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  1. This would be the perfect solution. Gendry would be a great king with Davos as his hand. He would probably be happy to let the north be independent and Jon rule as King in the North.
  2. Didn’t Tyrion spend the first part of the episode drumming it into everyone that the ringing of the bells means the city surrenders. He even repeats this to Jon and Davos and tells Jaime to ring the bells when he sets him free.
  3. This is how I feel about Danys chapters in ADWD. I have to skip them. I absolutely hated her entire storyline in ADWD. I always wonder if George struggled to find her something to do to give the dragons time to grow.
  4. I know it would have changed the story and Tyrion’s arc, to kill Tywin so early but in Arya’s place, how can she have not thought to choose Tywin and the Mountain when Jaqen offered to kill three people for her
  5. Morbid curiosity is all that has held me as a viewer since they killed Barristan Selmy.
  6. It’s difficult as I have read the books. I hoped we would learn more about who the White Walkers are and what they’re about. I hoped the White Walkers would get further south and the southern realms would be forced to confront the real danger and see how petty and irrelevant their squabbles for power are. The whole build up of the three/one prophecies of TPTWP, The Last Hero and Azor Ahai seem to be for nothing. If I hadn’t read the books, Arya defeating the White Walker as she did would have seemed perfect. Having read the books, it just seems a little ehhhh? What’s the point in Jon and Daenerys? I wish I’d started reading the books after the whole show was finished instead of starting them after watching season one.
  7. Love cats and knitting! 

  8. I’m not happy that Ghost is missing. Fans even set up a Just Giving type pageto pay for the CGI so the show could include Ghost and they still seem to be leaving him out. The amount of money this show has made, for the creators/producers/whoever to turn round and say they can’t fit Ghost in because of costs is quite frankly an insult.
  9. She didn’t plan to tell Sam. She sought Sam out to thank him for saving Jorahs life. It’s only after he revealed his family name that she realised she burned his father and brother and then was forced to awkwardly confess her actions.
  10. Oh where did you find that out? Is it made clear in the chapter as I would never have realised from the chapter alone.
  11. Thank you. It’s been so long since I read it. I got completely confused as to whom the chapter belonged to. Oh boo. I assumed that as it was a TWOW chapter, it was after the events in the previous books. That’s going to confuse me if the book is ever released. Are there any other chapters that are like that?
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