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  1. It's a complete moron's understanding of Cannae. What else could it be?
  2. Wishful thinking. Garbage is the only thing you can ever hope to sell to such a large audience.
  3. Totally a coincidence though, people are clearly rating those on the strength of the writing.
  4. Cute attempt at being clever. So, as expected, you have nothing to say?
  5. They never have an actual opinion on the show though. Every single week it's the same thing. Show critics criticize the show, show lovers insult the critics. The R+R thread is 50 pages of lengthy arguments, the positive thread is two pages of squeals of joy.
  6. What makes this episode better? You think senseless battle scenes are automatically worthy of high praise, you're pretty much making the critic's point for them.
  7. Personally I'd still watch it if it wasn't an adaptation of a good story. I'm a fucking nerd, I'll watch anything with Dragons or Zombies in it. I've seen every episode of TWD. Scratch that, I've seen every episode of Falling Skies. Scratch that, I've seen the Dungeons & Dragons movies. The difference is, if it wasn't an adaptation of a much better story it wouldn't be worth analyzing or talking about.
  8. Well... HBO definitely know their target audience. No surprise there. Let's talk about the visuals then, since that's the sum total of what the average GoT fan's brain can parse. The dragon CGI and Jon's Chroma Key battle incrustation were so bad they hurt my eyes.
  9. No, in the show too. Not that consistency is a reasonable expectation at this point.
  10. they actually keep insisting that she's free to leave
  11. Utter garbage. No wonder you people liked it. RAWR CLEGANE and LAWL EUNUCH JOKES and the waif is not only spiteful and emotional she can't even murder for shit, true FM style all the way, let's make Asha a lesbian since she's so badass she's bascally a dude, those feminist bitches can't criticize us this season bro, hey let's have sansa lick LF's balls to get the army that would follow her in a heartbeat if she'd just hanged him with his own bowels last episode, who gives a shit if nothing makes any sense, we have a hard on for every character that is an absolute piece of shit because they remind us of our favorite people, har har they have like 62 men that's liek too funny bro lolololol let's have the Glovers piss on Ned Stark and our invented bro houses be faithful because why the fuck not, hey guys so what do we put on Marge's message, hell fuck it my head hurts we've written enough cock jokes for today let it just be a drawing that's totally the way you'd warn your family of imminent danger, k it's a wrap who wants a line?
  12. wow... you think you've seen the worst of this board and somehow it still manages to surprise you.
  13. 7/10 Some cringeworthy bits of dialogue and characterisation but this was the first time in like 30 episodes that nothing egregiously retarded happened, which goes far beyond my expectations at this point. Just for that, I can't even remember the last time I rated an episode that high, and it was still boring and full of clich├ęs.
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