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  1. For the Kettleblacks i'll have to check my books, but IIRC JonCon served for 5 years in the GC, after which he was kicked out. The next year, he was said to have drunk himself to death in Lys. Now, he didn't really do that, but it would only be believable if he really was in Lys. So adding all that up, that brings us to 6 years after the Sack. Aegon would have been 7. Though it is unknown when JonCon joined the GC, I always thought he did so reasonably soon after being exiled. If there was more time in between, JonCon met Aegon later.
  2. Well, the fact that Tyrion is GRRMs favorite character won't mean Tyrion will survive until he end :p but i do think Tyrion and Dany will meet, since he has more knowledge about dragons, and she needs to learn it. It might be Victarions ships taking Dany to Westeros. But whether or not Victarion will also still be around is another question.
  3. Agreed. I'm all for R+L=J, but the Geryjoy ships and Barristan thinking about the Starks are not an argument for it.
  4. This I don´t follow :p Why would Theon come to Dany's aid? For the same reasons Victarion came, for example. Barristan doesn't know a lot of what has happened in Westeros, since he has been in Essos for a long time. Also, if R+L=J is true, and the Starks discovered this (wouldn't Ned already have known it? :P ), why would they sent a Greyjoy with Greyjoy ships? They would at the very least have Stark banners. Barristan doesn't know anything about it, otherwise, he would have told Dany about it months ago.
  5. So it's canon? Is there perhaps a source (a link or a quote) you can provide me? :) It would make Daenerys about 26/27 years old when she got married. Pretty late for a marriage, isn't it? Although, Arianne is still unmarried at 23, so Dornish might not see it as a problem :P Edit: And, thank you!!! :D
  6. It might not appear on GRRM's website for a while. First enough books have to be sold. Perhaps after Christmas? But that might be a bit optimistic :) If you can find how much time passed between the Theon chapter appearing in a book and appearing officially online, it might give an indication.
  7. I have a question. On several pages (timeline pages, house Martell page, I believe also the page of Princess Daenerys) there is a year given for the marriage of Daenerys and prince Maron, and of Dorne formally joining the seven Kingdoms. It is stated on the wiki that this happened in 197 AL, the year after the Blackfyre Rebellion ended. But in the books I couldn't find anything about the year, nor in an SSM. So I was wondering, does anyone know where that year came from? None of the pages have a source given for it. I was wondering if anyone could explain this, and if I can edit those pages to remove the date?
  8. Perhaps what was meant was how terrible Tyrions reputation is. :) I really hope Barristan and Jaime will meet once more, and for that to come true, Barristan has to survive Meereen!
  9. The body temperature of a healthy person is 37 degrees celcius, and at the Wall it's a bit below freezing point. Perhaps it was meant that the wound felt like it was smoking, because of the big temperature difference. But I also like your interpretation a lot, that his wound is smoking because of his Targaryen blood. I personally believe R+L=J so it could be. Drogons wound from the pit was also described as smoking, so perhaps that's the connection that we're supposed to make between this? When I read that part of the story, I simply assumed it was because of the temperature difference, but perhaps you are right, and there is more to it.
  10. Agreed, Barristan could still provide information about Aerys' reign, and about Tywin as well. Also, I've taken a look at the new sample chapter, and I just think that when that happens, the battle of Meereen will be done. It has to apply to the situation after all. And whilst fighting, of course Barristan would
  11. I didn't quote that sentence to show how JonCon is feeling about getting the greyscale. It was about showing his character. He's tired of being cautious, so when the chance appeared that he could be possibly infected with greyscale (though he might have viewed the possibility of being infected small as he hadn't been touched by a stone man), he didn't want to be cautious, because he had been for so long, and he was tired of it. That could be why he hadn't made himself receive any precautionary treatment for the greyscale. I was just trying to show his character, which could point us in the direction of why he made the choise not to use the treatment as a precaution as Tyrion had.
  12. Perhaps it's also important for Selmy to still be around when they arrive in Westeros in order for Selmy to confront Jaime (considering he's still alive at that point). If Selmy learns about Jaime's true reasons for killing Aerys before Jaime dies, Jaime can regains his honour a bit through this, by Selmy spreading the story.
  13. In his last chapter in aDwD Barristan thinks to himself how both he and Dany never truly trusted the Shavepate. He does not trust him.
  14. In any case, before I get mod-gloved, it seems pretty clear Barristan dies. And, along with him, whatever he knows about Rhaegar and Aerys II that he has yet to share. The question is, will he spill any more info on his deathbed, a la Maester Aemon’s final moments, or the dying red shirt in every action movie ever made? Or will he simply die in battle without providing any additional exposition into the overall plot? He doesn't have to die, only because Tyrion is comming closer and closer to Meereen. Tyrion could be accepted by Daenerys, and send out agains as an envoy. The same could happen with Barristan. We had multiple POV's in Winterfell before (Arya, Sansa, Jon, Ned, Catelyn, Bran). That they are all together at one point, doesn't mean they'll stay together for long. Jaime and Cersei both had POV's in KL, and Jaime had just returned to the city, maimed and not yet completely healed from his long captivity. Who had expected him to ride out of KL so quickly again? Not me, but it did leave Cersei as the only POV in KL. Barristan has an important role to play yet, I believe (and hope!).
  15. Joanna lived at Casterly Rock, raising Cersei and Jaime. Aerys came to Casterly Rock only once, because Tywin had thrown him a Tourney, but that was after Joanna had died (Joanna died in 274, the tourney was held in 276, several months before the Defiance of Duskendale). So when would Aerys have raped Joanna to get her pregnant with Tyrion? Also, Tywins father Tytos was a third son. And not all the Lannister Lords have names beginning with Ty. Tywin had brothers named Gerion and Kevan, for example. Joanna's brother is named Stafford. And there's the cousin named Damion. Several Lannister Kings were named, Tommen (when the Lannisters still had Brightroar), Lancel and Loren. Lord Damon Lannister held Casterly Rock during the reign of Daeron II. So it's not that they usually give the heir a name starting with Ty. It's just something used a lot, just like the Targaryens use various variations on Aemon, like, Aegon, Aemond, Aerion, Gaemon, Maegon, Daemon and Haegon. The Starks use the name Brandon a lot, and not always for their first borns. Ned's brother was a firstborn son named Brandon, but Ned's own son Bran was his second son. The Ty thing is simply tradition, but not an unwritten rule in the family. Tywin loved Joanna, so Joanna probably had something to say about the names as well. And especially in her side of the family there seem to be few Ty's, although I'm not really sure how closely related they are. No sister or other living brother of Tytos have been mentioned, only the two dead brothers. Also, if Tywin knew Jaime and Cersei were product of Aerys raping Joanne during the wedding night, should he not be glad that Jaime took the KG vows? Denying him the chances of ever getting Casterly Rock (according to law)? Instead, Tywin is furious, and years later, when Jaime is captured, he is genuinly worried about his safety, but not so much about Tyrions safety when Tyrion is in trouble. But my best argument against this is the name thing I've written here. That's because JonCon had discovered it himself before we were told about it. There's a difference. If Martin had discribed us the scene where JonCon first notices the Greyscale, then yes, he probably would not have been this calm. But when he shows us Jon at Griffin's Roost, Jon is already aware of the Greyscale. So no reason to panic about things you cannot chance, and try to do the most logical thing you can do: try the treatment to slow the sickness. He knows by now he will die. It's only the timing that he can try to change. But it's completely in his character to stary calm once he's known for a while. And if he indeed contracted the disease before, when was that? When could he poddibly have gotten the sickness? It's a slowspreading sickness, I know, but Tyrion had been with them a fair amount of time. And the sickness isn't that far spread when Jon arrives in Westeros. So I ask you, when? Because I don't see any other time where it might have happened.
  16. I see what you're saying. Do we have any proof that Targaryens are immune to sickness, however? Daeron II died because of sickness, and so did Prince Valarr and Prince Matarys. And all the other Targaryen kings who died young, like Jaehaerys, or Aenys, how about them? Did most certainly did not die in battle, so what else killed them? Indeed he was drowning, and he swallowed a lot of water, but did Lemore force the water from Tyrions lungs. When you are drowning, I'm not sure how much water actually goes into your lungs, and how much water goes into your digestive system (like water should go). I did a quick Wikipedia search on drowning, and it seems that most water actually goes into your stomach, and only very little goes into your lungs. However, since Lemore has been said to have forced the water from Tyrions lungs, I am inclined to believe that Tyrion had more water in his lungs than one usually does when drowning. My conclusion: I'm really not sure, though if you would like to read it, here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drowning#Water_inhalation So again, JonCon must have gotten the disease from saving Tyrion, how else would he have gotten it? It might be that Tyrions immune system is better than JonCon's, and perhaps that was a factor in why Tyrion didn't get sick. And I have read before that many people say that Targaryens cannot get sick, but I can't remember reading anything about that. I am interested in reading it though, so perhaps you could provide some links to threads or explain the theory yourself? :)
  17. We don't know why for sure, but his personality has something to do with it, I think. In his first chapter, The Lost Lord, he thinks to himself: "He was sick of hiding, sick of waiting, sick of caution. I do not have time enough for caution." Perhaps he didn't want to be cautious, which he should have been. They only worried about Tyrion because he had been in contact with the stone men, but JonCon hadn't. And since he was tired of being cautious, he didn't treat himself with the vinegar.
  18. But Tyrion has received treatment from the beginning. When he finally wakes up after having almost drowned, he's being told that Lemore has been washing him with special stuf (I can't remember what it was right now, vinegar or something), to prevent the Greyscale from happening. JonCon and his gang hadn't been in any area where they could have contracted greyscale, so where would Jon have gotten sick in the first place? Indeed, Jon got infected because he saved Tyrion. Tyrion had fallen into the river, and the river was full of infected people, and probably also filled with whatever virus/bacteria causes the infection. Jon didn't necessarily contract the disease from Tyrion, he had to reach into the water and pull Tyrion out (which could also be the reason why the disease is starting in his hand. Perhaps this is the hand he pulled Tyrion out with?). Tyrion has been washed many times, to keep the greyscale away, but Jon hasn't done anything, probably because he thought that since he hadn't been in contact with one of the stone men, he wasn't in danger. Tyrion had been in contact with the stone men. But the infection is everywhere around them. It could also have been on Tyrion's clothes. Tyrion could have passed the greyscale on to JonCon, but since Tyrion received treatment and JonCon didn't, I say this is the most reasonable explanation we have... That is, until Jon tells us more about Greyscale and how he got it in WoW. Jon is now also soaking his hand in vinegar, to slow the greyscale process, as Lemore told Tyrion to keep doing. Tyrion has gotten Lucky. JonCon didn't.
  19. Shouldn't Tyrion have started to show symptoms? He has no patches of grey, dying skin, or dying nails. It could be that the disease is starting from the inside, but somehow, I think that that was a joke they made to Tyrion, more than an actual option. Griff has already lost the function of several fingers, and the disease is creeping up further. Tyrion doesn't have anything showing. And remember, Tyrion has been treated, but Griff, since no one thought he was in danger, didn't receive any treatment. Perhaps Tyrion was cured, and Griff had the bad luck of being infected. I think that once the disease starts to show, you have no chance of beating it, only a chance of slowing down the process. Edit: Welcome to the forum, btw!
  20. The way I see it, they'll either be dead wildlings who might have tried to sneak passed the Wall by swimming, and they drowned because they aren't good swimmers, or because the weather was too rough. Or they'll be dead wildings who have become wights, and who will float in the water during the day, and come back to life during the night (because, for as far as I have noticed, the wights only appear during the night, yes?)
  21. I agree that Benjen is mostly likely dead, yes, but I am still hoping Jon or (most likely) Bran, will discover what has happened to him. I have never read about wights climbing the Wall, but it would add an interesting factor to the fight, now wouldn't it? Also, as per Jon's way of thinking, there's a lot we don't know about the wights and the White Walkers, and every wildling that dies north of the Wall, will probably become a wight. If no wildlings can pass through the Wall anymore, the army of undead will only grow bigger. And than what will happen if the wights or the White Walkers turn out to be capable of doing things that we don't know of yet, that will help them across the Wall? There will be a huge army of undead on the move then, but because the gates weren't sealed, several thousand wildlings could come south, and the wight army won't get any of those people. Who knows? Perhaps GRRM didn't seal the gates because Jon needs to go north one final time or something. Perhaps we'll find out in WoW.
  22. (1) people believe that Jon can be Azor Ahai reborn, because of the prophecy about the Prince that was Promised, and the fact that many people believe these two prophecies to ba about the same person. So far, Jon doesn't really fit the prophecy, but that could still change. And since Jon is at the Wall, and was preparing to fight against the Others, and since Azor Ahai is supposed to protect the realm against a great threat (aka the Others, though I don't believe they are ever actually mentioned), many people believe it to be Jon. It is also not certain whether or not Dany is AA reborn, though she meets more of the criteria. (2) Well, there are still people from the NW on the other side of the Wall. Remember Benjen Stark? There's still hope they'll one day discover what happened to him, and for that, locking yourself out of that area isn't the best move. Also, with the gates sealed, the NW will no longer know what is happening at the other side of the Wall. And with a huge battle comming up, that's not the way to go. Though there's a lot to say for sealing of the gates, the problem with not knowing what's happening at the north side of the Wall is the reason Jon uses not to seal them.
  23. It's also interesting to note that all of Ramsay's "boys" or "friends" are actually spies who tell Roose everything that Ramsay does.
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