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  1. But that worked out so well with Fellaini! Seriously, I don't know much about Timber but yeah, I would be concerned. OTOH maybe there's an argument for bringing in a partner who can already work with De Jong?
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61600753 Presumably Mane is staying, then: if only because after saying he's going to give a 'special' answer, 'the best answer you want to hear', if he then says 'the answer is I'm fucking off to Bayern, seeya chumps' he would never be able to come within 100 miles of Liverpool again.
  3. To be clear, I'm aware that the local PD had a ridiculously overequipped and overfunded SWAT team, for example, and I'm not defending the local PD. My point is that the mentality that says 'the police should have been more proactive' is the same mentality that led to that white elephant existing.
  4. I agree that it's always deeply problematic when a character is wildly gifted in the Force at a very young age. :p
  5. I'd say that such an inquiry plays into the idea that there is, at least in theory, some sort of response police can make to these incidents that would be adequate. And there is not. I'm no fan of US police departments, but it seems to me there's an assumption behind a lot of the criticisms here that had these police officers only been more heroic in some way they could have saved the kids. That plays into the 'good guy with a gun', action-hero-can-save-us mentality. The reality is you're asking people who went out to work that morning to potentially volunteer to die. That should not be a police officer's job. If that has become a police officer's job, you're trying to address the wrong problem when you talk about police tactics. (And all of this assumes that earlier police intervention would have saved lives - which sadly we can't be sure of.)
  6. I don't have sufficient knowledge of the situation or of police tactics to say whether the officers were right or wrong in this case. I do know that the discussion of that aspect of the situation is one I'm not interested in. Because it shifts responsibility to the police response, and by the time the police response is a factor, it's already a tragedy. Prevention is the issue. Not response.
  7. You've got to love Johnson's interpretation of 'taking responsibility', which is absolutely indistinguishable from 'not taking any responsibility at all'. Suffering no consequences, refusing to resign and asking us all to 'move on': where in that is there any element of responsibility?
  8. We had a person retire during the pandemic who had literally worked his entire career for us. Four decades. A senior person who was a legend to our students. It never crossed our mind that a leaving party for him would be appropriate or allowed. But then the mentality at 10 Downing Street was clearly, from Johnson on down: 'we're very important and therefore the rules don't apply to us'. And apparently it still is.
  9. The report, from what I can see, is weak, incomplete and while not a whitewash, definitely too reserved in what it says. The response from Johnson was as expected, do the penitent act for five minutes until people look the other way but obviously I won't be resigning. I remember the Major government and the reputation it got for 'sleaze'. Johnson personally has made all of that taken together look like nothing in comparison. He has no shame. No political goals other than to stay in office. No sense that anyone else matters at all. He is, as most of us knew he would be long before he became Prime Minister, a disgrace to the office, a moral cesspool, a selfish toad of a man. So no. nothing new really.
  10. Do. It's excellent. I watch very little anime myself but that series was amazing. The anime series pretty much is that, at times.
  11. While I agree with much of the above, the three most recent live action Trek properties are: two prequels and a nostalgia-fest featuring probably the franchise's biggest star.
  12. As for that, see above remarks to Rip. The objectives Ukraine is trying to achieve by using these weapons are entirely defensive. If that changes, then a discussion about limits is appropriate, and it will be short, because the flow will be cut off. Until then, I have to turn it round and ask what you think these limits should be? Because so long as Ukraine is using the resources to repel an aggressor and even to equip its army to repel future aggression, I'm OK with giving them what they ask for. No, because a no-fly zone is an action NATO would be taking. That's like asking if me deciding not to drive you somewhere is denying you agency.
  13. Also, a periodic reminder: nobody owes you a reply or to engage. If people want to come in, make a post every two weeks and then do something else with their time than respond to your reply, that's fine.
  14. Given that the Ukrainian objectives are purely defensive, what is the distinction you're trying to make here? Clearly, it doesn't. That rhetoric still continues and it is still correct to say that the Russians are in the wrong and the Ukrainians are not. The metric I would use is, are Russians still occupying Ukrainian territory, refusing to leave, and attempting to conquer more? Keeping the entire Donbas has been the Ukrainian objective since day 1. This is advice that should be offered to those that made the conflict existential for both sides, which means the Russians. They did that: nobody else did it or was given a choice. The problem with this whole line of argument is not only that it removes agency from Ukraine, but also from Russia. You're looking at this through a lens where only 'the West' can make choices, influence events, or end the war. In the end, this war could be over tomorrow, if Russia only decided to lay off.
  15. It's controversial to say that arming the Ukrainians escalates this into a longer and larger conflict. Because if you stop and think about that, what is the alternative? That the conflict would be shorter and smaller if the Ukrainians were not equipped well enough to stop the Russians, i.e. if the West would just let the Russians win.
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