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  1. Lady cut throat

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    This. Or a part of it. Sansa has been told from Cersei "you may not love the king but you will love his children" and from Margery "sons learn from their mothers and my son will learn a great deal". If they have been having this plot for her since season 2, I don't think these conversations were randomly put in there,
  2. Lady cut throat

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Tywin is an intelligent man, I have no doubts that he knows King Robert is not Tommens father. However he's never going to say any such thing allowed because that will mean the end of the Lannisters reign on the throne. But I did love the scene between them and the obvious taking control of the situation before Cersei could make another mess. In the previous episode when Joffrey is dying Tywin makes a beeline for Tommen. He gets in first.
  3. Lady cut throat

    How would you rate episode 402?

    I give the episode an 8 because like another commenter, I feel like they should have just kept the whole episode in Kings Landing and to the wedding. At some points it felt really rushed, like they were running out of their 60 minutes but there was some great bits. Joffrey's death was obviously brilliantly done, kudos to Jack Gleeson. I liked the Joffrey/Tyrion scenes, it was so uncomfortable watching him get bullied and humiliated that I was on the verge of watching through my fingers. And I liked the way Oberyn Martell shut down the Lannisters.
  4. Lady cut throat

    [Book Spoilers] EP402 Discussion

    The beginning of the episode with Ramsay chasing that girl through the woods was so damn good in such a sadistic way. I thought it was more sinister because he had his girlfriend(?) partaking too and I think that kind of thing is always a bit more shocking when a woman is involved. Being the gentler sex and all. The episode on a whole was generally uncomfortable viewing which was perfect! especially poor Tyrion at the wedding, you can just feel that humiliation through the TV screen. I thought the show made the whole Tyrion/Shae break up better than the book and shows the way for Shae's betrayal of Tyrion and why (I don't think the book gave a good explanation for this really). I have to agree though, Lena didn't do Cersei any justice but then maybe it's because we are comparing the scene to the Catelyn/Robb one.
  5. Lady cut throat

    [No Spoilers] EP401 Discussion

    The Thenns were brilliant and really sinister. Different from the books I know (they're not cannibals for one) but I think they did that to show how much more dangerous they are compared to the wildlings.