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  1. Dornishwoman's Husband

    Is this really the end of the Night King?

    So, it seems that this "Great War" is over and that this "True Enemy" is been defeated. If that's so, was Cersei Lannister the main antagonist of the show the entire time? If Jon or Dany (maybe even both of them) will die in the remaining three episodes, then it seems that Cersei is worse enemy than the Night King. There are many more questins which remain unanswered. Like, how the White Walkers were defeated the first time, or have they been defeated at all? And why did they came back after many thousand years later? If the Night King is really defeated, the purpose of Bran Stark as the Three-eyed Raven has been fulfilled. Or maybe, only the physical form of the Night King is destroyed, but his spiritual form is still lurking somewhere in the Lands of Always Winter. And the Bran's purpose in the remaining episodes could be to deal with that thing. He might have one final battle in his mind; in some kind of astral plane. In order to prevent the White Walkers from ever coming back again, he might have to eliminate this threat from it's source.
  2. Dornishwoman's Husband

    Arya's three deaths

    Green eyes might be Cersei, and those brown eyes might belong to.....maybe Euron
  3. Dornishwoman's Husband

    Who is Going to Die

    My opinions on everyone present at Winterfell: Jon Snow - No way. He'll make it to the last episode. Daenerys Targaryen - Same as her nephew. But maybe another of her two remaining dragons. Sansa Stark - Highly unlikely. One great purpose I can see for her at the end of series is killing Cersei. I would also like to see something between her and the Hound. Arya Stark - Unlikely. She still has some names at her little list and she needs to make a few more kills. Bran Stark - It's hardest to predict. This will nov be the final battle with the Night King so it's possible that Bran will live to see the final episode. Tyrion Lannister - I don't think so. He has to make up for the mistakes he made as Dany's hand. Jaime Lannister - Many people think this will be his final stand, but I think he will survive. He just have to play a great role in Cersei's ultimate downfall. Theon Greyjoy - Many people think he will die protecting Bran, but I think he will have a reunion and a final confrontation with his evil uncle. However, I also thought that he will have a reunion with Ramsay before Ramsay dies, so I wouldn't be surprised if he really dies in Winterfell. Jorah Mormont - I think he will live another day. Davos Seaworth - I expect him to have a reunion with Melisandre in the later episodes, so he will also live another day. Sam Tarly, Gilly and little Sam - they will all live. Bronze Yohn Royce - I don't think he'll survive. Lyanna Mormont - After that conversation with Jorah, there's no way she's gonna survive. Brienne of Tarth - She might die, but I would really love to see her giving her maidenhood to either Jaime or Tormund. Podrick Payne - He might also die, but the think I would really like to see about him is being named a knight; Ser Podrick Payne. Beric Dondarrion - Most likely to die. His presence on the show has become quite boring. Sandor Clegane - No way. We all expect his final confrontation with his brother, we can all agree about that. Tormund - He survived many impossible odds such as the massacre at Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards and the destruction of the Wall. He might also survive this battle, but somehow I don't think he will. Edd Tollett - Since the Wall has fallen, the Night's Watch has no longer any purpose. Let him be dead. Missandei and Grey Worm - I doubt they will survive. Their return to the isle of Naath is just a way too much fairy to happen. I can see only Missandei surviving the series and returning to Naath, but with Grey Worm, no. Gendry - The thing we saw in the trailer with Arya running away from something in the crypts might be reanimated Gendry, but I imagine that Gendry might outlive Arya. At he end of series I can see Gendry inherit Storms End and having another wife and the children in future. But despite having a wife and the children, he will never get over his love for Arya, just like Robert never got over his love for Lyanna Stark. Varys - Very likely to die. Ghost - Just to see him ripping apart some wights. This will be his final performance.
  4. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] E802 Discussion

    The thing I'm most pleased about is Arya giving her maidenhood to Gendry. I'll be disappointed if we don't see something between Sansa and Sandor. It's not necessary to see any romance between those two, but just some little conversation after they parted back in season 2. It's still uncertain will Brienne give her maidenhood to Jaime or Tormund, but the most interesting thing about Jaime knighting her and naming her Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a reference to Ser Duncan the Tall. This might be a confirmation that Brienne is his descendant. After that scene where Jorah advises Lyanna Mormont not to fight in the battle, I can see that she's most likely to perish the upcoming battle.
  5. Dornishwoman's Husband

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    Some TV show spoilers: Because all of this I believe Euron's fleet will crush the Redwyne fleet with ease, and in the heat of the battle Aeron Damphair could free himself and escape from the Silence by jumping overboard. After the battle with the Redwynes I can see three things happening: 1. They will also destroy the Oldtown fleet and start the reaving of Oldtown. All of Oldtown will be occupied by the Ironborn except for the Citadel. After several failed attempts of assaulting the Citadel, Jon Connington will arrive with the part of the Golden Company and liberate Oldtown. After that Jon could be healed by Sam from his greyscale disease. 2. They will make a surprise assault on Sunspear during night after which Doran Martell could be killed and Trystane could also be killed or maybe taken prisoner. Areo Hotah is sent by Doran to assist Obara Sand and Balon Swann on their hunt for Darkstar, so he won't be there to protect his prince. Their hunt could be interrupted by the Ironborn invading Dornish shores. 3. They could even succeed in assaulting Highgarden via the Mander river. If this happens I can see some Ironborn reaver giving rape to Ollena Tyrell before killing her.
  6. Dornishwoman's Husband

    Historical parallels with real kings for targaryens?

    Mad King Aeris is definitely the Roman emperor Nero. Nero put the Rome on fire, and Aerys would have done the same with King's Landing if weren't for Jaime Lannister. And emperor Nero was murdered by his own praetorian guard just like Aerys was murdered by his own member of Kingsguard.
  7. Dornishwoman's Husband

    Victarion GreyJoy is a Jerk

    I don't like Victarion very much, but I don't hate him neither. For me he's just a classic Ironborn scum who preys on the weak. I believe he will have a great role to play in the endgame of the series. After Daenerys returns to Westeros in the final book, I can see Victarion reuniting with Theon, Asha and Aeron, and they will all wage war against Euron on Dany's side. One more thing I always imagined in the Winds of Winter; Daenerys will eventually accept Victarion as her ally, but she will also resent him for some things he will do. And because of that Victarion could be punished by Dany with spending the entire journey from Meereen to Westeros in chains.
  8. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    Euron really fulfilled all expectations. I think that not a single ship in Euron's fleet was sunk during that battle. If the outcome of this battle spoils anything from the books, I think that Euron's fleet will crush the Redwyne fleet just as same as the fleet of Yara and Theon at the start of Winds of Winter. And I also think that Aeron Damphair will jump overboard just as Theon did in the heat of the battle with the Redwynes. Speaking of the future events in the books, Doran Martell could be killed by Euron's Ironborn. Sunspear is not far from the sea, and Doran was occupied with the Lannisters all those years, that he can't foresee his death from another one.
  9. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] EP609

    RAMSAY KAPUTT!!!!!! Though I always thought that Theon and Ramsay should have a reunion before Ramsay dies, his death is very satisfying for everyone who loathe him.
  10. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] EP607

    I don't know what made BwB to commit that crime at the end of this episode. Maybe because their new leader is Thoros and because of that they are now killing all R'hlorr non-worshipers. The Hound will now most likely kill their entire brotherhood. I think there is no point for anyone to cherish any more hope for the Lady Stoneheart appearance on the show. As for the book story, I always hoped that Sandor found faith, and that he's repenting for his past sins and crimes. But, if he's going to return to his old ways of warrior, I hope that the reason for that will be Sansa.
  11. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] EP606

    Now that Dany has promised the conquest of Westeros to her khallasar (which may also be the entire Dothraki civilization right now), surely she must return to Meereen first to deal with her slaver enemies. If she is to secure the freedom to all former slaves, she must wipe out every single slave master in Essos. To do so, the slave cities of Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis must be purged. That scene where Benjen killed all those wights reminds me of that scene in the book #3, where Coldhands rescues Sam and Gilly. I hope that is not a confirmation of Coldhands being Benjen in the books.
  12. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoiler] EP603

    I really liked the ToJ fight scene, but my biggest objection about it is that there were 6 vs 2, instead of 7 vs 3. And I never imagined Howland Reed fighting in close combat. Yes, I saw he was wounded first, but if he could be so brave fighting these men, how could he let those assholes squires bully him at the tourney at Harrenhall? I always imagined he saved Ned by using a usual crannogmen trick - shooting Dayne with the poisoned dart from a blowpipe. I was a little bit disappointed for leaving the part with Lyanna for another episode. Just let it be soon.... Another nebula which I have noticed: it seems that the three-eyed raven is about 1000 years old. Is he the Bloodraven on the show, or someone else? Bloodraven is about 120 years old in the books. We can only imagine what kind of terrors will Ramsay inflict upon Rickon and Osha. I really can't see the Umbers turning their cloak against Boltons right now.
  13. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] EP602

    It's a small difference. In the books, Euron hired a FM to push Balon from the bridge, and on the show, Euron did it all by himself.
  14. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I want to say my impressions now, although it's already nearly two days ahead: - I like this Bran's first visit to the past. At first I thought this young Rodric Cassel was Brandon Stark. Was Brandon the ward of the Ryswells at that time? I never thought Hodor was mentally healthy before. I really want to know what caused this Wylis to become Hodor. Was it some really hard head-blow? I hope we get an answer for that soon. I wasn't surprised when we got to know that Bran won't remain in that cave forever. I never expected that. - The first of the many victims of Ser Robert Strong. Nothing special at King's Landing yet, only the setup for the many big shits to come. - I like the scene where Tyrion unchains Viserion and Rhaegal, but I don't understand why did the dragons went deeper in the pyramid instead getting out. I hoped that a certain new red priestess would appear by now. - Still nothing special in Braavos with Arya. - Since we already knew that Ramsay is insane, I wasn't surprised of Roose's murder by his hand at all. Before that, Roose said that Ramsay could be taken outback and slaughtered for pig feed. I imagine Ramsay getting eaten by his own hounds as his horrible death. - The scene where Theon and Sansa say their farewells was nice. Brienne did told Sansa about her encounter with Arya, but why didn't she tell her about the Hound? - For me, the scene where Euron kills Balon is best scene in this episode, besides the final one. It's almost the same as it was in the books. I look forward to see more of Euron. - In the final scene of Jon's revival, the thing I like the most was the tension they made. The thing I am looking forward to see the most in the next episode is Tower of Joy fight, and the thing I fear the most is that Ramsay's gift could be Rickon.
  15. Dornishwoman's Husband

    [No Spoilers] EP601 Discussion

    It's way to late. I expect it in the next or most lately in ep. 3.