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  1. Nothing. While LSH is away, Brienne and Jaime will rescue Pod and they will all get the hell away before anyone notices. After that, Jaime will return to King's Landing while Brienne and Pod go to Quiet Isle.
  2. The Deathless Mother gave me the vibes of the mother of the Crones from the Witcher 3; the one you might kill or free in the Whispering Hillock quest (aka She-Who-Knows).
  3. one could, provided that there wasn't a 75-years ban on the ingredients and the phase trial details of the vaccines.
  4. Here you go This is the only source you need to get the latest reliable data&science on covid.
  5. WoT is a pretentious, juvenile crap that didn't age well. Glad I read only the first book and dropped the series back in 2003 for being a cheap LotR imitation. The Witcher's source material (that I didn't and won't read) is relatively better but still I find the book purism insufferable.
  6. Fan service. I blame the mess in AFfC/ADwD to GRRM's interactions with the fans and the encouragement he got from them about Martells, Greyjoys, Brienne, Meereen etc. If he does the same thing for TWoW, the series will be ruined beyond repair.
  7. Better than season 1. Crawling in the sewers of Oxenfurt is enough to get my 10. Still the pace could have been a little bit faster.
  8. Lol, GRRM is immune to editing. That much is made clear from the margin notes from the ADwD manuscript.
  9. Something that will be spoiled in a show which won't be accepted by the disappointed portion of the fandom.
  10. Lol no. This is just wishful thinking which is not based on any fact. If he ever had publishable amounts of finished MS pages, he would instantly publish it.
  11. POV for the Battle on Ice (Asha I) The end of the Battle on Ice will be revealed as flashback in the second Asha chapter. Until then, Stannis will be assumed dead by the reader per the Pink Letter. In that flashback, the readers will learn that Stannis and his surviving fighters came to an agreement with the Manderlys and since then they have been hiding at Wolf's Den, overseeing their preparations for war. At this point, we will be 20% into the TWoW. Stannis and Asha will be hiding at Wolf's Den from 20% to 70% of TWoW until Stannis makes his surprise apperance. In between, GRRM will be setting up the conflict between Ramsay and Jon, which will climax in what you can call "The Battle of the Bastards" around 70% into TWoW. This so-called Battle of the Bastards will be fought along the banks of Long Lake, which is why I call it the Battle at Long Lake 2.0. Ramsay will be finally ready to march from Winterfell towards Castle Black to deal with Jon. Having learned that, Jon will gather whatever ragtag host of fighters he can find and set up an ambush near Long Lake. Stannis too will learn that Ramsay is on the move. Therefore, he will make plans to catch Ramsay in the rear. But another cruel winter storm will hit them all hard. Finally, Stannis will decide to sacrifice Asha in order to turn the weather before it is too late for him to join the battle in time. After the sacrifie of Asha, the weather will turn dramatically and the streams will swell by melting snows. Stannis will hastily lead the Manderly fighters on boats upstream through the swollen White Knife and he will manage to join the battle with a surprise cavalry charge just in time to save Jon once again. The actual fighting of the Battle on Ice will be told from Jon's POV in a single chapter like the following: POV for the Battle at Long Lake (Jon) After the Bolton host is mostly destroyed along the banks of Long Lake, the weak garrison at Winterfell will not be able to offer any resistance. The liberation of Winterfell will take off-screen and I don't expect any fighting in that process. Therefore, there will be no "Battle of Winterfell" to liberate it. Stannis will probably offer the remaining garrison to take the black and they will agree. Above you can also see that I let Ramsay get away from the Battle on Ice. But not long after the chapter above, scouts will report that they found some human remains, which look like they belong to Ramsay and his followers that were savagely butchered by a giant pack of wolves. At that point, readers will know that Nymeria and her pack did the job.
  12. Well, I think the problem is that GRRM lost the control of the story. There is a small window for him to fix the most cancerous problems with TWoW. But every passing day I have lesser and lesser faith in him for doing that. At this point, TWoW will probably won't fix any problem but make everything worse. Then, instead of wasting time and effort for TWoW, I would replan the whole saga with a focus and rewrite the existing books without the filler or plot contrivances. And I would publish all the books at once after finishing the whole story, which would probably take around 3-5 books.
  13. Very poorly. But that is not a problem because their numbers will already be reduced by a large proportion on the way to Westeros. Dany will bring only a token of them, enough to be dubbed as bringing savages from Essos. But Dany's main power in the upcoming Dance against fAegon will be Westerosi armies and her dragons.
  14. When the Hedge Knight was written, fAegon did not exist. I find it hilarious that the Ashford theory refuses to die even after so much evidence against it.
  15. Pink Letter was written by Ramsay. If anything does not add with that up, blame it on the fact that ADwD was released a good year or two before it was actually finished.
  16. I think it is pretty essential for the ending that Dany should get caught up in some savior hype. That will start with the Dothraki in TWoW and then the Red Temple of Volantis will take over. By the time she comes to Westeros, she will fully embrace this narrative. It will serve as the major justification for her campaign in the conquest of Westeros.
  17. Surely Aemon's delirious ramblings in his deathbed will reach Dany via Marwyn and she will readily accept that she is the prince that was promised.
  18. If you want Robert's Rebellion, the show should be about Tywin's life. I am serious. This show starts with the end of D&E and ends with Robert's Rebellion. The focus is on Tywin and his pal Aerys. There is enough room to expand in such a show.
  19. First Reich (1–48): Starts with the coronation of Aegon I and ends with the death of Maegor. Second Reich (48–161): Starts with the legal and religious reforms of Jaehaerys I and ends with the death of Daeron I. Third Reich (161–283): Starts with Baelor’s peace and ends with the death of Aerys II. Targaryen rule can be divided by the most significant regime changes (or revolutions if you like) like this. Blackfyre Rebellion is a reaction to a major regime change. The military wing which benefited from the Dornish wars; the regions that are traditionally antagonistic to Dorne; and the opportunists tried to reclaim the government with this rebellion. This is both politically and story-wise more significant than Robert’s Rebellion or the Dance of Dragons (which was a simple Targaryen civil war based on a mere succession crisis).
  20. What you propose is something like Supernatural. For example, Third Blackfyre Rebellion will be the big conflict of a season that will be resolved in the season finale. But we will have many "trial by combat of the week" type episodes throughout the season. I am not sure this formula would work with D&E. I disagree about the repetition. Blackfyre Rebellion is a unique conflict. It is not a Dance of Dragons. It is not the Conquest. It is not Robert's Rebellion and it is not the War of the Five Kings. Had GRRM kept it contained to the lifetime of a single Daemon Blackfyre as mentioned upthread, it would have offered the best story potential among these conflicts. But killing Daemon at the beginning and drawing out the conflict through his unremarkable descendants kind of killed the potential. Now there is the chance to fix this.
  21. D&E started before the Blackfyre backstory existed. After the introduction of the Blackfyre backstory, D&E became increasingly intermingled with it. Now it seems highly implausible to think of a D&E story without some reference to the Blackfyre threat which will persist until after Egg's death. If you want to strictly follow the source material, all the later Blackfyre rebellions should be featured in the D&E show. But that brings a lot of problems. First of all, the first Blackfyre Rebellion would be out of the scope of this adaptation. That would require at least a full feature movie about the First Blackfyre Rebellion before this show starts. Second, introducing the later Blackfyre pretenders would cause loss of interest among the watchers, just like Ragnar's sons could not carry the show after Ragnar's death.
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