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  1. TWOIAF does not mention the population of Gulltown in numbers. Fire and Blood also does not mention numbers for Gulltown, but only compares with King's Landing, White Harbor, Oldtown and Lannisport in which is bigger. While an interesting map, please note that this all seems to be speculation, including the numbers for the cities. For example, the map lists the population of KL as approx. 400.000, while the book (ASOS) gives an approx. of 500.000 people.
  2. As Jenny was a camp follower, I disagree that we can say that the brothel must have been near the location of the Redgrass Field. Her following an army during a war does not mean that her eventual place of work was located near the final battle. I agree with all other points.
  3. The main thing that is currently lacking are proper references.
  4. Near mid 300 AC. The Blackwoods were besieged for half a year, since the Red Wedding (near the end of 299), and that siege has just been lifted.
  5. @Ran, it has been a busy week, so my reply is a bit late, but thank you so much for the new information! Edit: oops, I see now that I posted this in the wrong thread!
  6. The only thing we know from the novels is that Robert's bastards in KL had the gold cloaks sent after them. All of Robert's other bastards (as far as we know about them), were apparently far enough out of Cersei's reach to be safe from her.
  7. The Campaign Guide is Green Ronin's, IIRC, which means they did not use GRRM as a source for their material according to the linked post. So not canon.
  8. It hasn't been on Martin's website. But I think people wrote a transcript from the reading. And there are quite detailed notes, of course.
  9. I agree. (Unless, of course, Prentys is stated to have ruled Riverrun before 43 AC, in which case we know he rules Rivwrrun 43 AC). And on the House Tully page, it should simply say "Lord Tully", without speculation on which Tully this might have been.
  10. My point was that Martin seems to consider his dragons intelligent animals, not "stupid animals". Animals, certainly. But intelligent animals, nonetheless. At least, that is the phrase the report uses.
  11. I don't know if there are other reports on this, but in this 2007 Comic Con report, Martin is reported to have described the ASOIAF dragons as intelligent, despite the fact that they cannot, and never will be able to, speak, or be like the dragons of Tolkien or Le Guin.
  12. In the chapter cited, when Ramsay is impersonating Reek, he claims it is his true name to Theon: “Haven’t fucked no one since they took me, m’lord. Heke’s me true name. I was in service to the Bastard o’ the Dreadfort till the Starks give him an arrow in the back for a wedding gift.”
  13. (Bolded emphasize in this post mine) Baelor Blacktyde spend eight years as a hostage in Oldtown: Baelor Blacktyde was more difficult to please. He sat by Victarion’s elbow in his lambswool tunic of black-and-green vairy, smooth-faced and comely. His cloak was sable, and pinned with a silver seven-pointed star. He had been eight years a hostage in Oldtown, and had returned a worshiper of the seven green land gods. (AFFC, The Iron Captain) The House Blacktyde pages lists The Kraken's Daughter as the source for this statement, but I cannot find such in that chapter. The quote does not state when Baelor was made a hostage, or why. The wiki states, citing this chapter, that Baelor was made a hostage following the death of his father during Greyjoy's Rebellion. Although it would make sense that Baelor was made a hostage following Greyjoy's Rebellion, as far as I can see at the moment, that was never stated in text. In fact, The Kraken's Daughter implies that this is not possible, as Tristifer Botley was send away from Pyke after Greyjoy's Rebellion to be the ward of Baelor Blacktyde. Furthermore, his wiki page also states that he became the Lord of Blacktyde following his father's death (289 AC). The page for Lord Blacktyde cites The Iron Captain for this statement as well, but searching "Blacktyde" and "Baelor" does not turn up any result. All I can find is this quote, which is, in my opinion, quite ambiguous. “Go home and know your wife,” Asha shot back. “Nuncle says he’ll give you more of what my father gave you. Well, what was that? Gold and glory, some will say. Freedom, ever sweet. Aye, it’s so, he gave us that... and widows too, as Lord Blacktyde will tell you. How many of you had your homes put to the torch when Robert came? How many had daughters raped and despoiled? Burnt towns and broken castles, my father gave you that. Defeat was what he gave you. Nuncle here will give you more. Not me.” (AFFC, The Drowned Man) Does anyone know whether there are quotes for these statements? If there are none, the wiki text should be changed.
  14. The only descriptions given are these: Qyburn's companionship was wearing on him. Jaime trotted toward the head of the column. A round little tick of a northman name of Nage went before Steelshanks with the peace banner; a rainbow-striped flag with seven long tails, on a staff topped by a seven-pointed star. "Shouldn't you northmen have a different sort of peacebanner?" he asked Walton. "What are the Seven to you?" ASOS, Jaime 6 Nage led them up a low hill, the seven-tailed peacebanner lifting and turning in the wind, the polished seven-pointed star shining bright upon its staff. ASOS, Jaime 7 As this banner associates with the Seven, the North and Iron Islands presumably use a different, albeit not described, peace banner. You're very welcome!
  15. It's true. AGOT, Eddard V: Pycelle wrinkled his brow. "In the last stage of his fever, the Hand called out the name Robert several times, but whether he was asking for his son or for the king I could not say. Lady Lysa would not permit the boy to enter the sickroom, for fear that he too might be taken ill. The king did come, and he sat beside the bed for hours, talking and joking of times long past in hopes of raising Lord Jon's spirits. His love was fierce to see."
  16. Because that is what the appendix of ADWD gives as his full name.
  17. Dayne and Whent appear so, Mooton and Lonmouth are favourite guesses in the fandom, but are not confirmed. Nothing is furthermore known at the moment.
  18. They will likely remain captive, are executed, or, in tines of war, offered to change their allegiance. Is there a specific passage you are thinking about?
  19. Even characters who appear in the canon can have information attached to them created only for the game. Without knowing what info is (semi-)canon, and what was created for the game specifically, we cannot enter the information on the wiki, IMO.
  20. I know that it used to state that. But if it is no longer there in the app, the statement should be removed from the wiki as well.
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