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  1. They're not stealing the silverware: that's largely gone, though if they can they'll take what's left. Rather, they're placing a huge bet and paying for it on the credit card, in the belief that it will either pay off (in which case they win) or will fail (in which case they get kicked out and someone else cleans up the mess).
  2. To avoid any misunderstandings, the Kwarteng/Truss economic 'policy' doesn't have popular support - even among their own voters.
  3. I agree. If people have directly relevant to topic points to make involving Afghanistan, Iraq etc. that's fine but discussion of whether those conflicts were in themselves justified isn't directly relevant. There is, so far as I know, no evidence that Putin has justified the war in Ukraine by reference to the Iraq war and while people are free to assume that this played a part (or not) there seems no point to further discussing whether that assumption is justified. Move on.
  4. Now, that's this Mark Fullbrook? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/sep/21/labour-sounds-alarm-over-fullbrook-in-letter-to-civil-service-head
  5. No money for the public sector at all. Nothing for pay rises that match or even approximate inflation: nothing for nurses, doctors, all the people that rescued us during the pandemic. Nothing to fix the court backlog, nothing for students in mental health crises, nothing for schools. Nothing for the housing crisis, nothing for the disabled, nothing for carers. Nothing for the environmental crisis, nothing to prevent future pandemics, nothing for science. 'Growth' will pay for all of that, apparently. When and if it comes, and of course only after the usual people at the top have taken their share of the proceeds to pay for a new home in California and a yacht. Dead on arrival.
  6. Yes, but Isildur's motive there is pretty clearly to get the lantern away from Pharazon's son, who is intending to set light to the oil. I understand why that's risky, but not why it's stupid. What else was he to do: leave the arsonist holding the flame?
  7. The character works fine for me and many others. I think you mean the problem is that the character doesn't work for some viewers, apparently including you. And that's fine. There are few characters that work for everyone.
  8. I would think that a writer who actually fought at the Somme would be very sympathetic to the idea that even acting out fight scenes can be traumatic. As a person who watches a lot of fight scenes and also spends his weekends teaching people to handle a sword (in a safe but audience-friendly way), the fight scenes in this series are mostly fine. Lots of folks think they know about this stuff. They aren't all as correct as they imagine.
  9. Kwasi Kwarteng really stood up there and convinced himself it was 1983, huh? Worst budget I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen Norman Lamont.
  10. Andor can certainly be a more mature Star Wars, but in the end it's going to have the Empire be evil and the Rebellion be good. That's not in question. It's never going to be even comparable to Breaking Bad or anything like that, shows with protagonists who are genuinely bad people who do genuinely bad things. Star Wars likes anti-heroes and even villains well enough as protagonists, it always has - but it will always make sure to redeem them. It's not a setting that will wander far from its moral centre.
  11. See, this is the thing. People tend to think that conservative voters don't have a sense of fairness or don't care about fairness. But that's not true. Instead, what happens is that their sense of fairness has been essentially 'hacked': they've been fed distorted ideas about what's 'fair'. So they focus on why a person who is very poor shouldn't be treated in a better way than a person that's only somewhat poor, because they're told that's 'unfair', while ignoring the much better treatment the very rich receive: or they hyper-focus on examples of individual unfairness towards members of advantaged groups over the systemic unfairness shown to marginalised groups. These things are taught to them using 'fairness' as the lever, not as an obstacle.
  12. What I'm wondering is why, if you want these people to work more hours, the answer is to punish them if they don't: rather than rewarding them if they do?
  13. Tory ideology, folks. Rich people are incentivised by giving rewards, poor people are incentivised by punishment.
  14. And just in case you harboured some idea that this was about balancing the books, saving money, etc., the Chancellor has helpfully just handed a massive tax cut to people earning over £150,000 per year.
  15. Fair. In my head, I mean the distinction is between Trump's team nominating a qualified candidate in the expectation that the government would simply reject him out of hand, and Trump's team nominating a candidate they expected would automatically be on their side. It's about whether they really thought he'd get the job.
  16. Again, this measure isn't aimed at people who don't have a job. It's aimed at people who work part-time, but don't make enough to live on, because their job is low paid.
  17. The Mr Immortal thing, he changed his name so I presume he just played dead then disappeared after 'dying' with his ex-spouses. Body went missing, that sort of thing. Then he starts a new life. The MCU has been heading in the direction of 'there are just lots of superpowered people and we're not doing origins for them all' since Spider-Man turned up.
  18. I said earlier that the government agreeing to Dearie as Special Master was calling Trump's bluff, but now I'm thinking they'd simply done their homework on Dearie and Trump's team didn't bother.
  19. The line is that she was in traffic court next door and lost her temper: she later claims that this was due to a medical condition causing low blood sugar and was cleared of charges using this excuse.
  20. It's closer to two hours, even allowing for credits and recaps. And that's a movie's worth of screen time. TV is slower, but that's a lot of time to get from 'I shot these cops' to 'I am now on the run', even adding the flashbacks.
  21. I missed that! But the hints here are that he's the Wrecking Crew's boss too.
  22. Also, I'm guessing the final scene is a further hint that the Leader is coming back. Well, not back as such, we didn't actually ever get him in full gamma mutated form, but you get what I'm saying.
  23. Folks, I hate to say it. But this is Star Wars. It has space wizards who're also samurai because that's twice as cool as regular space wizards. It's all for kids. Some of us kids are a bit older, is all. Finished the third episode and that more or less reinforces my initial impressions: this is a series made of marvellous bits (the shootout in the factory was a blast, literally, the performances are terrific, the production looks great, some of the dialogue is prerty strong) but it's taken three whole episodes to get to what should have been the end of episode 1. I'm hoping the pace picks up, but if not, it's fun to hang around in the programme waiting.
  24. Mr Immortal is an actual Marvel comics character. He was part of a joke group called the Great Lakes Avengers (who at different times changed their name to the Great Lakes X-Men, Great Lakes Champions, Great Lakes Initiative and Lightning Bolts - the last after the Thunderbolts). Their members included Squirrel Girl. His inclusion here is similarly a joke, and actually I thought it was a pretty funny use of the character. Don't overthink it. (Also, they haven't given Titania an origin and you're worried about whre Mr I comes from?) That was a pretty strong episode, I thought. Mallory and Nikki were fun, Ginger Gonzaga is showing she can do a double act with anybody. Looking forward to the next!
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