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  1. King Bran’s reign proceeds as bad as one can expect. Lots of disgruntled subjects. After a while, people realize that the seasons have not returned to normal. King Bran doesn’t know the reason why. More disgruntled subjects. Perhaps King Bran doesn’t have the best story after all. Eventually, it is found out or at least theorized that something must be done at the Heart of Winter to restore the balance to the seasons. However, no one can travel there before freezing to death. It doesn’t take a genius to suggest that Drogon can be used for that purpose. But the problem is, no one knows where Drogon is or whether he is still alive. Even if Drogon is to be found, there aren’t many people dumb enough to try mounting him. Enter Jon. Call to Adventure. Adventure stinks. Along the way, we get to the bottom of what really happened in the ancient past to throw seasons out of balance and how to restore it. It turns out magic should be wiped out. Who would have thought!.. Jon eventually finds the trace of Drogon and travels to Asshai to claim him. He reunites with Arya there and learns that she has circumvented the world. Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Finally they locate Drogon in a cave. When they approach him, they come across undead Dany beside the dragon. Arya still has the Valyrian Steel dagger...
  2. ctrl+f > "bad precedent" As expected
  3. Ah, Michael Worobey. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/covid-origins-wuhan-china-market-b1960474.html Around that time period, I remember news like the one above all over certain media outlets. But when you go and check Worobey's article they quoted, you will see something curious. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abm4454 At least he did not hide it, unlike Peter Dazsak.
  4. Nothing. While LSH is away, Brienne and Jaime will rescue Pod and they will all get the hell away before anyone notices. After that, Jaime will return to King's Landing while Brienne and Pod go to Quiet Isle.
  5. The Deathless Mother gave me the vibes of the mother of the Crones from the Witcher 3; the one you might kill or free in the Whispering Hillock quest (aka She-Who-Knows).
  6. one could, provided that there wasn't a 75-years ban on the ingredients and the phase trial details of the vaccines.
  7. Here you go This is the only source you need to get the latest reliable data&science on covid.
  8. WoT is a pretentious, juvenile crap that didn't age well. Glad I read only the first book and dropped the series back in 2003 for being a cheap LotR imitation. The Witcher's source material (that I didn't and won't read) is relatively better but still I find the book purism insufferable.
  9. Fan service. I blame the mess in AFfC/ADwD to GRRM's interactions with the fans and the encouragement he got from them about Martells, Greyjoys, Brienne, Meereen etc. If he does the same thing for TWoW, the series will be ruined beyond repair.
  10. Better than season 1. Crawling in the sewers of Oxenfurt is enough to get my 10. Still the pace could have been a little bit faster.
  11. Lol, GRRM is immune to editing. That much is made clear from the margin notes from the ADwD manuscript.
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