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  1. https://grrm.livejournal.com/107286.html?thread=7324438#t7324438 GRRM said he finished and removed Mercy to TWoW in 2009. https://grrm.livejournal.com/362384.html But after releasing the Mercy sample chapter, he said that the decision to remove Mercy was made "shortly before ADWD was published". https://grrm.livejournal.com/156885.html GRRM mentioned working on the Epilogue of ADwD in 2010, a year after he originally said he removed Mercy to TWoW. But it is possible that this might not be the final version of the Epilogue he worked on. If AFfC is a measure, he might have written several versions from the POV of several different characters. He might have even considered totally different event as an Epilogue. As for Kevan, he seemed to have wildly different ideas. https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/18519cz/spoilers_extended_grrms_20032004_outline_for_affc/ In the AFfC outline before the split, GRRM wanted to have Kevan POV at Casterly Rock "ready for winter". https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/z0x0qp/spoilers_extended_secrets_of_the_cushing_library/ There was also a mystery of missing Kevan which was removed from AFfC chapters before publication.
  2. But the Mercy chapter takes place after the trials. GRRM wouldn't leave all that stuff offscreen. That means he would also have to write a new Epilogue as well.
  3. Think of it like this. If GRRM included the Mercy chapter in ADwD, then he would have to write and include the next Cersei chapter(s) featuring the trials.
  4. GRRM announced that he scrapped the 5 year gap at Worldcon in August 2001 but it is very likely that the decision took place months before the announcement. GRRM could not do such a radical change without thinking about it for long and discussing it with friends and his editors. In that very same worldcon, GRRM also announced that he introduced a new book that would take place right after ASoS and he named it as AFfC, pushing ADwD further away. This supports the idea that GRRM had given lots of time and thought to the idea of abandoning the 5 year gap before the announcement because he was able to name a new book that was not supposed to exist before. In short, although the first mention of Harry the Heir is several months earlier than the announcement of the DEGAP, it makes sense to think that GRRM made the decision long before the announcement. If so, Harry the Heir might be one of the first new characters envisioned after the decision of DEGAP was made.
  5. Brienne reveals the truth to Jaime. They make plans to free the captives and run. While they wait for a proper moment to attempt the rescue, they go over every detail Brienne can remember. They conclude that Brienne never had a real lead on Sansa. Moreover, they piece together that the silent gravedigger at the Quiet Isle is Sandor Clegane and he might know where the real Arya went. The opportunity for saving Pod and Hunt comes when most of the brotherhood goes to join the rescue mission for Edmure as it happens in the Prologue. They find out that Hunt is already executed. Brienne and Jaime manage to free Pod. After that, Brienne and Pod flee to the the Quiet Isle for hiding and also for extracting information about Arya's whereabouts. Jaime returns to King's Landing.
  6. LF wouldn't be concerned about that. If he is able to get a legitimization, he should also be able to get an annulment. What matters most is to have the child in the first place and create a fait accompli. Legality will follow that. There is a historical precedent that Lord Hightower wanted to marry his widow stepmother (Lady Sam Tarly) but the High Septon didnot approve it and declared it as a form of incest. But they did not mind him and kept on living and made six children. 13 years later a new High Septon was elected and he reversed the decision of his predecessor. The High Septon allowed the marriage to take place and their 6 children were retroactively declared legitimate.
  7. Ossifer Plumm and his six feet long cock was not introduced just for shits and giggles. It should be somehow related to the current story. Sweetrobin's unresemblance to Jon Arryn also means something. LF will have Harry killed during the tourney. Soon after Harry dies, LF will suggest Sansa to get pregnant and pass the child as Harry's bastard. Of course LF will want to be the sperm donor himself. This bastard will be one legitimization away from inheriting more than half of Westeros in the long run. And the Realm is full of desperate monarchs trying to win support. Legitimization would not be an issue at all, considering that even Ramsay got one. Perhaps LF might even confess that he is the true father of Sweetrobin while trying to convince Sansa to the act.
  8. Arms of the Kraken was a collection of ironborn chapters published in the Dragon magazine issue #305 (March 2003). It included 4 chapters in their draft forms: Aeron I (The Prophet), Asha I (The Kraken’s Daughter), Victarion I (The Iron Captain), and Aeron II (The Priest). Check the 2003-2004 partial manuscript chapter lists below for the progression of the material. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSQJj1MMr--OsVmCUiIEyWV7jwoBDnFTbA5-1sVbDcZTjUYmKmmuN0ruPApPUEdo98EglqhiKHKRNYJ/pubhtml#
  9. Well, it won't go according to the plans because LF spelled the whole thing out loud to the readers. I think Myranda Royce is the one Sweetrobin weds. Harry is slain during the tourney. LF tries to rape Sansa during which she kills him. Shadrich and 3 Sunderland brothers kidnap Sansa. They bring her to King's Landing and sell her to Cersei.
  10. Not likely. Tyrion would end AFfC at Volantis and would not meet Dany up until ADwD. Whatever the incest is, it should be on Shy Maid or during the Sorrows episode. Perhaps Tyrion would crack Septa Lemore's true identity as well and discover that she is related to fAegon and some of the lessons she gave him in her cabin were very intimate in nature.
  11. Jon was planning to lead the Hardhome mission himself if not for Ramsay's letter. The assassination seemed premeditated, which is why I think they were planning to take Jon out for a while and the Hardhome mission must have seemed like the perfect opportunity. But they had to act quickly due to the change of plans and the assassination ended up being somewhat botched. There is an abandoned draft where Mel had a vision of Jon leading 20 rangers to Craster's to deal with the mutineers. Mel was warning Jon against daggers and false friends just the same. I think the original idea of "killing" Jon was during the raid to Craster's. GRRM dropped that idea and decided to make it during the Hardhome mission. Then he dropped that too and introduced Ramsay's letter.
  12. Nope. He was present almost exactly the same.
  13. Disagree. People are jumping to conclusions.
  14. TWoW should end in a way that makes such a time jump possible, just like ASoS was meant to be. If TWoW doesn't come out like that, the series would never be finished anyway.
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