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  1. Richard Hoffman

    “For the watch”

    It seems several people believe Marsh and company were acting to avoid a war with Bolton which would make logical sense if there wasn’t a larger danger closer to home. When I put myself in their situation and think about it from every angle my biggest concern would be the aftermath with the wildlings. Sure they might prevent a war with Ramsay but the odds of any Nights Watch surviving the night that wasn’t 100% loyal to Jon is extremely slim. The time between Jon’s speech and the murder tells us that it was either pre-planned or something else (magical or otherwise) happened that forced their hands. They literally JUST found out about Ramsay, I doubt they walked outside and said F this I’m killing the bastard. There can be only 2 explanations, their hatred for wildlings caused them to act blindly and without thoughts of consequence or something bigger guided their hands.
  2. Richard Hoffman

    “For the watch”

    While those are valid points it still makes 0 sense. Jon had the support of the wildlings and still had loyal supporters in the watch and Marsh risks the complete and total destruction of the nights watch by his actions. Jon was the glue that held that peace together and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Still, the question isn’t the motives, the question is why pick the worst time and place to actually pull it off?
  3. Richard Hoffman

    Tyrion Lannister Discussion v.251

    I’m actually shocked at how many of you are anti Tyrion! In real life we forgive severe actions for silly things like daddy issues yet we should dislike a fictional character who had a TERRIBLE life yet still managed to hold onto more decency than the majority of Martin’s characters? He definitely made a turn for the worse in book 5, yet after a trial where EVERYBODY testified against him without a shred of proof simply because of who he is, then finds out the love of his life WASN’T a whore but did in fact love him for him and the GUILT of what happened to her smacks him in the face, and then he finds Shae naked in his fathers bed before killing them (justly I might add) would be enough to send any man over the edge! And this is just a few days of his life! He spent every day of his life despised by those who should have loved him, was treated like a monster by his father, was mocked endlessly, yet a whore looks at him in disgust and we are surprised that he hate fu**s her? Anyway i I think that’s all besides the point, his character is meant to be at an all time low with no faith in anything so when he finally meets Dany his character arch can go back on the upswing.
  4. Richard Hoffman

    “For the watch”

    I just finished my rewatch-reread of the entire series and something that stuck out to me in A Dance with Dragons, “For the Watch.” Wick slashed at him again. This time Jon caught his wrist and bent his arm back until he dropped the dagger. The gangling steward backed away, his hands upraised as if to say, Not me, it was not me. Jon reached for longclaw, but his fingers had grown stiff and clumsy. Somehow he could not seem to get the sword free of its scabbard. This is is something I’ve never understood, sure these guys probably care a great deal for the watch but ultimately they sided against Jon because of their hatred for wildlings, who for the most part were now on the south side of the wall and outnumbered the nights watch greatly. Knowing this, why would these men murder Jon in front of dozens if not hundreds of people? Sure in the confusion he made himself open to the blades but these men could just have easily pushed him off the wall or stabbed him in the back. They also knew that Jon had overwhelming support after just leaving the hall and hearing hundreds of men shout in support of the lord commander, yet knowing all of this and knowing without a doubt that their lives would be forfeit they still stab him in front of all the witnesses? My question to you fine folk here, is it possible that the attackers were being warged? Or if not warged some other magic? Why couldn’t Jon get his blade out? He hadn’t been stabbed yet, and he wasn’t new to fighting. This part could be chalked up to shock I guess, but the stabbing of Jon snow still makes 0 sense to me as it accomplished nothing. Thoughts?
  5. Richard Hoffman

    Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    I've read and listened to all 5 books several times and at first I felt like he was overall generic and bland, but over time I've become rather fond of him, especially D-Edd, cracks me up! Oh, except I hate his Mel voice and the way he pronounces her name, which I think he starts to pronounce right in book 5? He pronounces it Mel-eh-sonj
  6. Richard Hoffman

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Every so often I poke in on these forums and I find a gem that I had never thought about. Brienne in the vale? BRILLIANT! Especially with the show Brienne/Sansa arc going the way it is. I know they are changing things but those things can only be changed ever so slightly as the ending/major strokes will remain the same.