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  1. maiden of tarth

    Sansa and Royce

    Sansa has probably found him a wet nurse to see to his needs!
  2. maiden of tarth

    The Crypt

    In the books, I’m sure Osha says that there is a tunnel from the crypts to the wall/beyond the wall. Or it might have been Ygritte. It was one of them, I’m sure.
  3. maiden of tarth

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    Set Barristan recounts in one of his chapters that Aerys started off as a good king. He believes it was the capture and imprisonment at Duskendale that changed Aerys. Barristan even mentions that he regrets rescuing Aerys and with hindsight should have let Aerys die at Duskendale.
  4. Love cats and knitting! 

  5. maiden of tarth

    Cersei's "everything that you hold dear"

    It was never in the books so doesn’t count. Just like my refusal to acknowledge Stannis and Barristans deaths!!!
  6. maiden of tarth

    Bronn and the pox

    They never rescue Myrcella in the books. They travel through the river lands, slowly making their way to the siege of Riverrun.
  7. maiden of tarth

    Who betrayed Ariannes plans?

    Oh wow. That’s so good and really well explained. I’m off to reread the chapter now. Thank you
  8. maiden of tarth

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    Yep. Agree with you there
  9. maiden of tarth

    Way too many side characters?

    I feel like it was the side characters that made Sunday’s episode. Tormund and Sam were my favourite parts of the first episode.
  10. maiden of tarth

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    Agree. His was the best performance next to Tormand at Last Hearth.
  11. maiden of tarth

    The boy on the wall

    I totally didn’t get that. I thought they were showing Beric and Tormund so the viewers knew they survived the fall of the wall. I thought they were scouting the ruins of the wall for “survivors” and to assess the damage.
  12. maiden of tarth

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    Can’t agree more. The reunions were rubbish.
  13. maiden of tarth

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    I’m not happy that Ghost is missing. Fans even set up a Just Giving type pageto pay for the CGI so the show could include Ghost and they still seem to be leaving him out. The amount of money this show has made, for the creators/producers/whoever to turn round and say they can’t fit Ghost in because of costs is quite frankly an insult.
  14. maiden of tarth

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    She didn’t plan to tell Sam. She sought Sam out to thank him for saving Jorahs life. It’s only after he revealed his family name that she realised she burned his father and brother and then was forced to awkwardly confess her actions.
  15. maiden of tarth

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    In medieval times, wine was safer to drink than water. That’s also why in medieval Britain people only bathed once or twice a year as the water was so polluted.