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    How would you rate episode 410?

    I gave it my lowest score of the season, which is still an 8 :P. Really like Brienne v Hound thought that was a clever adaption choice. Although I was sad we have to wait another year for LS I thought Arya having the final scene was very good. I have to admit I was really disappointed with how they handled Tyrion and Jaime. I usually can separate the books from the show but having no tension between Tyrion and Jaime was a real problem for me. Not the fact Tysha wasn't mentioned but Jaime and Tyrion basically hugged and said goodbye. That really grated on me for some reason.
  2. Loved the episode. Sansa and Theons stories felt like they were wrapping up for the season so I wonder if they'll feature in the finale.
  3. tyrell19

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Also just a suggestion, not sure if any ones mentioned this yet but could Sana reveal to the lords declarants that she is not in fact his niece, but his bastard and this knowledge may have some how unhinged lysa into jumping. Just a thought I can see something along those lines happening
  4. tyrell19

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Loved watching this episode with my unsullied family. As Petyr approached Lysa at the end they were all screaming "make her fly"