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  1. mormont

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    No, but I hatched a 100% IV Tauros!
  2. On Feinstein's treatment of the Ford letter: https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article218542315.html
  3. On the other hand, physical media can be lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed in ways that digital media can't: they're more bulky to store: they need more resources to produce: and they have several other disadvantages. Different media have different advantages and disadvantages. It has always been so.
  4. mormont

    My new daughter

  5. I'd favour being in Europe and out of the UK, so my opinions on who should be PM of the UK are coloured by that. But the current crop of party leaders are probably the worst I've seen in my lifetime. May has no perceptible ambitions or principles beyond surviving the week. Corbyn is prickly, divisive and too willing to cast blame instead of lead. Every Lib Dem I know yearned for Vince Cable to be leader and now he is, he's led the party into total obscurity. The Labour and Tory front benches are not appointed on talent but on factional politics, so I don't see any prospects there. Basically, politics in this country is in a bigger mess than I have ever seen it in my lifetime. I'm just glad that at least we get some protection from the worst of it here in Scotland.
  6. mormont

    Football: Sarri state of affairs

    It is not allowed to post entire articles, behind paywalls or not, because that's a copyright/IP violation. Post selected quotes only, please.
  7. May, perhaps. As previous posts on this thread will attest, I'm no fan of Corbyn, but I can see no realistic way in which Ruth Davidson would do a better job of running the country.
  8. mormont

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    You seem to be under the impression that you know something about medieval history, but unfortunately your post is so full of errors that I don't even have time to list them, let alone correct them. Even the bits you got right, you got wrong: viking is indeed an activity rather than a culture, but it is also one found only within a particular culture, so the distinction isn't relevant to your argument. That medieval Europe was more diverse than commonly imagined is something that scholars regard as simply a fact. The people who argue against it, are doing so to serve a modern political agenda. In any case, the world of the Witcher can be as ethnically diverse as the series creators want it to be and you can howl about it if you want: all you'll be doing is exercising your lungs.
  9. Yeah, I was wrong. I overestimated the ERG. Instead of 'this is the EU's problem, they can sort it out and while they're at it they can bring us another pint', the ERG's approach to the Irish border problem is another variant on 'there's no problem here, this is fine'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-45495960
  10. mormont

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    This makes no sense whatsoever: literally, none. An umpire can't be motivated by sexism or racism if both the players are women of colour? Do racists somehow magically not experience their own racism in these situations? The complaint is not that the umpire didn't treat the other player in this match the same way he did Williams. The complaint is that the umpire wouldn't have treated a white male player the same way, in a different match, had the same situation arisen. Now that may or may not be true, and it may or may not be credible. But you can't use Osaka as a human shield to rubbish the entire accusation. That's just a failure to understand the issues.
  11. The headlines have focused on the comparison with Fry: but Toksvig's original comments gave equal weight to the comparison with Davies, and my posts have given even more weight to that, plus a hypothetical male successor. So I don't think you've really read my posts or the original article very closely, which is a shame. Davidson has good optics: she's a minority (lesbian), not a raving mad public schoolboy with no experience of the real world, and is relatively unknown so has no big strikes against her. She would undoubtedly be better than most of the other candidates, but so would an elderly wombat in a suit. She would not be a good PM. ETA - I hope everyone is breathless with anticipation to hear the brilliant solution that the ERG have worked out to the Irish border issue? We should find out in a few hours how Rees-Mogg and Johnson propose to fix this! I'm guessing it will involve the EU and Ireland basically giving us everything we want for nothing.
  12. [mod] OK, the abortion discussion is at an end. [/mod]
  13. See my earlier posts. While this may or may not be true: - it does not account for the whole of the discrepancy - the correct comparison is not to Fry but to a hypothetical male successor, or if you prefer to Davies or Boyle*, and - even if this were to be offered as a defence by Fremantle, which it has not been, it wouldn't stand up at an employment tribunal (not that the matter will ever reach one, it's just interesting to me as an HR guy to consider what would happen if it did). *and as also noted previously, the argument that Boyle or any other male comparator would have offered or have accepted an equivalent wage to a team captain would be laughed out of an employment tribunal. Seriously.
  14. Many eminent philosophers, ethicists, and scientists are apparently not in their right mind, then. Although to be fair, what 'alive' means in this context, when life begins, and so on, is an active question and so it's possible that you are here defining 'alive' in some way that makes your statement technically true (but useless to the question). Which then brings me to the point: these are incredibly difficult, complex questions that do not have simple answers. We are just not ever going to get to the bottom of those in a thread on a message board devoted to blathering about a fantasy series. So let's acknowledge that, give the ethical debate a swerve, and focus on the political questions relating to the US political context from here on, please.