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  1. Still enjoying Andor but even though it's very good it got bumped so that I could watch the lastest episode of The Traitors. It is compulsive viewing. Reality TV hasn't been this good since the very first season of Big Brother all those years ago. I don't think I've seen so many people cry in such a short space of time. Who knew that people would get so angry and emotional about being called a liar?
  2. Absolutely. I found the first couple of episodes fine, but not amazing (as in not 'hilarious'). Then somehow the ones after that were really funny to me. We are five eps into Andor now. Enjoying it but why does everyone have really obvious stripey blusher though? I find it super distracting. Is it intentional?
  3. I'm getting there. About three eps into S11. I checked on where I got up to with the comics too. I've read 13 of the 16 books. I'd like to get the last three books, then re-read the whole thing. After that, I'm thinking of selling all the books. Any time I look on Amazon you can't get one of the books for less than about £23. I want to be able to compare what happened in the comics and the show now they're both completed. I'll finish watching the show and see how I feel about coughing up £75 to learn how the comic ended.
  4. Is anyone else in the UK watching Traitors? I suggested we stick it on and if it was terrible turn it off after five minutes but in fact it is horribly addictive viewing. It's a weird mash up of Big Brother, The Mole, some other show which I thought of during a bout of insomnia but can't remember now, The Weakest Link. The Welsh grandmother is giving HUGE Hot Fuzz vibes and I am absolutely loving it. I hope that they might mix up the voting (banishment) system as it goes on so that people sometimes vote in secret. When you get a group of people to discuss who should be evicted all that happens is that group think/herd mentality thing, where the loudest voices rush in first and steer the rest of the group, the crowd just follows along with the loudest person. I understand that doing it this way leads to drama, shame, aggression, finger-pointing and is good for creating conflict that drives the group dynamic, but it will inevitably lead to the loudest people controlling things. I am totally sucked in anyway.
  5. Season 3 is getting dropped on BBC iplayer Sunday 18th December. As a boxset. Fine, I guess we'll watch Andor in the meantime.
  6. Ooh, it's a box set? Hang on, I thought it was getting released on a Monday? I even put a note on my phone calendar about it. *checks calendar* Yes, here it is, Monday 5th. What up? It was being timed to start right after The Peripheral finishes this Friday. DANG IT. We finished 1899 which was pretty much what I was expecting, as in 'little bit like Dark but not anywhere near as good'. At least it was only eight episodes. Then we watched S3 of Deadwind, the Finnish detective drama where the lead goes around doing idiotic things in the name of investigating crimes, with her stupid long hair flapping around all the time. Again, luckily it was only eight episodes. I have been trying to finish up TWD, which I stalled on in S10. The problem was that I couldn't remember where I stopped. Cue me having to watch six bloody episodes with this vague sense of deja vu, only realising at ep 18 that I'd already seen that one. URGH. It's painful. But I have completed it now and feel compelled to zip through S11 as that is the final one. I have to say that the final ep of S10, which is a Negan retrospective, was quite good. Like, why did they keep on giving us dross and filler bullshit so much of the time when they could actually do good epsiodes? So frustrating.
  7. Isis


    We are three episodes in. Trying to avoid being spoiled. I enjoy not being spoon-fed but I hope it makes some kind of sense by the end.
  8. Went to see The Menu last night (love having a decent 10 screen cinema five minutes walk from my house) and I thought it was hilarious. For those of us who lean into the whole tasting notes scene it makes you feel a little bit ?complicit? As a certified beer judge who laps up every episode of Chef's Table I know there is a fine line between being a massive nerd about something you love, which others see as just food or just beer and being a pretentious, insufferable arse who bores people to death in a patronising way. I know quite a few of the former but I know at least twice as many of the latter (we all know they're the loudest). This films hits all the cliches and caricatures we expect to see and in some ways (for a horribly shocking film) it is a bit obvious at times. But I loved it. Love Ralph Fiennes (perpetually), and Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult are good as well. Sometimes things can be satisfying even when they aren't terribly clever, just well done. I can only assume that they must have approached the producers of Chef's Table before they made this because it's far too heavily referenced directly and indirectly for them to just casually utilise the show.
  9. I read that there are two more episodes to go. I guess there has to be a second season then as this is not enough time to conclude the storyline at the current rate - Lowbeer having only just been introduced in ep 6. Burton and his pals were bonded by their tech as much as their shared experiences. Love this show. "Is that salt water?" If it finishes in two weeks it'll just overlap with the return of His Dark Materials. <3 Started watching 1899 yesterday, we are two eps in. Pretty much on par with what I was expecting/hoping it would be.
  10. Will probably start this tonight. I accidentally saw a Guardian review yesterday that gave it 2/5 stars (surprisingly it was not by that buffoon who called Bear McCreary a hack). I think they said it was slow. Anyway, I will see for myself. I know it's not the right thread but I listened to a nice little podcast called Case 63 this week. It features Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaacs (it's basically just the two of them) in a scifi drama where a patient seen by a therapist claims to be from the future. The best thing about it is that it's really short. Each of the ten episodes is only 10-15 minutes long. It's free on Spotify.
  11. It's great that you can get formulations with just one active ingredient in them these days. Skincare is such a huge empire that you can pretty much get whatever thing you want or need if you look in the right place. My skin does feel a tiny bit drier than it did before I started this. It's not showing any visible signs of reacting badly but it just feels a bit tighter. Saying that, I started using the Niacinamide AND the Retinol at once, which were both new for my skin so perhaps it is low key annoyed about that. I'll persevere with this and hope my skin adjusts, drink plenty of water and stick some nice face oil on before bed every night. I recently got a really nice Gua Sha tool so that's my latest piece of faddy nonsense and I use that to massage my face oil in. I've used acids on my face for quite a while now and my skin gets on fine with it. I like the Drunk Elephant glycolic night serum, but I only put it on once a week so I can't honestly say it is doing anything special. There is a place for both acids and retinol I think (but not on the same day).
  12. The Peripheral is fantastic. Episode five was gripping. In my case, slightly spoiled by my cats yowling to be fed/trying to get fed again. It's got quite a strong Westworld vibe to it but it's just better? I really enjoy the aesthetics of it and that's a big Gibson thing, as he spends a lot of time describing clothing and the way his characters dress,so it's very apt. I don't know how many episodes are left but I almost don't want to know because it'll be sad when it's over.
  13. I managed to watched 15 ?16 episodes of Manifest, i.e. the entire first season. Honestly, how do shows like this get four seasons? The acting is average to poor. I definitely need to put this behind me and not watch S2. We watched a couple of eps of Cabinet of Curiosities last night and I don't think I am going to bother watching any more of them. I just didn't get any enjoyment out of watching them. So far I've seen the first episode (occult story), the one with the rats (urgh, this was just so grubby and claustrophic) and the autopsy (bodies getting sliced open with scalpels? No thanks). Back in the early 2000s I pretty much stopped watching newly released horror films because they were either torture porn or pure jump scares. Horror is such a massive field - these are two aspects of it that I do not enjoy at all, so I don't watch those types of horror films any more. If Cabinet of Curiosities is going to be more on the body horror end of things then I won't watch any more of it. Plus, it's very 1980's Twilight Zone? I was expecting something more from it, to be honest. In a completely different direction, I watched a couple of episodes of Dead to Me, not normally my cup of tea as it's a bit up its own arse. It's held my interest for two episodes anyway. Time will tell if I pick it up again. Nearly forgot - I saw The School for Good and Evil, which I loved. I spent the entire film being entranced by Charlize Theron's incredible 1980's frosted make up. Lots of wacky make up and costumes in this film, if you're into that type of thing. thought it was a harmless, entertaining, modern take on fairy tales, with some decent performances and a few genuinely funny moments. Recommended if you want something light to cheer you up.
  14. Definitely better to let someone else (a professional!) do it for you. I don't really have the spare cash to get more than one facial per quarter done, but the place I go to now I really like the results, it actually feels/looks like my skin is better after. I was reading something yesterday about 'gritting' to get rid of blackheads. Something about sandwiching different products together, e.g. clean with an oil cleanser, apply an acid (BHA) leave it on for 20 minutes, then clean off with more oil. It's meant to help dissolve 'bad oil/dirt' etc. While I'm off work for another few weeks I am going to switch up my skincare routine to fully embrace the ABCSPF thing. This translates to using retinol (A) at night and vitamin C and SPF in the morning. I guess you use niacinamide (B) morning and night if you want. Currently I only use a gentle retinol oil once or twice a week...I'll be switching to a cream twice a week. Watch this space and see if my face falls off I guess.
  15. Accidentally half-watched five or six episodes of Manifest today because I didn't get why there was this buzz around a show on Netflix, yet only the fourth season is available in the UK. Now I just want to know what happens. It's hard to care that much for any of the characters and the performances are far from stellar. It's like a poor man's Lost. Has anyone else watched this? Something I saw today that was cool, was Luke Evans singing on Strictly this weekend - I don't watch the show, someone mentioned it so I watched that section on youtube. I knew that he could sing I guess but I didn't realise that he actually did it seriously...Might need to watch that live action Beauty and the Beast now.
  16. I feel like since we got The Matrix, we were never going to get a Neuromancer in its own right. I would say that the book/trilogy which The Peripheral is based on is equally as set piece/cinematic as Neuromancer/that trilogy. It's very visual, easy to imagine it happening on a screen. Just watched Enola Holmes 2 - I loved it. It's so wholesome! Just very satisfying from start to finish.
  17. I actually found this is 'fastest' ep yet*; I felt completely engaged and unaware of the time (very rare for me these days!). T'Nia Miller is a highlight for me in the show. Her costumes are amazing and I just find her face just very pleasant to look at, plus her character is super sinister. I love it. I had high expectations for the show and so far I have yet to be disappointed. I saw someone mention on Twitter this morning that William Gibson does not write in a cinematic way (paraphrase). That's a ridiculous claim. *this could just be me though as I had major surgery almost two weeks ago and I wasn't very comfortable physically watching the first few eps.
  18. Watched The Curse of Bridge Hollow yesterday. It was pretty weak in most departments. The two main protagonists were fine, but other than that it was just disappointing. Cannot recommend. Why is the mother is so clueless about everything? Urgh.
  19. I found it to be...'darkly humourous' I guess. Not so much that it made me laugh, but that it made me sigh with a cynical recognition. It was a bit obvious, a bit two-dimensional, a bit pantomimey? I went in with zero expectations and it kept me entertained for a couple of hours. Also Cate Blanchett. <3 Ironically, I decided to finally watch Enola Holmes the other day - ironic because I didn't know until after watching that there is a sequel out this Friday and also because it was sad to look at Henry Cavill's face on the day we found out about him not being in The Witcher any more. The film reminded me a little of Lemony Snickett, because of the precocious all-talented get out of anything breaking-the-fourth wall protagnonist. I'm glad there is a sequel because I have a place in my heart for charming little adventure films. Yesterday we watched The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, which I had initially thought was i) a film and ii) going to be a flat out spoof which would be impossible to tolerate. So I thought I would stick it on for five minutes and see how it was, but unexpectedly we ended up watching all eight episodes in one go. Maybe we were just in the right mood for it or maybe they pitched the jokey elements just right, but it was actually fine? ETA: Nearly forgot! Finished watching Nightflyers. Urgh. It got worse as it went on, but as we had the time we watched the last four episodes in one go. This did not need ten episodes! It could have been done in six episodes, maybe even four. It didn't have that much to say and it did not make me care that much (or at all!) for any of the characters. The ending was not satisfying. I don't want to spoil anyone so I won't get into details but I absolutely cannot recommend that anyone waste their time watching this show, it's just not very good.
  20. Without knowing very much about it I watched Don't Look Up last weekend. I wouldn't say I loved it but I definitely liked it. The cast play to type and the plot is way too believable based on the horrible mess we are all in now. Did people find it to be too on the nose? I also watched Anatomy of a Scandal, which was a mini-series focusing on an overprivileged Tory MP accused of rape. Again, a bit too on the nose? Way too believable. Sienna Miller was very good as the not-so-stupid wife of the MP. Good performances all round really. Saw the first episode of Cabinet of Curiosities while waiting to be discharged from hospital. Overall, quite liked it. It gave me quite a strong Stephen King vibe. It remains to be seen whether that is a good or bad thing as I progress to the other episodes. We have just watched Wendell & Wild, which was fine but I cannot imagine ever choosing to watch it again on purpose. There were a few good visual humour moments but there wasn't enough depth to it; it didn't have enough soul for me. Yesterday we sat through a four hour documentary on 80's horror films on Shudder, which was brilliant (can't recall the name but it was something pedestrian). As a child of the 80's (I was born in 77) I had never really considered the sheer number of horror classics from the 80's. All those Freddy, Jason, Halloween sequels, Killer Clowns, Critters, Gremlins etc. All the stuff about what rating a film could have, how much more 'horror' stuff got cut from Gremlins to make it more like a kiddy dark comedy than an actual horror; how anything with sex or nudity was getting described as 'European'; the rise of the female protagonist in horror films... if you're into films, I really recommend this doc.
  21. I saw there's a podcast based on The Watcher. But I have to say the story wasn't told in a way that interested me *that* much in the show. I did get to the end but the final episode wasn't all that satisfactory to me. It was enough to keep me watching for seven episodes I guess.
  22. I was about the post about this. I have read the book and been excited about the show for a year now. I really enjoyed the first two eps. It looks how I expected it to look. Gibson novels are full of cool things being done by cool people so it does bode well for adaptation.
  23. I was wondering if anyone was skin cycling. I tend to be on a longer cycle of chemical exfoliation once a week, charcoal mask once a week, then pretty mostly the same routine on the five nights in between. I use a gentle retinol most nights (Sunday Riley Luna). My skin is alright. But for the amount of skincare product I put on it, it isn't really glowing. Maybe I need to switch to the four day skin cycle? I'm going to be at home for a month post surgery so that might be a good time to try it. @kairparavel extraction is my favourite part of a facial. So satisfying. Getting an ingrown hair removed from under my chin was so good!
  24. More like late work, no? How long ago was S1 on? It's pre-2016 right? We watched a Hans Zimmer documentary the other day. It was on iplayer but it aired Sunday night on one of the BBC channels. Really good stuff! Obviously I am familiar with his scores but I had no idea how influential he was or how much he has helped other composers coming up behind. There were a couple of things he had done prior to becoming a big Hollywood name that I had no idea about - I won't say what they were in case of spoling the surprise for anyone else. But I do highly recommend that anyone who is into soundtracks give it a watch.
  25. I think there is plenty of variety in the ROP music (i.e. different peoples and places sound different), whilst still feeling as if it is largely in the same family as Shore's soundtrack (they don't sound drastically different to the point where you can't see connection between the two). Did this guy call Shore's soundtrack syrupy and phoned in? I'm gonna guess not. Therefore it looks like he's talking nonsense.
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