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  1. I don't agree. Becoming no one is to stipping off old identity completely. Arya is not ready to do that because she still has lots of Arya in her. But she has learned a bit of lying and acting. So, she is ready to be someone else, meaning that she can pretend to be someone else. That refers to the Cat of the Canals in the books. She didnot change her face but assumed a false identity and roamed the streets and docks, selling stuff and spying on secrets.
  2. Hmm yeah. But even Arya herself thought that she should stop that stupid lip bitting habit of hers :) In AFfC, the KM was trying to catch her unawares while hitting her with his stick and faking a different voice.
  3. Well, they were not good in the books either. They looked more like Fox Force Five than George's usual characters in the books. The show is more faithful to the book!Sandsnakes than people think.
  4. How do you think LF will explain the presence of Sansa in Winterfell to the Vale Lords? More lies. Perhaps he will claim that Sansa was kidnapped by Brienne and taken to Winterfell.
  5. Yes. Arya was never beaten for her misbehaving because she realized that the FM raise their hands only for killing. When the KM beat her while she was blind, it was meant to improve her senses. One can argue that Jaqen's beating upon her lies can be more or less the same thing but it looked more like Arya was being punished, not trained.
  6. The trial didnot start yet. After the meeting, the HS said that he has enough evidences to start a trial. Loras should demand trial by combat as soon as the trial starts. Or we will have another plot hole.
  7. Tyrion and Jorah were far from broken. Jaime also has nothing to fear.
  8. At the final scene of the Episode, it appears that Sansa is Bowed, Bent, Broken. But the title of the Episode is Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Was Sansa showing false suffering at the scene? Because she must have understood that her suffering is what Ramsay the Psycho wants from Myranda's words and since she now knows what Ramsay wants, she will find a way to move him (like manipulating him into killing Walda, maybe even Roose too) and she might be still Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken in the inside.
  9. Loras should demand trial by combat immediately. Even the show!Loras is built up to be a good fighter. He should not have much trouble in slaying Olyvar in a duel.
  10. “Your Wall is a queer place, but there is power here, if you will use it. Power in you, and in this beast. You resist it, and that is your mistake. Embrace it. Use it.” I am not a wolf, he thought. “And how would I do that?” “I can show you.” Melisandre draped one slender arm over Ghost, and the direwolf licked her face. “The Lord of Light in his wisdom made us male and female, two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there is power. Power to make life. Power to make light. Power to cast shadows.”
  11. Barry and Aemon die in the next episode. BTW, anyone else thinks that Jon will tell Stannis to have a detour at the mountain clans to recruit them and free Deepwood Motte? In that, he will also tell Stannis to leave Mel behind just like in the books.
  12. Do we know anything about how former slave prostitutes are living after they were freed?
  13. Shireen was afflicted with greyscale by the doll pressed on her face. Craster Jr. was Otherized by a cold finger pressed on his face. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  14. Show-Sansa might be convinced to believe that Stannis slew Renly with sorcery as Brienne claimed. Theon OTOH will have little reason to get caught by Stannis. So, perhaps they might try to flee to Braavos. Or they might try to reach Wall and be require guest right from Jon (but in that case, they will surely find the Wall in turmoil after Jon's assassination which might still lead to an escape to Braavos).
  15. Davos will be our next POV at Winterfell as the regent of Rickon after the Boltons are wiped out. No room for Sansa. And as Jon suspected, giants will camp in the ruins of Winterfell, although they will be friendly to Rickon. Mance gave her a fond smile. “It’s a wise woman I’ve found. A true queen.” He turned back to Jon. “Go back and tell them to open their gate and let us pass. If they do, I will give them the horn, and the Wall will stand until the end of days.” Open the gate and let them pass. Easy to say, but what must follow? Giants camping in the ruins of Winterfell? Cannibals in the wolfswood, chariots sweeping across the barrowlands, free folk stealing the daughters of shipwrights and silversmiths from White Harbor and fishwives off the Stony Shore? Note that we already had the cannibals in the wolfswood but they were at Stannis army. The giants will also be used in repairing Winterfell just as Brandon the Builder used them in raising Winterfell.
  16. I would not expect much consistency from the show especially in regards to Sansa. Because when you think about it, for D&D, it looks like Sansa's original story is inferior to that of Jeyne Poole, who is in fact a side character in Jon's story. In George's original draft, Arya and Cat were supposed to come to the Wall and prove difficulty for Jon about his vows. In the story published, Jeyne Poole as fArya did that.
  17. Let us talk again If she still stays in the North after this season ;)
  18. The High Sparrow in the books is an amoral power player. He takes pleasure from whipping himself for his sins. The only person who did a similar thing was Septon Utt, who was a Bloody Mummer, who asked to be whipped after raping and killing boys. So, no. I see no reason to take this person as Howland.
  19. Aging the characters up =/= pushing a character a generation back compared to the others.
  20. High Sparrow seems old enough to be Ned's father.
  21. It looks like the Boltons will not stand against Stannis in the show. So, LF must prevent Stannis taking the North because after the North, his next target will be the Vale. Stannis has no reason to ally with LF and many reasons to burn him alive. So, LF is giving the Boltons what they need to stand against Stannis. He is using the Boltons to get rid of Stannis. If they defeat Stannis, LF will no doubt find a way to ditch the Boltons too.
  22. We didnot have "fetch me the block" but we still have the nod.
  23. For the record; There are seven gods at the Hall of the Black Pool. 1. Lion of Night sitting in a throne (easy to identify) 2. Next to him is the Black Goat of Qohor (even easier to identify - Hello Baphomet, long time no see) 3. At the other side of the Lion of Night, we have the Weeping Lady of Lys with water trickling down her eyes (the man who drank from the black pool died at her feet). Ellaria in the books worships this goddess. 4. The fiery heart of the Red God is also obvious. 5. The stone face is supposed to be a weirwood face. 6. The standing hooded figure who turned his/her back is the Stranger (note that it is supposed to be gender indeterminate) 7. And finally, the misshapen, grotesque thing at the other side of the Stranger is the Drowned God. This was the only surprise for me.
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