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  1. Musk always said he would be CEO of Twitter on a temporary basis, he hasn't specified when he'll resign/leave, and he's under huge pressure from Tesla investors to give up being Twitter CEO. The poll is a publicity stunt based on him doing what he was going to do anyway - like all his Twitter polls are.
  2. Maybe start a Warhammer thread for this conversation?
  3. Not gonna lie, I'd never even heard of Nostr before Musk decided it was a threat. Now I have.
  4. To be clear, folks, this isn't a 'post your favourite Tweets' thread. It's discussing the Twitter takeover/future of Twitter.
  5. I'm glad to know Musk is taking a firm stance against doxxing. Bit of a shift from that time when a critic of his was doxxed and Musk reportedly called his employer. https://electrek.co/2018/07/24/tesla-troll-short-doxxed-oil-industry-musk-calls-boss/
  6. Me and Tarantino wouldn't get along either, to be fair. Also, worth mentioning in passing that Margot Kidder also absolutely killed as Lois Lane. She didn't get the transformations Reeve got but she understood the assignment perfectly. Those films had flaws but they got the casting of the leads 100% correct.
  7. Any featuring Christopher Reeve, but particularly Superman II.
  8. Charm. Inspiration. Warmth. The sense that you're a person who is the most powerful on Earth and you understand that but refuse to exploit it for selfish ends. Projecting a genuine interest in human beings as the most fascinating and valuable things you've ever seen, despite having travelled the universe. The idea that Clark Kent, not Superman, is who you really aspire to be, but you'll never stop being Superman, because you understand how important it is that he exists. YMMV but honestly, Superman is a much more demanding role for an actor than Batman, for example. How many nominations have ever been received for playing a superhero? Not a villain, not a supporting character - a superhero?
  9. I mean, I liked ROP more than most here but honestly, it's hardly a shock that it isn't on that list. I suppose some might cite the cost again, and say that for that money it should be, but that's a stale and simplistic argument at this point.
  10. Honestly, Claremont's later comic book work is disappointing, even. He never got back the magic he had for that long, long spell in charge of the X-Men line, and to some extent on other titles at the time. And yeah, his prose efforts are surprisingly pedestrian.
  11. Personally I call people what they choose to be called, as a matter of good manners (I used to make an exception for Mohammed Al Fayed, because the 'al' is really an honorific he's not entitled to, but whatever, if he wants to use it.) Anyway, my point is that, as ever with good manners, there's more flexibility with how we talk about famous people than there is with each other. Being rude about someone not on the board =/= being rude to someone on the board. That would include using preferred names. Deadnaming trans people, OTOH, is another kettle of fish. That's offensive to a number of users who themselves are trans.
  12. Nah. Sorsha is the strong female lead of the original movie. Hers is the lead story: the hero establishing independence from and overcoming their evil parent to save the world. The innovative aspect of Willow, that made it stand out, was telling the story from the point of view of the sidekick. Willow is a very unconventional character to be the lead but very much a typical sidekick character of the time. Elora Danan, as someone else noted, is the MacGuffin. Anyway, watching this, it's fun. It has an impressive cast, especially Erin Kellyman as Jade who is all kinds of awesome. I'm enjoying Tony Revolori as Graydon as well. There is some silliness and some off notes.
  13. I'd say this: I don't know, and I don't think anyone else on this thread really knows for sure, exactly why Ye is saying the things he's been saying. But he is saying them and they are doing real harm. Those are the things we know for sure. I've had to deal with some difficult situations, personally and professionally, in recent years where individuals who had a mental illness were causing real harm to others (including others who were themselves mentally ill). It was not always clear whether and to what extent they were able to control their behaviour. But the other people involved were being hurt regardless, and where that happens, you have to act. You can sort out the rest later.
  14. Yeah. From what I can see, it appears to be the actor's decision, but that's not a good sign for season 2.
  15. I've rewatched it a number of times, tbh. Still think it's unjustly maligned. And much, much better than Temple of Doom. This looks... hmm. It's hard to get past the notion of Indy, who looks like he should be incapable of anything more energetic than a game of backgammon, jumping around and punching people. But maybe. Looks like there's a very high nostalgia factor though. At least Crystal Skull was trying to do something new with the franchise. (I know, that's why a lot of folks hated it.)
  16. Sorry to be That Guy, but again, there's a conflation there, Jax, of 'quality' and 'target audience'. Most of the SW stuff that's explicitly aimed at kids (e.g. some of the animated series) is of notably good quality. There's a difference between 'I'm not the target audience' and 'this is objectively bad', and the failure to understand that lies behind a lot of the more unhinged social media campaigns against certain media products in recent years.
  17. It is a reasonable point, though, that media and the flow of information in the SW universe is one of the worldbuilding points that's hopelessly inconsistent, both within the setting and with the tech level displayed in other ways. Basically, I think LV has some decent points about the writing - the plotting in Andor sometimes has issues. As noted, the lost sister arc disappears abruptly, Mon Mothma's story is very much put to the side and shows little progress (though thematically it's often important), and there are plot holes. That we can mostly forgive them in the service of the things the series gets very, very right - wonderful performances, great work on the setting, the rarity of seeing a mainstream series that is so serious about anti-fascism - doesn't mean those flaws don't exist.
  18. It was fine. Personally, I'd put it as the least of the Marvel TV offerings so far. It's a little... unfinished looking. The Groot suit is not good, and some of the other prosthetics are off too. (Some look great. Some don't.). I found the scene with the cops weirdly violent and off-putting. The rest was caught somewhere between trying to be sincere and trying to be an alternative take and didn't really hit either mark. (The use of Fairytale of New York, a song that genuinely was an alternative take at one point but now is about as controversial as Jingle Bells, is an apt indicator of the problem.)
  19. Yeah, considering that chasing his lost sister was the instigating event for everything that subsequently happened to Cassian, it's a little odd that he was basically told 'forget about her' and he just... did. She didn't even get a passing mention in the last, what, two thirds of the series?
  20. (I would also like to log some complaints about the casting, direction, continuity errors and terrible plotting of real life while I'm on the topic.)
  21. My view is, real life doesn't have a consistent tone. Made up stories don't have to either.
  22. Sure. But in the context of Wakanda Forever just being released, a film where there were loud calls for T'Challa to be recast, it's important to distinguish.
  23. Recasting isn't rebooting. Reboots usually involve a recast but they are not the same thing.
  24. Saw this tonight. Really excellent work all round. Acting, set design, writing, direction. I see some folks here aren't taken with it, but I thought it was an incredible answer to what was probably the MCU's biggest challenge. When I think back to the discussions here and elsewhere about how Coogler was ever going to make this work, and then to what I saw on screen, he and the team around him answered it all. Couple of responses below:
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