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  1. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    Nonsense. Whatever your agenda and bias is, the Freys were in the wrong for the Red Wedding. It was wrong of them to lie to Robb and them murder him under guest right. (they'd been conspiring with Tywin and Bolton before replying to Robb per Tywin's own confession) It was wrong of them to drug up and murder Robb's men. (that's anywhere from 3 1/2 to 7 times more men than those who died serving Robb (500-1000 vs 3500) Robb did not deserve what happened to him nor did he bring it on himself (made better by the fact that he did attempt to reconcile his mistake regardless of how you insist on putting his actions in the worst possible light. Attempts at Reconciliation is still attempts at reconciliation) No matter how you spin it, the Freys come off as being objectively worst for their actions and intentions. There's no double standards at play. That's the objective truth per the facts presented and shown in the Sword of Storms. Deal with it.
  2. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    1) Those 500-1000 weren't directly killed by Robb. 2) How is this not trying to make amends? Needing the Freys doesn't demean the fact that Robb knew that he'd wronged the Freys and he took the initiative to try and set things right. "...I am willing to give Lord Walder whatever he requires..." 3) He also tried to make amends with them for slighting them with full acknowledgement of what he'd done. There's nothing that can excuse the Freys.
  3. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    So how's Robb supposed to know that he was at war with the Freys? Again, the Freys deceived Robb into thinking they'd accepted his attempts to make amends.
  4. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    Robb didn't kill thousands of people when he broke the marriage contract. He also tried to make amends for his breach in the pact as best as he could. Walder Frey's betrayal is far worst because of the additional pettiness, ruthlessness, death and deception involved.
  5. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    You're clearly missing the false equivalency. The Starks and Lannisters were enemies in war and made no secret of it to each other. The Freys acted like friends to the Starks and then stabbed them in the back. That's called betrayal my friend.
  6. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    Except that the Freys lied to Robb about accepting his attempts for amends. As far as Robb knew, the Freys were about to rejoin him after he'd repented of slighting them.
  7. LordPathera

    In Defense of Freys

    Things would be different if Walder had either stayed neutral after the marriage pact was broken or outright sided with the Lannisters. But the fact remains that Walder and several sons and grandsons committed high treason, deception and murder against Robb. They pretended to accept his efforts to reconcile the breach he'd created while plotting with Roose and Tywin to murder him and his men. They then committed mass murder to people who'd been previously assured of security under guest right and believed the Freys to be allies or at the very least, hospitable hosts. On an ethical and moral level, there's no possible valid defense that can justify the Red Wedding. Even on a utilitarian level, it assured that no other house would ever trust House Frey again after they violated Guest Right and outright murdered their sworn king out of relative petty spite. Depending on how events turn out in the South and North, House Frey doesn't look like it will last long due to just how many folk in the North and the Riverlands despise the Freys. Now who deserves to die? Walder and everyone involved in the Red Wedding need to die no doubt and that's already underway thanks to Lady Stoneheart and Lord Manderly's fascination with pies. But the rest of the house? No, they don't have blood on their hands personally though an argument can be made for those who had knowledge of the plot even if they didn't participate. But those seeking justice for the Red Wedding may not make that distinction. At the very least, House Frey may end up losing the Twins and the Crossing...at worst, lots of Freys will die because of their patriarch's treachery. The death of innocents always suck, but overall, House Frey would reap what it sowed.
  8. LordPathera

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    If Rhaegar killed Robert at the Trident, then he'd effectively take the edge, but it would take a while longer to seal a victory. Stannis would still hold out for a long while at Storm's End since he's unlikely to bend the knee to the murderers of his brother. (even if he didn't like Robert) The Vale-Riverlands-North Alliance is still a major hurdle and the only way to solidify a conclusive victory would be to capture or kill Ned/Hoster/Jon to force the regions to surrender or sue for peace. The Iron Islands and Westerlands would pick the winning side and start harassing the Riverlands and the North. Now would Rhaegar be a better king for the realm? Considering the low standards placed by his father, Robert, Joffrey and Tommen...he'd be a better king for the realm by leaps and bounds. Probably even a great king by himself.