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    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    Well , the show was out around 2011 , i knew i would like it , so i decided at some point , around 2012 i think , before the second season kicked that i must see it! Well i downloaded the first episode and the first season in general , but....nah , i couldn't do it. I stopped , but i still had the desire to start it somehow. Well , the series as far as i knew was based on a book , so luckily i found the books translated in my native anguage(not english obviously) at a local store! I bought the second (i didnt start it i just couldn't find AGoT) and a few days later i was handed the first one from my mother , so I started reading at some point in August and this was it , i was affiliated with this epic series , and i feel lucky i'm reading the books and not watching the show so much (i've seen only the first season fully and took some glimpses from the other seasons , mainly because my father is watching the show) because it's MUCH better. George Martin is a pure genious...!
  2. Aldark

    Favorite POV Character

    Oh , i forgot some people's name were POV in this book... well in GoT i enjoyed Arya,Ned,Jon and of course Tyrion (although in the second book , i must tell you his POVs are even better!!). Also i liked Bran especially at the start!