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  1. My standing prediction is that he's going to try and fail, but in the process of failing shake up the status quo.

    That would be an extremely low quality and disappointing story teling. There are many ways to shake the status quo and George generally prefers the deaths of significant characters in an unexpected way.

    There are already many characters who failed to even find Sansa. Writing a character who finds Sansa, who knows her true identity and having him failed to abduct Sansa serves no purpose and makes no sense.

  2. what if jaime asks for trial by combat and faces brienne. He then has to kill her by thrusting oathbreaker through her heart. Thereby becoming azor ahai reborn.

    Brienne will not champion a cause she does not believe in. Therefore, she will not fight for UnCat against Jaime because she tried to tell her that Jaime is a changed man and did his best to keep his vow to Cat. Therefore, I think Brienne will champion Jaime against UnCat's champion (which will probably be Lem Lemoncloak).

  3. In TWOIAF, there is a maester called Nicol who wrote The Measure of the Days.

    Based upon his work on the movement of stars in the firmament, Nicol argues unconvincingly that the seasons might once have been of a regular length, determined solely by the way in which the globe faces the sun in its heavenly course.

    Maester Nicol is a reference to astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

  4. Think I'm right in saying (text not in front of me) that Mance was a wildling orphan who was raised by the NW so he doesn't really know Westeros at all I imagine, apart from maybe some parts of the north?

    Even if that is the case (which I highly doubt), Mance should have learned in Winterfell what Ramsay would do to his foes.

  5. I'm pretty sure the pink letter was sent by Mance, There are just too many things to just let slide. Who from the 7 kingdoms has ever called the Night's Watch 'crows'? That's just 1 small reason. If for som reason it isn't Mance, I would say it was Ramsey. But Stannis?????? No.

    Yoren was chewing sourleaf. “Told you, no one here but us. You got my word on that.”

    The knight in the spiked helm laughed. “The crow gives us his word.”
  6. Rattleshirt has been cast when Jon killed Qhorin. I don't think they will replace him.

    By the way, did anyone notice something in the fight of Styr and Jon?

    The sucker smashed Jon to the anvil and then threw him to the fire. This looks like he is "forging" Jon like a sword. And the scene ends with Jon burying the hammer to his head.

    I think this was a nod from the show implying that Jon is the Lightbringer.

    The mindblowing theory is here (a very long read but totally worth it.)

  7. Interesting - I didn't find it so. The Craster stuff last episode I found pointless and ridiculous, but the Dreadfort insert didn't bother me at all. It showed us how drastically Theon has been broken better (and more economically, time-wise) than could otherwise have been done in the show, as opposed to books.

    I do agree that the dogs were a bit ridiculous - it's not like they are immortal :) It would be much more credible if the Ironborn ran because they've been found out and were obviously far outnumbered, once the garrison was awake and aware of their presence.

    Lol. The best killers in the Iron Islands armed with axes and shields are making a night raid and killing armed Dreadfort men but they are running on their heels from Ramsay's bitches.

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