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  1. There is a subdivision of the Faceless Men mastering the secret art of dick swapping. Their inventory is located right next to the Hall of Faces.
  2. F&B is written like a wiki. D&E is a proper story. The choice is obvious.
  3. To give Dany an ice dick dream. The sorcerers of the Freehold could see across mountains, seas, and deserts with one of these glass candles. They could enter a man's dreams and give him visions, and speak to one another half a world apart, seated before their candles. ... Beneath her coverlets she tossed and turned, dreaming that Hizdahr was kissing her … but his lips were blue and bruised, and when he thrust himself inside her, his manhood was cold as ice. GRRM dropped the idea of Euron sailing to Dany with a glass candle and sending her visions on the way. But the ice dick dream remained.
  4. Bran talking through the trees and interacting with the plot is just Monty Python levels of bad writing at this point. GRRM originally had such ideas but he is moving away from them. Recently we saw an example of this process in an early version of the Brienne chapter. Originally, a murder of crows would appear at the last moment and save Brienne from hanging but GRRM dropped that and had Brienne save herself. A similar process is taking place for the glass candles. In the original drafts of AFfC Prologue, glass candles were much more prominent but GRRM cut down a lot of stuff about them and wrote to his editor that he is "losing confidence in the whole concept of glass candles".
  5. Absolutely not. Doctrine of Exceptionalism was for incest, blood magic, eating unborn children on a stick and other atrocities of similar proportion. Polygamy is taking it too far. No one in Westeros would stomach that. One has to draw the line somewhere.
  6. GRRM hasn't written that part yet. It takes an "insane" amount of knowledge to figure out the stuff before GRRM writes them.
  7. Themes are for 8th grade book reports.
  8. GRRM wrote ASoS with the intention of jumping 5 years ahead at the end. I don't think Robb's will matters.
  9. I don't think any explanation for the Others or the Long Night is fully accurate if they don't accomodate GRRM's ideas about the handling of magic in fantasy, especially the one above.
  10. Guess who else has a direwolf that can sustain his life beyond natural limits.
  11. Somewhere beyond the Wall, waiting for new instructions. If you are interested, I have a theory where he will play an important role in TWoW.
  12. Dany is literally a white savior but there is more than that. Once she is done bringing democracy to eastern barbarians, she will return home as a glorious war veteran with PTSD. No wonder she will eventually do some mass shootings back at home.
  13. Accidental marriages can happen, just like accidental pregnancies
  14. GRRM's answer to the presence of the 3 KG at ToJ is simply "I won't confirm Jon's legitimacy anywhere other than the books, even if it takes half a century for me to write it."
  15. I tried everything but ChatGPT doesn't make any predictions for TWoW. However, it considers RLJ as canon
  16. I think Stannis will sacrifice Asha in TWoW first and seeing that it works, he will be more inclined to sacrifice Shireen in the end.
  17. I agree with you. But still, there is the Hodor twist which is confirmed to happen in some fashion.
  18. Me: Who are the actual parents of Jon Snow from "A Song of Ice and Fire" series? ChatGPT: In the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, Jon Snow is believed to be the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark, but it is later revealed that his true parents are Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. According to the story, Lyanna was promised to Robert Baratheon, but Rhaegar, who was already married to Elia Martell, fell in love with Lyanna and they secretly married. Lyanna died soon after giving birth to Jon, and fearing that Robert Baratheon would kill the child as he was a Targaryen, Ned Stark claimed him as his own illegitimate son and raised him at Winterfell. This revelation has significant implications for the story and its various plotlines, especially regarding Jon's claim to the Iron Throne and his relationship with Daenerys Targaryen.
  19. Time travel. If GRRM delves into that mess, the last bit of hold he still has on the plot will be severed beyond repair.
  20. At least he knows that he is a bastard. Dany is in for a big surprise. #Lemongate
  21. These big hugs definitively prove that this person has a drop of lion's blood in his ancestry. Might be a Lannister or even a Casterly of the Rock.
  22. Someone visited the Cushing Library and checked the early drafts of AFfC before it was split, which naturally included all the POVs. In this version of Jon's story dating to early 2000s, while Stannis was still at Castle Black, Jon was secretly making plans to lead a ranging party to the Craster's in order to deal with the remaining mutineers there. Below is the page where Jon learns that Stannis knew his plans: https://imgur.com/SbMUHD5 I laughed so hard to this one. If Jon's men are informing on him to Stannis, it would be their duty. After all, a leal subject has no secrets from his rightful king. What was the thing that Gandalf told Saruman? Stannis should have been the king's jester.
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