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  1. I really appreciate the effort. But I don't see much of it happening.
  2. Accidental sacrifice is oxymoron.
  3. No he is not. That is a popular misinterpretation of a cryptic passage that was written in ACoK where the plans for the series were quite different. Again people like to interpret this as something big but the Forsaken showed that it is just simple blood sacrifices for the winds. Another popular misinterpretation. This quote doesn't have anything to do with Oldtown or Euron. All of Mel's visions are related to the northern plot, which should be the case for this one as well. This is pure fan fiction.
  4. You don't learn the secrets of Valyrian magic from a fraud, especially during a such a short time. Euron is not a magic user. Euron is not a greenseer. Euron is a fraud who will be put into his place by Sam and Sarella.
  5. When the Hedge Knight was written, fAegon did not exist. I find it hilarious that the Ashford theory refuses to die even after so much evidence against it.
  6. Actually, at least for me, "I have written X pages" means much more than "I'm working on it". That is because at this point, I can no longer believe in GRRM when he says he is just working on it. GRRM was months away from finishing TWoW in 2015 based on his famous update. 6 years passed and there is still no TWoW in sight. This is not normal. This requires an explanation. Some people choose to believe that GRRM scrapped a lot of material and started over. I choose to believe that he did not put real work in TWoW at least until the latest writing episode during the pandemic. Only a real, tangible update from GRRM can settle the matter of what went so horribly wrong from 2015 to now.
  7. We have these: Littlefinger talked about a red priest not a red priestess. Are we sure that this was Mel or was there another red priest before Mel? The curious thing is that Varys did not mention to Illyrio that Stannis also had a shadowbinder under his service. Why did he omit that? Varys has no reason to hold anything back from Illyrio and he is a first hand witness of magic is real. Is it because Mel has not arrived (or he had not heard yet) when they had this conversation? That means Mel arrived only several months before the appearance of the comet, which means there was indeed a red priest that came several years ago.
  8. In the Mystery Knight, the Golden Company does not seem to exist yet. Ser Maynard gave a shrug. "His eye is fixed on Tyrosh, where Bittersteel sits in exile, plotting with the sons of Daemon Blackfyre. So he keeps the king's ships close at hand, lest they attempt to cross." In addition to that, the Blackfyre loyalists talk about the support Bittersteel denied from Daemon but they never mention the Golden Company, which should have come up if existed at the time.
  9. A Dance with Dragons - Tyrion XII You will find famous names in here, some from your Seven Kingdoms. Aegor Rivers served a year with us, before he left to found the Golden Company. Bittersteel, you call him. The Bright Prince, Aerion Targaryen, he was a Second Son. Can anybody figure out the timeline? Did Bittersteel found the Golden Company as soon as he left the Second Sons? That means he was with the Second Sons in 211 AC. Considering that Aerion was sent to exile in 209 AC, there is a small window for them to meet at the ranks of the Second Sons.
  10. Not openly at first. It will take a certain process. Just like Doran said, "the time is not yet come for Dorne to openly defy the Iron Throne". Doran will want to wait for Dany's arrival and the unification of the two Targaryen claimants before submitting Dorne to a cause. Arianne won't have any of that because that kind of alliance most probably puts an end to Arianne's opportunity to be a queen. Doran's wise (if not overly cautious) strategy stays in the way of Arianne's ambitions. This won't end good for both of them.
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