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  1. I gave it 3. For production values, and a bit of the Jorah-Tyrion and Arya scenes. Not that they make a whole lot of sense as a whole.
  2. What, are you PR department for HBO? You're regurgitating all the justifications they told us long ago. Which in face of the poor continuity, plothole issues, and cartoonish show characters, doesn't sound convincing. Why? Because you say so? Ever since i started watching, i though GoT prided itself in being an intelligent drama, suited to compete against the best TV (LOTR meets The Godfather, remember?). Now the show caters only to the lowest common denominator, some of whose examples are clearly in these boards.
  3. Bandwagon fallacy. People like ummester and Lady Lyanna would give them 1 each. D&D themselves, perhaps 2, by the looks of it. That tells us nothing.
  4. 1) You can all be like "the last 2 books suck" all you want, that doesn't make it true. The fact is, some of you seem to have a hard time comprehending simple forum posts, so i think you might enjoy yourselves more by limiting your reading material to Cosmo, Esquire and the like. 2) All we need to do to discern that D&D view the viewers as morons is to point out things like having Sansa light a Bat Signal to Brienne. It's like, they draw their "original", "bold" ideas from an Elementary School class.
  5. Jesus, it's clear that i meant derailing in the "Rant and Rave" threads, not here. You're being dense on purpose, which is your specialty, apparently. Good night!
  6. Once again, you seem to keep missing that my latter comments are meant to be general, not only directed at you, even though i'm parodying you a bit. :lol: Anyway, i'm done addressing you for the time being, because we're going in circles. Same thing to you ummester: we've had the same discussions in the Rant & Rave threads, where you kept coming and coming and derailing repeatedly.
  7. Whenever someone points out a flaw in the show they are told "you kiss GRRM's ass 24/7". That is rich coming from people who do nothing but kiss D&D's asses. All I am saying is that the show lacks logic, coherence, substance, subtlety, respect for the viewer's intelligence, etc. You can call it streamlining or the inevitabilities of adaptation if you like, but the reality is that all they are doing is inventing characters and dumbed-down, idiotic fan fiction. That is not difficult to do, nor is it interesting to watch.
  8. Not only this, but the arguments they come up with to defend the show and attack the books, if not outright trollish or infantile ("you're a nerd", "butthurt purist", "reading sucks"), sound like amateurish logic contortionism or OTOH, the kind of explanations that kids improvised in school when the teacher inquired them and they hadn't studied one bit. Lovely Lyanna's rant is a perfect example of the latter, i think.
  9. Anyway, eventually i'll stop raging on the show in this thread, because D&D fanboyism annoys me (and i say this as someone who kept promoting the show to friends up to this season's debut) but it won't be because you order me to.
  10. "You're pathetic" is not exactly the same as "that behavior you displayed is pathetic": :rolleyes: I guess "reading comprehension" isn't really your forte. Not surprising at all.
  11. More drivel. Sorry. What you're saying here doesn't make any sense. Perhaps mixing up "world building" with lists of genealogy Bible style? WTH? Faster and immediate? Sure. Where did they leave coherent and logical? In season 2? :lol: Sure, it's quite the effort to produce a show this size, compared to only writing. Perhaps they should delegate one or the other, because the quality of the product has nosedived. It surely looks like they're worn out and want to rush things so they can move on to less tiring endeavors.
  12. Please define "attack", Mr. Show Shill; i may be wrong, but i reckon it has something to do with name-calling, something StepStark hasn't done, unlike you. Sorry, but you lot seem to get the wrong idea. The one thread where we can't touch you is the "Positive Nitpicking thread", the one where you can't touch us (as it happens, some shills are so immature that they do go anyway to bust our balls) is "Rant and Rave". This is a discussion thread. If you think we're wrong, by all means address our points and stop whining for our presence.
  13. We can complain wherever we want as long as we abide the rules of the forum. This is a discussion thread. If you want to discuss to counter our whines, by all means do it. What does all that drivel even means? Whatever the case lady, stop speaking for all of us with your "he invents more and more characters that no one cares about". Geeze, show shills are seriously full of themselves.
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