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  1. capo51

    Least favorite theory?

    While the obvious stupid theories are ones like Ned is still alive, it was only a Faceless Man that was beheaded, or Prince Rhaegar is still alive, somehow the rebels never bothered to check for his body, or Lyanna is still alive, my personal least favorite would be that Prince Aegon is actually a Blackfyre. For one, it comes completely out of left field. So what if Illyrio mentioned the Blackfyres at the beginning of Dance? What does that prove? Dany mentioned her nephew Aegon too, does that prove anything? Second, Varys gave a monologue to a dying Kevan Lannister at the end of Dance all about how the crown prince Aegon was coming back to Westeros. Why would Varys lie? (Personally, I prefer the theory that Young Griff really is Prince Aegon - that by itself is a good enough plot twist. Or, if not, I'm also a fan of him being Brandon and Ashara's son, as Selmy recalled Dayne being dishonored by "a Stark" and having a stillborn daughter, when in reality Elia Martell had a stillborn daughter, nearly died, and didn't know that her stillborn girl was switched for Dayne's healthy son with Brandon, although Dayne did know, and therefore killed herself when Eddard confirmed the rumors that "Rhaegar's son" died in King's Landing. If Young Griff is not really Prince Aegon,I like that idea best.) But anyway, what are your least favorite theories? And those of you who champion the "Aegon Blackfyre" theory, what's the appeal?