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  1. What the show means for the books is that some fans need to start a new Daenerys Re-read Project but this time get it right
  2.   Thursday means Thor's Day in reference to Thor. Its German is exactly the same. Donner comes from Donar, Germanic name of Thor.
  3. There is a Lord of Winterfell called Donnor Stark. I think George thought of German "Donnerstag" (Thursday) while coming up with that name.
  4.   Lady Dustin is not a Dustin by birth :S
  5. Nothing like rereading old Dany-hate threads :P

  6. How about Mel's visions of Bolton banners burning and her roaming in the crypts of Winterfell? The thing about Mel in the books is that her visions are true but her interpretations suck.
  7. The plans for the "assassination" of Jon started long before the Pink Letter in the books. What they tried to do was murder in the books as well.
  8. In George's original draft, he planned to have Dany murder her husband because he would murder her brother and not be committed to the invasion of Westeros. George changed this into what we have today: Dany comes to the point of suicide due to the abuse and rape from Drogo but she has a dream about dragons and suddenly, she is strong! The original plan was much better. I never see any feminist criticism about this stupid turn of events in the books.
  9. Except it is all but confirmed that Rickon will be the first Stark to return to Winterfell (at least physically :)). He will be Stannis' public figure to bind the North to his cause. George promised us that Stannis is one of the lies Dany is supposed to slay; so, he should empower Stannis enough so that he could be a challenge to Dany when she comes. The only way to do that is to give him the North and that Manderly Fleet in the making.
  10. Although I believe the Others are the ultimate bad guys, I think there might be a few good Others who do not want to kill people and turn them. George is the writer of Fevre Dream and that was exactly the case for the vampires there. A good vampire and his followers were trying to find a cure that would release them from being addicted to human blood.
  11. What exactly Mel offers to Stannis by burning Shireen? What will that accomplish?
  12. But apparently, no one has the balls to bash George for that.
  13. They probably learned that the Boltons married Sansa and anticipated that some Northern Lords are going to join them. Meanwhile, the winter must be hitting hard on them. I think that is making the way for Stannis to send Davos to bring some Northern Lords to his side. In his absence, Mel will try to burn Shireen. Stannis will not yield until the news from Davos arrives. Meanwhile, Davos will discover that Rickon is alive and well with the Umbers. But before that, the news of his false death might be spread. etc.
  14. There is always the danger that the old Lady is part of Ramsay's torture games, as he did with Theon.
  15. I don't agree. Becoming no one is to stipping off old identity completely. Arya is not ready to do that because she still has lots of Arya in her. But she has learned a bit of lying and acting. So, she is ready to be someone else, meaning that she can pretend to be someone else. That refers to the Cat of the Canals in the books. She didnot change her face but assumed a false identity and roamed the streets and docks, selling stuff and spying on secrets.
  16. Hmm yeah. But even Arya herself thought that she should stop that stupid lip bitting habit of hers :) In AFfC, the KM was trying to catch her unawares while hitting her with his stick and faking a different voice.
  17. Well, they were not good in the books either. They looked more like Fox Force Five than George's usual characters in the books. The show is more faithful to the book!Sandsnakes than people think.
  18. How do you think LF will explain the presence of Sansa in Winterfell to the Vale Lords? More lies. Perhaps he will claim that Sansa was kidnapped by Brienne and taken to Winterfell.
  19. Yes. Arya was never beaten for her misbehaving because she realized that the FM raise their hands only for killing. When the KM beat her while she was blind, it was meant to improve her senses. One can argue that Jaqen's beating upon her lies can be more or less the same thing but it looked more like Arya was being punished, not trained.
  20. The trial didnot start yet. After the meeting, the HS said that he has enough evidences to start a trial. Loras should demand trial by combat as soon as the trial starts. Or we will have another plot hole.
  21. Tyrion and Jorah were far from broken. Jaime also has nothing to fear.
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