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  1. Poor george. Honestly, i try to turn my brain off each time i watch GOT, but..... the dialogue, the writting, the inmensely stupid plot twits..its awful. How could he let this happen...
  2. that would be awesome. I remember there was a theory that Sam would kill Euron with an arrow..
  3. "hundreds" i meant to say. IIRC in a small council, cersei is told a thousand ships were attacking the reach. probably exageranted reports, but the point is Euron has more longships than those that Aeron sees.. He is sending ships he captured and a small number of longships as decoy. his true strengh will remain behind.
  4. One important thing to note is : And so, Aeron Damphair returned to the salt sea. A dozen longships were drawn up at the wharf below the castle, and twice as many beached along the strand. Familiar banners streamed from their masts: the Greyjoy kraken, the bloody moon of Wynch, the warhorn of the Goodbrothers. But from their sterns flew a flag the priest had never seen before: a red eye with a black pupil beneath an iron crown supported by two crows. Beyond them, a host of merchant ships floated on a tranquil, turquoise sea. Cogs, carracks, fishing boats, even a great cog, a swollen sow of a ship as big as the Leviathan. Prizes of war, the Damphair knew. This is not Eurons entire fleet. he had hundred of longships. those are just a bunch of houses really. Therefore, most likely euron will use these ships as decoy.. destroying them alogside the redywine fleet with whatever magic he is working.. except for those with priests on their prows.
  5. https://themanyfacedblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/my-god-my-god-why-have-you-forsaken-me/ fantastic essay.. euron = devil.
  6. The cult of the many faced god considers all those gods as one of many faces. in the vision of the throne with the impaled gods, the stranger (one of the faces of the god of many faces) was present IIRC. So Euron killed one of the representations of said god. i don´t see how that works with your theory.
  7. i thought Euron would summon a storm. but i think i like this one more. Then Euron lifted a great horn to his lips and blew, and dragons, and krakens, and sphinxes came at his command and bowed before him. this foreshadows euron having krakens under his command.
  8. Hidden for a reason…. Alongside the weapon to defeat the others. What other purpose can that horn have? Besides, if the huge horn seemingly powerfull horn Mance used to bluff jon with, was fake, then the real horn should be the opposite, dirty, small and broken. I say interesting rather than boring.. Humans enabling the apocalypse is totally GRRM stuff IMHO. I stand with the theory that the whole westeros will shake... maybe the whole world. The Wall is taller than most castles, probably more unstable. i agree with that. who said anything about sounding the horn before he faces the redwyne fleet? if he does, he will do so after that battle.. after he takes oldtown. a number of scenarios could play out. i find likely that post Euron ironborn will be much more reasonable. often defeat does that to people,. There are hints of a progresive faction in the Iron Islands.
  9. that leaves, theon. aeron doesn´t think of him, because theon is dead as far as he knows.. whose name means Godly. and only a Godly man may sit the seastone chair. he also has the legal precedent to overthrow Eurons kingsmoot.. sure Euron seems invincible right now.. but i doubt he will win in the end. his quest is folly.
  10. Strange reason? i mean, the horn is said to "wake the giants of the earth".. and the breaking of the arm is described exactly the same. Can the author be less subtle than that? I´m sure Euron wouldn´t mind a bit of sacrifice to get his new horn to work. In fact we will soon see him do exactly that for the battle againt the Redwynes. There is reason. The legend explicitly says it does that. No way. I´m quiting the books if the Others out of nowhere found the HoW. Sams horn is the only inconspicuously well developed chejkov horn waiting to go off. Dragonbinder will do its thing. It will bind one of the dragons to someone. Victarion, or Euron, Or Morroqo, or someone else. but this is ice and fire. We have the fire horn, its only fair we get the ice horn as well.
  11. I´m curious where you get that from. Twoiaf in fact says otherwise: And so they did, gathering in their hundreds (some say on the Isle of Faces), and calling on their old gods with song and prayer and grisly sacrifice (a thousand captive men were fed to the weirwood, one version of the tale goes, whilst another claims the children used the blood of their own young). And the old gods stirred, and giants awoke in the earth, and all of Westeros shook and trembled. Great cracks appeared in the earth, and hills and mountains collapsed and were swallowed up. And then the seas came rushing in, and the Arm of Dorne was broken and shattered by the force of the water, until only a few bare rocky islands remained above the waves. The Summer Sea joined the narrow sea, and the bridge between Essos and Westeros vanished for all time. So if the Horn of Joramun was used for the breaking of the arm of Dorne and the hammer of waters (and probably the tsunami that hit the Iron Islands before they were islands), then it shows it triggers a world catastrophy, not a focalized event close to the horn.
  12. The worms thing is a reference that there is no DG watery halls... and he won´t feast with his god. another vision to shake Aerons faith. but the chapter ends with a sort of hopeful line: He licked his lips, and tasted salt. Is Aeron doomed or that line is meant to give him some strengh back? maybe he makes it out of that battle..
  13. Also, its pretty clear to me now that Theon will rule the iron islands in the end
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