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  1. The idea that there is a heirarchy of racism is a very dangerous one, and it should never be confused with the idea that some racist incidents are more serious than others, or that not all racism looks alike or has a similar history. Anti-Semitism has a different history and has manifested differently than, say, racism against Roma or racism against Afro-Caribbeans in the UK. That is not at all the same as saying they exist in a heirarchy.
  2. So it appears that Musk is up to his usual tricks. Originally, blue ticks were a status symbol. This meant that people actually wanted them, so Musk was like 'my cunning business brain sees an untapped market!' The problem is that by selling them, he devalued them as a status symbol, taking away the only reason anyone would pay to have them. No problem: let's just give blue ticks to a random selection of celebs, making them prestigious again! Problem: the celebs didn't ask for them and don't want them. Well, tough luck: they get them regardless. Except... now you're associating their name and likeness with your (commercial) product to sell it. Without permission. Oops. I expect the whole thing will be explained away as some sort of technical glitch or blamed on random staffers who get fired. That's the usual next step in Musk's cunning plans.
  3. In that it should be far easier to feed multiple species in a prison than it is in a bar, I'd agree! I'm with Varys here, and it's not even a disagreement as far as I can see: it's crystal clear that the creators decided they didn't want (for whatever reason) to have multiple species in the show, at least not much, and that the order of events is that the story elements that make that choice make narrative sense flow from, rather than dictating, that decision. I say 'creators' because it's not at all clear whether it was the writers or someone else who took that decision. Might have been a creative decision, a budget decision, a bit of both, something else entirely. You can argue about the prison, but the heist planet population being basic humans is the really obvious bit IMO. Anyway, it's not a major flaw or anything, the point is it's clearly a choice.
  4. No. That's not a topic, that's a vibe. If people want to broaden the topic, within sensible bounds, that's fine. It can include other Musk stuff (except SpaceX, which is covered in another topic) or other social media news (not random Twitter posts people find amusing) or things that closely related to the original subject. But unless we want GC to be basically a mess of interchangeable threads where you can post whatever you feel like, we're going to ask for folks to have a clear topic with some boundaries, and stick to it. It's been that way for the history of the board, which at this point is decades, if you all want to feel old.
  5. The floor is basically techno-magic and it would have made as much sense for the writers to write it as working for multiple species as it would to write it the way they did. The food issue has never been a problem in any other SW setting. These aren't reasons, they're rationalisations.
  6. Reprehensible as these plans might be, except for a vague mental association that they're sort of a tech-bro idea (though the proposal doesn't come from an actual tech-bro) they have nothing to do with the topic of this thread, which I take to be a continuation of the Twitter threads. They're absolutely a US Politics topic and are being discussed in that thread.
  7. The Pastons, a Norfolk family of gentry, had two sons named John, both named after their father, John.
  8. So no traitor after all, but that was a fun episode. Season 3 wasn't season 1 level in quality, but it was enjoyable.
  9. The rumour is that the final episode is called 'The Traitor', also.
  10. Somebody's spying for him. It would make some sense if it's the Armourer. Axe is the other obvious option.
  11. I mean, I get that, but it's also kind of amusing to see someone saying 'no, we also do bad programming' as a marketing strategy. As much as it makes sense on a certain level, it's also funny.
  12. Worth noting that Russia can and does engage in traditional alliance building outside of its near environs, for example with Venezuela, Cuba, certain African countries, etc. The points above are all true, but really only for neighbouring countries, and that's the point. Senior people in the Russian state have a sense of entitlement and grievance about those countries and Russia's place in the world that doesn't apply otherwise.
  13. It's made from blue milk, presumably.
  14. Wrongly. Definitely wrongly. There is no suggestion that it is rightly, I hope? And facts of history aren't immutable. Russia took Crimea and that changed the facts. If Russia lost Crimea again, that would also then be a fact of history. If Ukraine want to re-take Crimea, I for one would back that: I've said before that it's quite reasonable to conclude that not doing so would undermine the long term security of Ukraine and risk the conflict re-starting. I'm fairly sure they've entertained the possibility, but they're entitled to aim for retaking Crimea meantime. People still seem to underestimate how far the current Russian regime is dedicated to expansion and control of the 'near abroad'. They've moved to doing this by military means because the tools they were using, corruption and blackmail, stopped working, as simple as that. No peace treaty will be change their ambitions. They view control of countries like Ukraine as a right. They've shown they'll use any means necessary and won't voluntarily stop.
  15. I'm not sure what point is this supposed to be making but it isn't making it. Comics scholars, as noted previously, will have no trouble accessing the work just because it's no longer being physically printed.
  16. It's not about them not being 'clean'. It's about not publishing, in 2023, a book that is actively offensive to many readers in 2023. (And was actively offensive to many readers when it was originally published: it's just that Disney didn't care about those readers back then.) Barks' stories are certainly significant in comics scholarship and will still be available and will still be studied in that context. But they're no longer actually necessary to understand the character, practically nobody but comics scholars reads them nowadays anyway, and the announcement wasn't so much 'stealthy' as it was just ignored because it's not really a big story.
  17. No, this was post- his split with Marillion, State of Mind tour at the Barrowlands I think (though Fish played everywhere post-split: he played the town hall in Lochgelly. He played 80 gigs in 1995. The man just didn't take an evening off.)
  18. Support acts can be weird. I once saw Fish (ex-Marillion) supported by a straight-up ska band, and y'know, I don't mind a bit of ska but who on earth booked that? Then again, I also saw Primus supporting Rush which you would think would be a slam dunk choice but the audience reaction was distinctly flat. Best support acts: I saw Anthrax twice in a year, the first time with Living Colour and the second with King's X. Excellent bands and totally appropriate for the acts.
  19. Sacrilege. I'll need the names and addresses of everyone in that crowd.
  20. Rush, 1988, Glasgow SECC. It was an all-standing gig, capacity must've been about 8,000, and we queued all afternoon and got in right at the front. Acoustics were shit but it was amazing. Best gig still Anthrax supported by King's X on a sweltering hot July night in the Barrowlands, Glasgow. Both bands got an encore, the place was ankle-deep in sweat and spilled beer, my ears were ringing for days.
  21. Yeah, it's active in those three countries precisely because they're trialling it for use everywhere. And I'd be willing to bet those three countries have lots of households that don't conform to the 'one physical location' model: itinerant workers, for example, internal migrants, split families. So the idea was clearly to test this idea in a low stakes environment -low profile, poor (by international standards) customers, small markets - before moving it on to all of us. And they clearly like the results, but not the backlash this got.
  22. Again, Netflix already do this. They just decided it wasn't enough, and that they need to lock your account to one address too.
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