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  1. I agree with the above. To add more - Tyrion does not know the Northeners that well and is not aware to what degree do they loath the bastards, cripples and broken things. He also believes himself to be very smart guy and loves to play political games so I think he may see gaining northern lords support as something exciting and challenging, rather than life threatening.
  2. I agree it is different, but a betrothal of your heir to the royal family is a big honor and would maybe make North a little bit more respected in the realm. Northern lords may not be too happy about it, but given how Ned has a wife from the South himself and she earned their respect, they would probably give Myrcella a shot too. I am certain this would be a horrible idea, but I still see it as a possibility. We can agree to disagree on it.
  3. It makes Brandon 14-15 when the betrothal happened, if my math is correct.
  4. He did not hesitate much to betroth Sansa with Joffrey, so I think it is not beyond him to go with Robb - Myrcella match.
  5. Well, actually I think that what Ned might have learned from Lyanna is that duty does not matter more than love for everyone. (assuming she went with Rhaegar willingly). I agree this reasoning is stupid and foolish given Ned's position, but Ned is known for for commiting incredibly stupid and foolish deeds because of his lack of understanding of other people; him warning Cersei is the best example. That does not stop lords from betrohening (is this even a word? I am not native english speaker) their children in ASOIAF world. Or even marrying them, if we consider Tommen. I doubt this is what Ned intended, but as we established, main reason was the plot requirement and we try to find an in-world reason and this poped up in my head.
  6. Simple answer - because George needed him to be available for Frey's betrothal. In universe reason - We know that Brandon and Ned also were not betrothed untill relatively old age, maybe it is the Stark way (or the North Way). It is also possible, that Ned being aware Lyanna was not happy with her match chose to wait longer and give Robb a chance to choose a wife for himself. Another possibility is that Ned deep inside wanted Robb to marry Myrcella and was waiting for the right moment to ask Robert about it or wanted Robert to make a first move. edit: typo
  7. POV characters: 1. Theon 2/3/4 in any order Jaime, Cersei, Davos 5. Aeron NON POV: 1. Roose 2. Edmure 3. Walder Frey 4. Bloodraven 5. LF
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