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  1. There's no hate here, nor are you 'only asking questions'. You're not arguing in good faith, and what you've received in reply to that is mild disagreement, not hate.
  2. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    Er, does 'the hostile environment' ring no bells? The target is beyond stupid in the first place. It's an entirely arbitrary number, plucked out of the air and clung to way beyond reason by political weaklings too terrified to admit failure. So they should be doing nothing to achieve it: there is no sensible reason to try to achieve it, only that terror. But the government have been taking steps to try to achieve it, they've just failed, as they've failed at so much. Don't mistake that failure and weakness for inaction, though. Oh, and whatever we have been talking about here, the random cruelty that the government have been inflicting in their flailing attempts to achieve this stupid, pointless target has been visited on asylum seekers and immigrant workers alike.
  3. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    If you want to talk about who should hold US citizenship, take it out of the UK Politics thread.
  4. mormont

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    Moving on, I think this is the best comment on the NK situation. https://twitter.com/ddale8/status/999669356316516352
  5. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    Well, that certainly was an attempt to move the goalposts. Anyway, getting back to more directly UK politics related subjects: it seems that there are two options for post-Brexit customs arrangements being considered. One is widely hated by Brexiteers and got vetoed and the other will cost 20bn. And neither is acceptable to the EU anyway. So that's going well.
  6. mormont

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    This is the worst take.
  7. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    I would, but being in favour of immigration is not an example of that. Immigration is not against my personal economic interest. In fact, it's rather in favour of my economic interests. My country needs immigrant workers. Which means that yours does too, so immigration is in your economic interests. Which makes the issue you voting against your personal economic interests for ideological reasons, because you've been sold a false prospectus. Which is not uncommon at all, actually.
  8. mormont

    The Answer is (allegedly) Sex Robots

    I mean, I kind of always had that.
  9. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    Not sure what you're talking about here? Immigration almost never involves anyone being asked to do this. It involves pitting the interests of strangers with whom they have something in common that they're told is important, against the interests of strangers they're told are of less worth and virtue. Asking people to care equally about strangers that live 1,000 miles away as strangers that live 100 miles away does not seem to me a big thing to ask.
  10. mormont

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Except in this analogy, the manager's a chef and the restaurant has a contract with a Marmite supplier so he'd better get on and come up with some Marmite dishes. Besides, there's no indication that this manager won't fancy Ozil. Very few managers in his whole career have not wanted Ozil. He's been sold three times, and two of those were against the wishes of his then-current manager.
  11. mormont

    UK Politics - From Russia with Love

    But even if we accept (and I don't think we need to) that wages stagnate because of immigration, if those wages are higher than the immigrant would earn in their country of origin, they are better off as a result of freedom of movement. Forcing those workers to stay in their home country, earning lower wages, in order to achieve wage growth is a chauvinistic argument. There's simply no getting away from that, no matter how hard you try. I care about them. I don't think it's unreasonable. But reasonable or not, if the arguments you're making are about UK workers only they are, as I say, chauvinistic and we can, and should, describe them as such. Labour will never be as easy to move as capital. But that doesn't change the fact that laws that allow the latter free movement but deny the same privilege to the former are inherently bad for workers, and it is dishonest to pretend otherwise. Note that this doesn't have to mean that free movement for workers is a paradise with no drawbacks. Migration of labour isn't going to solve the power imbalance on its own. But that isn't an argument for restricting immigration. I've seen no arguments in favour of restricting immigration advanced here that don't amount to pulling up a drawbridge.
  12. mormont

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    Well, you have to understand that the priority is for Mourinho to win a trophy next season to help him get a new job. If that means wasting tens of millions of his employers' money, so be it.
  13. mormont

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    What it boiled down to at Real Madrid, and ever since, is that Mourinho these days is only worth it if he wins. His personality, his tactics, the feuds with rivals, the surly press conferences, the public grumbling, the alienation of players and the demands for ever more money can only be justified if they come with trophies.
  14. mormont

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    You all do realise that 400 replies, not reaching page 20, is the closure point?
  15. mormont

    Football: CLeaning up

    I think they won't. It's a scandal, yes, but not a major one. They also rigged the draw so they could play all their games at Wembley.