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  1. BitsOfBrains

    PhD research: Doran Martell and you

    I imagined him as fat and unhealthy because he is described as gouty and in America unhealthy and fat go hand in hand. I also picture him as Mexican because I don't know many Spaniards but I do know a lot of Mexicans and in my subconscious Mexico and Spain are the same thing. So basically a fat unhealthy Mexican guy. I have been a Sidfig El Fadil fan since before he knocked up Nana Visitor in the dressing room of Star Trek DS9 then changed his name to Alexander SiDig. I was a big fan of his in DS9 and also liked him as Saladin in Kingdom of God. I like that he got the work but he contrasts deeply with my mental image of Doran. Doran on the show seems much more formidable than my mental image. SIf dig (sorry my autocorrect won't let me type his name) looks like he could just stand up from his chair and murder someone where Doran in my head looks pathetic. Did dig looks capable of intimidating someone where Doran in my head would inspire pitty instead of fear.
  2. BitsOfBrains

    References and Homages

    Yes but in the sense that the Italians were considered underhanded and shady by other Europeans of the time. I think there is an etymological bastard child in the word "brave" i.e. a native American warrior and all the stereotypes that come with that (savage, sneaky, etc). There is a definite connotation of an assassin.
  3. BitsOfBrains

    References and Homages

    I was rereading the old pulp magazine "Conan the Cimmerian" stories and there are some obvious cues taken. Just off the top of my head the terms "mummery" and "bravo" (meaning assassin, not as a cheer) are both common in Robert Howard's Conan and Asoiaf and pretty much nowhere else. Robert is described a lot like Conan too but that could just be coincidence.
  4. BitsOfBrains

    The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton

    Simon, Jarad, and Rhaegar Frey: The last man to see them alive (Lord Manderly) describe them as sweet guys and never bitter. When he found out they had not mustard at Winterfell as planned Lord Manderly said he would miss chewing the fat with them and he would relish one more opportunity to ketchup with them and pick their brains.