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  1. People move at different speeds, I suppose. Personally, I'd think I wouldn't be compatible with someone who hasn't even kissed me four dates in, but for other people that's the speed they're comfortable with and that's fine.
  2. Anyone playing the Witcher mobile game? I'm experimenting with it just now. Seems basic but it has a couple of features I like.
  3. I'm not sure that's how footballers think. As for what a better agent could do (Kane's brother is an agent, I understand, even if Kane is his only real client): well, hopefully they'd have handled the situation more intelligently. Clumsily trying to bounce both selling and buying club into a move at a price neither had agreed to by means of a hilariously obviously planted story at your own wedding was, to be generous, ill-advised. It did nothing but cool both clubs' interest in the transfer.
  4. [mod] Folks, this has moved way off topic for the thread. That's largely because there is no news, I understand, but there are other threads for these discussions. [/mod]
  5. Can we mind the language about mental illness please? If it does turn out to be someone suffering from delusions/psychosis, that would be incredibly sad for all concerned. But whatever the reason, it's still awful. ETA - not suggesting anyone is being deliberately offensive, by the way. I know you folks better than that.
  6. Didn't Trump already want to do this? How does restraint from the Democrats now stop him from doing this if he ever gets the chance?
  7. I'm not sure what 'co-hosting' with Palestine would mean in this scenario, since I'm fairly sure the Palestinian territories don't have a football stadium that could host even a group match and the Palestinian authorities assuredly don't have the ability at present to build one. (Even if they did, the Israelis would more than likely bomb it to rubble the first time someone threw a stone at an IDF soldier.) Israel on its own probably couldn't host the tournament either, but even if it could, numerous teams would probably boycott the event and Infantino must know that. Presumably Infantino is saying this for political reasons and knows it's not a thing that will actually happen.
  8. Anyone on the thread I'm not already friends with? Just to get this task out of the way!
  9. I'm one of those weird perverts who likes a third place playoff, it satisfies some pedantic corner of my soul.
  10. So I watched Black Widow at the weekend, finally. and it was... very middle of the road, for a Marvel film. Pretty much average, not The Dark World but not a film I anticipate rewatching either. I did agree with the comment about Budapest above, but also - I'd always thought the reason Nat sacrifices herself for Clint in Endgame was that he had a family. But (and this isn't really a spoiler because it's the premise of the film) if Nat has a sort-of adopted family that she reunites with before Endgame, then I guess she does it because... her family don't matter as much as Clint's? Help me out here. That can't be what Marvel intended?
  11. [mod] Enough with the capitalism/socialism philosophical/historical debate. It may underly current US politics (and all other global politics) but it isn't what this thread is for, which is discussion of current affairs in US Politics - which has been totally drowned out over the last ten pages. Has nobody heard of starting a new thread? [/mod]
  12. Entire industries have been built around that question without ever providing a universal answer, so I wouldn't worry about not knowing. Just give it some time, and the answer will become clearer. You don't need to know just yet, right? Speaking as someone who's been absolutely sure at least three times in his life and been 100% wrong every time. (Also, there is no singular 'it' for it to be, but you know that.)
  13. Wait, I'm confused. Amanda Stavely told me that the takeover of Newcastle by the Saudi Public Investment fund (chairman: Mohammed bin Salman) was entirely separate to the conduct of the Saudi government (deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and de facto dictator Mohammed bin Salman). And the government said it didn't get involved in the deal! So what possible effect could this wholly private takeover which the two governments remained entirely above have on diplomatic relations?
  14. Sportswashing is definitely the objective, and this isn't even remotely a controversial thing to say: it's the one thing that absolutely everyone agrees on about this takeover. I think it's fairly clear that I'm not saying that (unless one assumes that I also think Western governments should also accept the burden of responsibility for all the evil perpetrated by the Saudi regime). But they do have a responsibility to speak up about those abuses rather than delightedly enthusing about all the expensive footballers whose services their club can buy now. That'd be a start, anyway. Look, if you think that the Newcastle fans don't have a responsibility to tone down the celebrations about their club selling out to an odious regime, but at the same time think that Western governments do have a responsibility to criticise that regime regardless of the diplomatic cost, well, that's a position you're not alone in. I guess you can take comfort in that. I don't agree. But that's fine. People disagree on these things.
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