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  1. Oh I hope my "don't believe me" didnt come off as bad as it sounds with your reply. If It did my apologies. But yes I agree with you all the way. Though I tend to agree with the show bashers. However I still enjoy it as I'm a sucker for anything fictional. Anyway I'll stop derailing the thread now. All and all the episode was a 5 out of 10 stars. But it was a setting up the dominoes episode so maybe 6 out of 10 in that case.
  2. Though, I don't think the Showrunners are all that good as the show is par at best of times I also look at prior work- the 25th hour I liked but common a halo movie flop the director basically saying blame the writer because he killed it. Anyway ultimately doesn't matter because of the work they did here has signed their tickets and they can basically do ANYTHING they want in Hollywood. And they could just piss on my opinions Don't believe me? Wait and see. anyways YOU are absolutely right IMO and I actually thought this same thing near word for word minus the poison I didnt think of that because the showrunners tend to forget about chekhov's gun(s).
  3. You have two posts and one of them is this.. for all the good you contributed I might as well rejoin Facebook and read what utter nonsense people say on that. This whole thread has been one big ball of poop. I'm pretty sure I lost brain cells just reading it.
  4. STATUS FEED! This will not end up good for me.... I have no self control with these things... this is why I left FB...search?q=evil+meme&client=ms-android-att

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