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    Can Bloodraven/Bran warg Patchface...

    Hi, I think the point here is that "taking control of other being" is called "skinchanging", while "warging" is "skinchaning into a wolf". This is not however crucial to your question, as it is obvious what you ask about. Pay no mind to this smartass who keeps talking about wolves. And regarding the OP, I think there is for sure a lot of odd things around Patchface and I hope he is being/ will be skinchanged into by someone/something more powerful than BR or Bran. I am one oh those who thinks that Drowned God, or some prophet of Drowned God is using Patchface. Cheers OP and do not be bothered by guys who just come on-line to be smart
  2. eazy

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    The Hound and The Mountain are brothers - best theory ever ;)