes
  2. I know right, from the last episode where she got stabbed, they showed the bloody knife and it looked pretty deep. It's impossible for 3+ inch deep stab wound in a girl her size not to at least prick an organ. The waif did multiple stabs yet she calmly walked after that, too illogical for me
  3. Tommen has got to be the dumbest and most gullible character i've seen in the series, seriously what's up with that one ? Sansa who was pretty naive pretty much snapped up after seeing what Joffrey had done, Tommen was essentially putting his own mother to sentence. WTF
  4. Every scene in Riverrun and Greyjoys saved this episode from being blant
  5. You are a bitch. How can I block you?

  6. Thought i'd be ready but when the credits finished rolling i just sat there for few minutes still feeling shock
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