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  1. Missandei/Greyworm waste of time and boring.
  2. I gave it an 8. Some things were good, some bad. Tyrion's escape seemed rushed. I missed more of the dungeon scenery and him climbing the hundreds of stairs. Disappointed with how Bloodraven and the cave looked, not what I expected. Didn't like the skeleton wights. Reminded me of Jason and the Argonauts (which was good for the 60's). Didn't like how Leaf looked and the throwing of the fireballs (too corny). Didn't like the way Jojen died (he deserved a better death). I was expecting that whole scene to be better visually. I liked Jon's scenes with Stannis, Mance and Tormund and also Tywin and Cersei. Chaining of the dragons was pretty good. All in all it was a bit of a letdown.
  3. I give it a 7. I think I enjoyed the books so much that the tv show leaves the story lacking. I thought the Roose/Ramsey/Theon scene was really good and I like the Bran flashes when he touched the tree. Jack Gleeson's portrayal of Joffrey is spot on. He will be missed. I like the Fat Walda scene and I like the actor who plays Locke/Vargo Hoat.
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