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  1. Watched Boots Riley's Im A Virgo over the weekend and man, that was good stuff. What can you say about a series where the climactic scene is a superhero being defeated by having it explained to them that unharnessed capitalism essentially creates crime by requiring an untenable level of poverty to exist and that therefore superheroes are fundamentally reactionary tools of the establishment? And where also it is clear that Boots Riley has really thought about how a 13 foot tall guy and his normal size girlfriend could have sex. It's not going to be for everyone, but if you like it, you'll really love it.
  2. The phrase 'that escalated quickly' gets somewhat overused these days. But...
  3. Well, at least if Prigozhin gets arrested he can sign up to fight in Ukraine?
  4. I was actually going to remark earlier, before this report, that it seems Putin had a cunning plan after all, which was to have the Russian civil war in someone else's country. Seems to be working.
  5. That won't happen. The demand is still going to be there, since a huge percentage of the population will be unable to afford a mortgage and there is no social housing supply to speak of. What will happen is that the ownership pattern of private rented accommodation will change and rents will go up. You'll see a lot more offshore companies as landlords. Again, we've made a policy choice here, decades ago, which we're seeing the consequences of now: effectively eviscerating council housing has led to handing profits to private companies.
  6. The world is full of straight white people complaining that these days you can't use the n-word, the p-word, the f-word*, etc. and how unfair that is (they use it about themselves!), while also complaining about how they get labelled. *not that one, the one about gay people.
  7. ps if you want to talk about a surprise twist Skrull character, it's almost certainly
  8. I just had to renew my deal, on a fixed rate for three years. That was before this rise, but my mortgage went up 25%. Now, as it happens, I can manage that, but a lot of people will not be able to and repossessions will happen. Be very clear: when we talk about getting inflation down by increasing interest rates, that's what we mean. A big part of that is making people poorer, through mortgage increases, reduced spending, and reduced investment. That's a policy choice. ETA - I want to clarify, though, that I'm absolutely not in favour of mortgage relief. We're acquiring a valuable asset. We shouldn't be given public money to help. If public cash is available, spend it on supporting people on fixed incomes.
  9. Somewhat disappointing start. The AI-generated credits... I can see people involved patting themselves on the back about how timely and apt that was, but the problem is, they're ugly and boring. Please just pay someone to do a good job. You have the money. I'll keep watching this but I hope it gets better. It feels like a wasted opportunity so far.
  10. It's just Musk being foolish again. It's not an enforceable policy, just public posturing, and will be quietly ignored. Also, if someone has not responded to you, please do not bring that up later. It's not good board etiquette. Nobody owes you a response to anything you post here.
  11. Sony proving they still, even after all those successful Marvel Spidey movies, do not understand superhero movies at all.
  12. The most Donald Trump story ever? No, but it's pretty typical Trump.
  13. If you all need some comic relief: Nadine Dorries has decided to demand all records of any conversations relating to why she didn't get her promised sinecure and won't be resigning until she's got a full explanation of what went on. Not in any way a childish tantrum but a Very Serious Matter which demands a comprehensive investigation. I suspect some of her constituents might be wondering if she ever put so much effort into representing their interests, but who are we to judge?
  14. That's not the issue. Religion is certainly influencing the populist right in the UK. The issue is that, in the reverse of the US, that religious influence acts as a barrier to the populist right in the UK rather than an enabler. Centrist voters in the UK don't go to church much, and don't generally approve of mixing religion and politics.
  15. His resignation statement is entertaining reading, if you like bitter whinging. I like that he's insisting not only that 'I did not lie' but that 'I believe that in their hearts the committee know it'. He's not angry with them, just disappointed. I can almost see him sighing and tutting. How could the committee not know in their hearts that the most mendacious fibber in the whole country wasn't lying this time?
  16. I remember this one. He was arguing with a Bahraini activist and told him to 'go back to Bahrain'. Bit insensitive since the activist in question was stripped of his Bahraini citizenship by the government there and if he did go back, he'd be in real danger of death. (He has been granted asylum in the UK because of this.) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-64033838
  17. And you say that as if factionalism was not part of the Labour party since its foundation, and indeed of the Conservative party, the SNP, etc. One half of the party that is the Lib Dems was founded by Labour factionalism. If factionalism upsets you, my advice would be never to interact with politicians. It's literally the only way to avoid 'this bullshit'.
  18. John McDonnell, of course, famously never ever engaged in factionalism.
  19. Odd way for Musk to come out as gay though.
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