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  1. I cordially dislike book purism in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its presence.
  2. Morfydd Clark is really good. But what a Galadriel Elizabeth Debicki would be. She alone could have raised the show several levels up.
  3. I think the meteor man could also be Saruman. He came first after all.
  4. Agreed. Though, I wonder how the Annatar story will work if Sauron is Halbrand. He should help Celembrimbor make the rings of power at some point. Perhaps that is the stuff of next season.
  5. This also made me realize how much I want to play a Shadow of Mordor type game set in First&Second Ages.
  6. This was excellent. Much better than HotD could ever be. Looking forward to the next episode. Can't say the same thing for HotD.
  7. Wait, are they going to go "the seed is strong" on us again?
  8. They should wrap it up in 2 seasons but it seems like they want to stretch it. Perhaps they want to display more of their dialogue writing skills
  9. I don't think there will or should be a third season.
  10. Uthor Underleaf was paid to kill Dunk in the joust. But still, it was meant to appear as a jousting accident, not a deliberate strike to the head instead of the shield.
  11. I mean, anyone who read the Hedge Knight should instantly realize the wanton butchery of the whole idea about tourneys in this episode. And this show is praised as having GRRM-approved faith to the source material.
  12. Absolutely not. Sucker punches are definitely not chivalrous. Dirty moves like Daemon did to unhorse the Hightower should get him an instant disqualification.
  13. Whitewashing of Cersei vs. whitewashing of Alicent. GoT is truly back
  14. Jaehaerys II should have never existed in the book canon in the first place. There is nothing about him that can't easily be attributed to Egg or his sons. Jaehaerys II becomes a grandfather at the age of 34. Rhaella gives birth to Rhaegar at a very young age (14 at max, most probably younger than that – as young as 12 for the conception). GRRM did not have to stretch and squeeze the family tree so much if he thought about the simple solution of deleting Jaehaerys II (and his sister-wife Shaera of course). In this case, Aerys II and Rhaella would replace Jaehaerys II and Shaera as children of Aegon IV. GRRM only had to make them 6-12 years older and everything would be fine with respect to ages. This would necessitate another interesting switch. In the current version, Jaehaerys and Shaera were betrothed to a Tully and a Tyrell but they were in love and broke those betrothals by a secret wedding and bedding. In the modified version, since there was no love lost between Aerys and Rhaella, it would fall on Egg to break those agreements and wed his youngest children, all because of the Ghost of High Heart’s prophecy. This would add more color to Egg’s character and certainly alienate him to his wife who was not a fan of Targaryen incest.
  15. Retcons are not necessarily bad. But when they are, as it seems like the route GRRM is going for the motivation behind Aegon's conquest, they really ruin everything. There only few things that can be worse than bad retcons.
  16. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/asoiaf/viewtopic.php?p=23715#p23715 This is the earliest bit I could find, which GRRM might have read back in the day and referred to it as the fan speculation about Aegon's motive in conquering Westeros.
  17. I think yes because there are plans for a D&E adaptation which GRRM will want to stay ahead of material-wise.
  18. King Bran’s reign proceeds as bad as one can expect. Lots of disgruntled subjects. After a while, people realize that the seasons have not returned to normal. King Bran doesn’t know the reason why. More disgruntled subjects. Perhaps King Bran doesn’t have the best story after all. Eventually, it is found out or at least theorized that something must be done at the Heart of Winter to restore the balance to the seasons. However, no one can travel there before freezing to death. It doesn’t take a genius to suggest that Drogon can be used for that purpose. But the problem is, no one knows where Drogon is or whether he is still alive. Even if Drogon is to be found, there aren’t many people dumb enough to try mounting him. Enter Jon. Call to Adventure. Adventure stinks. Along the way, we get to the bottom of what really happened in the ancient past to throw seasons out of balance and how to restore it. It turns out magic should be wiped out. Who would have thought!.. Jon eventually finds the trace of Drogon and travels to Asshai to claim him. He reunites with Arya there and learns that she has circumvented the world. Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Finally they locate Drogon in a cave. When they approach him, they come across undead Dany beside the dragon. Arya still has the Valyrian Steel dagger...
  19. ctrl+f > "bad precedent" As expected
  20. Ah, Michael Worobey. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/covid-origins-wuhan-china-market-b1960474.html Around that time period, I remember news like the one above all over certain media outlets. But when you go and check Worobey's article they quoted, you will see something curious. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abm4454 At least he did not hide it, unlike Peter Dazsak.
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