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  1. I enjoy this show so much, but not as much I watch people malding
  2. Sauron is probably aware of the fact that the elves are doomed to die if they stay. So he wanted to dominate the next best race, hence Numenor. After learning the discovery of mithril and the elvish plans to forge the rings, he will reconsider.
  3. Sothoryos, because no one comes back from Valyria.
  4. Flight ticket prices from Moscow to Istanbul are hiking real quick.
  5. Expectation: historical realism, aristocrats acting like aristocrats Reality: The O.C. with tits and dragons
  6. If these HotD writers make an adaptation of the Shining, I can already see their version of Jack Torrance. It would probably weird out even King himself.
  7. If you think I am being overly dramatic, consider this. I live in a country where the violence against women is a serious problem. We see husbands killing their wives on a daily basis and most of the time they are getting away with it. This one dropped to the news just now: a husband stabbed his wife 44 times and slit her throat in front of their 2 children.
  8. I don't have anything against Daemon being shown as the monster he is. My gripe is with the handling of this scene in the show. They portray the wife as annoying and condescending towards the husband as if "the bitch had it coming". She even thinks that the husband came to kill her, so that she acts first and she literally ends up having it coming. Even then, they give the agency to the horse instead of the husband. They let the wife be even more annoying on the ground so that the husband who was walking away would feel no guilt about "mercy-killing" the wife. Yes, the whole thing looks like it was not cold blooded murder but Daemon mercy-killed the bitch of a wife who had it coming.
  9. That is the excuse used by the show writers to exonerate/glorify a fan favourite character that murders his wife. I don't understand why people are not mad with how the writers handled this scene. This shit should cause more controversy than the entirety of GoT.
  10. By the way, Theo's escape from the orcs felt like playing Shadow of Mordor, which was awesome
  11. This was the best episode so far and it will only get better from now on.
  12. Nihilistic? Targaryens are on a holy mission to save the world
  13. So the Meteor Man leads the Harfoots out of Southlands that is soon to be Mordor. On the way, they pass through the territory of the ent-wives, learn agriculture from them and change their migratory ways for good. They permanently settle into a new land in the north, close to the ancestors of the Rohirrim.
  14. Or the writers kinda forgot about Alyssa.
  15. Getting worse. Now we are in the full soap opera territory.
  16. Agreed. Though to be fair, the source material RoP has to deal with is much more problematic than Hot D.
  17. I mean, this is wrong. The show keeps saying that the Lords of Westeros would never suffer a woman on the Iron Throne. Nevermind the fact that half of them will fight for Rhaenyra till the bitter end and then some. The same is true for the books. GRRM back in the day wrote this king list where Aegon II is counted as the king and he has no choice but to roll with it. But it doesn't make sense why the blacks won the war but still consider Aegon II as the official king. It is not like Maegor who did a lot of uncontested ruling that it is hard to ignore him.
  18. What is the casual viewer waiting for in this show?
  19. Re: 2 seasons to set up the dance There may need to be 2 seasons of material shown before the Dance starts. But no watcher would have the patience to wait for 2 seasons for the basic premise to kick in (especially with such long years between each season). That scenario would fail similar to how American Gods failed. The much hyped war between the gods was delayed and delayed and delayed until it never really happened. But the bigger problem lies with the source material. Dance is never properly narrated as a novella or a novel. It is just part of a collection of dry, often contradictory historical accounts. It does not have a beginning or an end. It does not have proper cast with definitive roles (main characters, side characters etc.) It does not have a proper, optimal dramatization. In short, it is not a “story” yet. The first task of the writers is to turn it into a narrative, starting with where to begin. Just like writing history, the historian can't start writing from the Big Bang. Only after we have a proper narrative, we can talk about what is necessary to set it up properly. Just as I expected, the script so far suffers because of this. There are awkward jumps, lots of characters whose necessity in the story is questionable (even though they are cutting many characters), some events that may turn out to be utterly redundant and so on. The basic premise is still not clear. The hook is absent (unless you count the Aegon's dream retcon as the hook). If the source material was written as a proper story, there would be a clear beginning and an end, there would be a proper hook, the timeline would be condensed, the characters would be merged and consolidated, the plot and sub plots would have no gaps etc.
  20. The time skips in this show are more like episode skips. As if there was actually another episode between this one and the previous one which we didn't see.
  21. The battle sequence was dumber than anything in GoT lol.
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