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  1. mormont

    R,I.P. Thread

    Sad news.
  2. mormont

    Football: 3rd Season Meltdown

    Thinking of it this way: an average Premier League outfielder will run 10K in 90-odd minutes, except that 10K consists largely of walking or jogging interspersed with sudden, intense sprints that usually terminate in either an abrupt stop and turn, a tackle, a leap, a stretch, or some combination of these things. That takes a toll on muscles, ligaments and hamstrings. Recovery time is important.
  3. I think it's quite telling that this chap thinks 'leadership' is the same thing as 'being right'. It isn't, of course, but I suspect Corbyn would make the same mistake. Leadership is quite simply the ability to lead others, and it inevitably includes the ability to lead those who don't wholly agree with you or don't initially wish to be led by you. (After all, 'leading' only people who want you to be leader requires no special skills.) Corbyn doesn't have that.
  4. Yes. I'm sorry, was that supposed to exonerate him in some way? Sorry, but I can't stop what I haven't started. I know what you know, which is what's in the media reports, and that's all I've ever claimed to know. But what's in the media reports, indeed what Corbyn himself says happened, clearly shows poor judgement on Corbyn's part and a reluctance to admit to that poor judgement.
  5. I'm afraid not. What it says is that Corbyn attended an event at which more than one wreath was laid: one for the victims of the bombing of the PLO headquarters, one for people involved in planning the Munich massacre. He also claims that he was 'present' but not 'involved' in the latter. This reads to me as simply spin. Your characterisation of it as Corbyn being 'photographed near memorials' elides the fact that he was near them for a reason: you're making it sound like he just happened by. Corbyn's own characterisation is attempting to make out that these were two unrelated events that just happened to take place at the same time. Neither is a fair picture of what happened. Corbyn needs to spend less energy on angrily trying to split hairs in order to justify his past actions, and more on recognising that he showed at the very least poor judgement, and apologising for that.
  6. "Was photographed near memorials" is also not exactly, or even roughly, a fair description of what happened.
  7. Not significantly, no. Incidentally, I'm not saying Corbyn was present at the ceremony. He is. And that Corbyn considers himself a pacifist does not mean that he cannot show sympathy for terrorists. If we're interested in the truth, the truth is that Corbyn has repeatedly done so over his career. It's the same as saying that he can't be anti-Semitic: just because he does not believe something he does is bad, doesn't mean that it cannot be criticised.
  8. mormont

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    The argument here appears to be 'it wasn't just racism, there were also many euphemisms for racism'. The 'problems of the working class' were not being ignored, they were being addressed: and indeed, in this sort of discussion 'the working class' is invariably used to refer to specifically white working class voters' concerns. As for 'growing social tensions' or 'a broken immigration system', there are just dog whistles for racism. You also seem supremely uninterested in addressing the argument that a voter who supports a racist for any reason is still supporting a racist, and that is by definition a racist thing to do. I'm presuming this is because you have no counter to that argument. The problem with this idea is that other Republican candidates also promised tax cuts, a stronger economy, more jobs, better infrastructure, etc. And they didn't win. So it is apparent that it was not Trump promising these things that made a difference. The answer is 'none'. If you become a racist because someone called you a racist, then you were always inclined to become a racist. No matter how many times someone calls me a racist, I haven't ever thought 'hey, those Nazi flags are looking better all the time'. Are there people claiming that they became openly racist for this reason? Yes. But those claims are self-serving attempts to evade responsibility, not a genuine account of a real phenomenon.
  9. Netanyahu is a vile person, no question. That has no bearing on whether what he says actually happened. The Munich terrorists are not buried at that cemetery: that is also true. However, there is a memorial to them there, and a wreath was laid at that memorial in a ceremony that Corbyn attended (which, yes, also commemorated the victims of the airstrike to which you refer). So whether the Munich terrorists are actually physically buried there is also irrelevant to the story. There are defences of Corbyn to be made here, but those two points are not among them. (Nor, to be fair to Corbyn, is he making them.)
  10. mormont

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    We could only do the Sunday for Community Day, but it was a fruitful day. 12 shinies for me including a perfect IV. The gf got 13!
  11. This is correct, but it's not the people you seem to think. There is no clearer example of doublethink than the claim that tolerance requires us to give a platform to intolerance.
  12. Yeah, but it's not as if the Labour party were fully united behind Milliband either.
  13. The irritation I experience when I hear this narrative from Corbyn and his supporters is substantial. You'll see ardent Corbynites, up to and including Seumas Milne, whose job it actually is to tackle this problem, simply grumbling about it to people who already support Corbyn. It's like, yes, you have correctly identified a problem. Now what the hell are you actually doing about it? The party has had some success with alternative methods of getting the message out via social media and events, but these are mainly effective during actual campaigns. In the meantime, Corbyn and his coterie seem to prefer complaining to each other about the perfidy of the right-wing media cabal to actually trying to find ways to get their message across.
  14. If you've had experience with the more left-wing Labour activists, it really isn't surprising at all, I'm afraid.
  15. This is an odd way to represent the issue: it suggests that the row is mainly being fueled by the Tories, which is not the case at all. The extent of Tory involvement is the odd taunt in the Commons: otherwise, they've mainly observed the old adage and left the Labour party alone while it self-inflicts the wound.