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  1. mormont

    Must do emergency travel

    Best of luck, Ormond, and my sympathies at this time. Take care.
  2. mormont

    How would Northman pay tax during Winter?

    The real question is surely how tax could be collected during winter? Northmen are still subsisting during winter, so they have some ability to harvest and forage, and even to farm some food, I'd imagine - just not the acres of wheat that you might traditionally think of as 'farming'. And tax can be applied to stored goods as well. The issue is that collecting that tax is going to be tricky. Your tax collectors aren't going to be able to travel easily. I'd imagine that the taxation model in the North is adapted to the conditions, though. Heavy taxes during summer, light or no tax during winter. The lords can store too.
  3. mormont

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    I stand corrected! I'll have to mention to GRRM next time I see him that he got that detail wrong. He does slip up on some 'historical' details. But that doesn't really help the case that the pie was poisoned, I'm afraid. From that description, the pie is placed in front of Tyrion in front of everyone and immediately covered with lemon cream, presumably from a jug or bowl - that's not an individual serving, for sure. Not much opportunity to insert the poison even if somehow you had it in a form where that was possible. You need the serving man to be in on the plot, at minimum. And even then he has a small window to do it. And you still have all the other problems to deal with. OTOH if you just accept that the poison was in the wine... problems solved! I mean, maybe. I would have given that more credence years ago, before AFFC and ADWD came out and totally ignored the issue. Now, I can't see what GRRM gains from revisiting the issue of exactly who placed the wine in the cup. The story's moved on.
  4. I think writing critiques should wait until you understand the art well enough to write a topic title that's not a whole-ass 20+ word sentence.
  5. mormont

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    No other poison with the same effects as Strangler is ever mentioned in the books, so I'm afraid that yes, you are inventing it. Not for that reason: it was specifically to do with travel. No, no. If I say That means something. No tags means it's just an opinion as a member of the forums, which moderators also are. But on that point, I've been on the forums for nearly seventeen years. I've seen and participated in iterations of this discussion since before AFFC was published. So when someone, moderator or not, who has that experience says they think it's a closed issue, at the very least you should assume their opinion is pretty substantially founded, not a knee-jerk reaction. If I did, it would be on SSM. The plate has not been served to Tyrion. Again, that isn't how medieval feasts are served. Maybe it was in the wine. I don't have the text in front of me, but from memory I don't think we're told that. The difference is that the usual suspects all have direct access to the wine for most of the feast, but don't have much access to the pie, if any. So you do need an additional person here. Everyone already knows Joff has a motive. He's made his dislike of Tyrion clear. Again, it makes no sense for Joffrey to poison Tyrion at the feast, because he could simply have him executed. Yeah, no. Joff is the king. He's not going to jail. He owns the jail. He is the justice system, embodied. I'm sorry, but this is just ludicrous as a plan, start to finish. You can't get rid of a monarch by framing them for murder. Let me know when someone does that. Hashing over ways in which the explanation could be other than the one provided in the books is what I think is pointless. But YMMV. Oh, there's volumes to discuss!
  6. mormont

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    OK, but now you're just inventing things in the world that are never referenced in the books in order to make a pet theory work, and that's the point at which you might as well admit you're making up your own story, not discussing the one in the books. Numerous characters, explicitly. I mean, he was the king. Sure, if you like. The issue hasn't been referenced in two books. It isn't an ongoing plotline. It's closed.
  7. mormont

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    People can discuss whatever they like - it's why the board is here! But this particular discussion just strikes me as a bit dry and pointless. There won't be any new information coming, and the information we have points absolutely to the wine being poisoned and nothing else. Not in any meaningful sense. It's just the plate that happens to be in front of Tyrion. There's no way to poison that particular piece of pie before it's right in front of him, in full view. At which point you, what, put a crystal in his pie? Pour some sort of solution of the poison that's never been seen before in the text over it? I suppose the latter is conceivable, but just because something is conceivable doesn't mean it should be given any credibility. This is absolutely untrue, I'm afraid. I do know what I'm talking about here. Medieval and renaissance feasts are typically served by placing platters of food on each table, from which guests serve themselves. If the tables are particularly large there may be a platter for every half-dozen guests or so. Individual service, with one plate coming from the kitchen intended for a particular guest as in a modern restaurant, is simply not a thing. You've misunderstood me slightly - I said that the theory requires extra unlikely steps to make it work, not that the mechanical act of putting the poison in the pie does. But that said, as noted, poisoning the pie at the table requires an extra person involved in the plot to insert the poison, an extra step to ensure that the plate in front of Tyrion specifically is poisoned, and an extra step to poison the pie (the creation of a solution of Strangler or some other way to get the crystal into the pie in a way that makes it actually effective). It also requires a motive to poison Tyrion in this way and at this time and place specifically (or the incredible foresight to see that Joff would eat Tyrion's pie). It requires explanation for why everyone reacts as if the plot were exactly as it is explained to be, and why the author would include this explanation and then not give any further hints that there is anything unexplained about the matter for two further books. No character considers for a single second, even Tyrion, that he could possibly have been the target. If the reader is supposed to suspect that, then this is bad writing, untypical of the rest of the books. And the idea that you would come up with a plot to frame the king, of all people, for murder is absurd. If Joffrey wanted to kill Tyrion he could have ordered his execution! And who's going to try the king for murder? Who's going to accuse him, call him a liar if he denies it, find him guilty and execute him? Tywin? Hardly. It's just not a believable plot, certainly not one that master schemers like Olenna or Littlefinger would come up with. Sorry.
  8. mormont

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    The pie was not poisoned. That is inconsistent with the information in the text about how Strangler poison works. And again, at a feast with hundreds of people, there's no such thing as 'Tyrion's pie': that's not how feasts are served. It would also require multiple additional steps to the plan that are unlikely or unexplained. For example, either Tyrion was the intended target - which is inconsistent with every character reaction and plot development that follows, and frankly makes no sense, because there's no reason to take Tyrion out at the feast specifically - or somehow the poisoner predicted that Joff would go over to Tyrion's place and eat his pie before he could, which is clearly not credible. The book really is closed on this one. Joff was poisoned by the wine.
  9. mormont

    Purple Wedding, Finally Solved.

    The purple wedding was solved long ago: the wine was poisoned. That's really all there is to it.
  10. mormont

    UK Politics: Life in the Johnsonian Dystopia

    [mod] OK, folks. Let's not wish death on people, it isn't classy. But also, let's not bicker about it. Drop the topic now. Thanks. [/mod]
  11. mormont

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    WRT shutting down construction, it's worth noting that a huge proportion of the construction industry is technically self-employed, as dubious as that status is in many cases. And there isn't much support for the self-employed as yet.
  12. mormont

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    No, I did, and you were kind enough to repeat yourself to make it clear that I had it right the first time. It's somewhat off topic, but it is a very real fear of many I know that this virus and associated emergency measures will be used as a screen to curtail individual liberties and delay reforms that really urgently matter in the area of equal opportunities. 'Priorities' will be the very word used as a call to do this. When you've spent your life being told that your identity and rights are a low priority (ie don't really matter), you're entitled to be worried, IMO.
  13. mormont

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    Other people's problems often strike us as 'luxury problems', but this sits particularly ill in a post calling for solidarity and not individualism. If your unity means telling minorities to STFU because you've decided their issues don't matter, it's not actually unity at all - it's a demand that other people do as you say.
  14. mormont

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    Possibly. I'm not sure the shielding is intended to last that long, though. It might not even be possible. And frankly, the Italians were already taking these sorts of decisions a week or so ago.
  15. mormont

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    Has everyone actually read the guidance on shielding, by the way? Let me quote. And this is seriously a trigger warning for people with vulnerable relatives, because the subtext of this bit of the guidance is scary as fuck but hugely significant. It's not just me, right? This is saying that if you have a prognosis of less than 6 months to live, you aren't going to get treated anyway, so do what you will.