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  1. 9 hours ago, Northern Sword said:

    Wyman Manderly is going out with a bang. A bit of the Northern tradition of the old guys go hunting in the winter to not burden the family. But in this case, he is taking enemies with him. Reading it the first time, it felt like he knew he wouldn't make it out. He may survive a bit, but not long. Sweet, sweet revenged. Also, he isn't done yet... 


    Wyman Manderly died the day he left White Harbor to join the wedding at Winterfell.

  2. This Episode so far was the most brazen, undeniable example of ruining the existing material and preferring stupid spectacles over logic/storytelling, something for which the book-purist fandom (which by the way mostly shills for Hot D because they are led to believe that this show is a GRRM-approved faithful adaptation) hated the last seasons of GoT and blamed it all on D&D. Well, they are not here and we are still getting the same stuff. Perhaps it is time to start figuring out the responsibility of Sapochnik or even HBO governors in the GoT's final seasons.

    In Season 2 or 3 of Hot D, I can see the fandom saying that D&D did nothing wrong.

  3. 19 minutes ago, Ingelheim said:

    Yeah it seems to me they are going to make Cole-Alicent a thing in Season 2. They are heavily hinting at Cole being in love with her. And IIRC in one of the Inside Episodes or interviews of the first part of the season they said young Alicent had a crush on him.

    The writers seem to have misunderstood what "Kingmaker" stands for in the book :lmao:

  4. 10 hours ago, DMC said:

    Well, you said the Valar don't have children or interest in sex, whereas Sauron was a Maia and Melian is one who obviously had sex and a child.

    Anyway, again, the way I took is what "attracts" Sauron to Galadriel is her power, which sounds pretty Sauron to me.

    Well, Luthien managed to give Morgoth a boner, so we have the Valar checked as well.

    Also IIRC, the original conception of the Valar were much more like the Norse pantheon where the gods were having children (like some prominent Maiar were originally children of the Valar).

  5. 9 hours ago, Ser Drewy said:

    Anyone else find Disa's greedy/opportunistic turn kind of weird? Doesn't seem like the Disa we've been seeing throughout the show. Which is a pity, since I thought the Durin/Durin and Elrond/Durin scenes were pretty good (healing Mithril aside...)

    The shadow fell upon khazad dum as it happened in Numenor. The evil has awakened.

  6. 1 minute ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    I can't really tell, but some have pointed out that the window where Aegon did his thing is the same one that Tommen jumped out of in GoT.  Which makes everything even more awkward.

    D&D missed a golden opportunity to foreshadow Tommen's suicide. They should have written a sex scene for Jaime&Cersei in the first season at the same room in which Jaime would finish from the same spot.

  7. 13 minutes ago, butterweedstrover said:

    character development

    The old and young versions of Alicent (and of Rhaenyra to a certain extent) act like totally different characters. So, I wouldn't expect any amount of character development to bridge this insurmountable gap.

    They should have either skipped the first 5 episodes and started from here, or extended them to a full season and let this be the start of the second season. But then again, both options would be equally bad as the one we get, for different reasons.

    There is just no good way to tell a bad story.

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