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    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    IIRC didn't Jaime have a dream in which he and Brienne were fighting side by side in the dark against shadowy figures - think it was AFFC? And as a result of the dream Jaime felt that they were joined in fate somehow which in turn guided his decision to keep her alive (from the bearpit) and assist her in the quest to find Sansa? They both have the twin swords in their possession, at the onset of winter snows/darkness, and like twins they seem to need each other to compliment each other as a fighting unit (particularly with Jaime being short a hand). I also see Brienne being involved in the Lannister siblings end-game as well somehow - not sure yet, perhaps if Cersei was jealous enough to off Brienne it would give Jaime cause to seek vengeance.
  2. I love your username. I should have choose something like that.