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  1. The last episode Changed a little.. I dont know if all kings landing, but the throne room in the end didn't had the lannister sigil, but a broken window over it...
  2. Forgot about the brothels and ships conversation... No way to defend it... even if some time passed couldn't have been more than a few months... Sam as grandmaester is cute, but not even with the blackmail to the archmaester to let Tyrion check the book for revision... And why should Tyrion check it?
  3. And did leave out Tyrion? Unlikely if Sam really contributed... I'll see the chapter again tonight, but I don't remember sam saying he helped.
  4. Sam said it was an Archmaester... and in the past season he told Sam he was writing the book.. and spoke of a Title that Sam was not fond of...
  5. We have no notion of how much time passed until that reunion of the council... Maybe Sam returned to the citadel (obvious because he showed the book of asoiaf to Tyrion) and eventually became a Maester and Archmaester and was sent/requested to be Grand Maester. I know he actually looked the same and that should have taken years or decades, but it's not impossible. And about him leaving Gilly and little sons, well Ned Stark leaved his in winterfell to be Hand of The King... I'ts just the way things are in westeros...
  6. She will die.. the same as the girl who tried in Fire and Blood.. that makes me sad... They'll only (maybe) find a boat with no sign of her...
  7. Maybe she's going to protect Jon.. Maybe she and Sansa discussed it. We never saw what happens when Brans tell them about Jon's heritage... Both Sansa and Arya love Jon... And Arya is the only one of them that could take care of him if someone try to kill him (No luck for northerns in the Capital)