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  1. It would be a terrible waste to kill Jaime now that his story is getting so interesting, I really don't think GRRM would do it (and will be terribly disapointed if he does). But I think it's unlikely that Brienne would break her oath and kill or betray Lady Stoneheart. I think it would be easier for Ned Stark to break an oath than Brienne, she's the most stubborn character in all books; is also unlikely Jaime killing Brienne, Thoros and the rest of the Brotherhood since he can't fight anymore. Neither I think Lady Stoneheart would get soft and trust Jaime to help her daughters or send him to kill Cersei, I think she must die a thousand times before trusting a Lannister (especially Jaime). Even though I admit that Brienne could break her oath, I don't rely on that. I think it would be an "easy way out" to spare Jaime. In the end I can't see and ending to this story than Jaime being executed, sadly... =/