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  1. That depends. If Euron is an agent of the Others or an agent of chaos then the Drowned God pushing Aeron to oppose him (make Asha Queen you stupid mortal!) could be taken as opposing them. Plus, the dead can’t cross water. Is that because of the Drowned Gods power? Plus, we only think this because the Red Priests are aware of the prophecies. If, hypothetically, the Faith Militant was aware of the Others there would probably be legions of flaggelants marching on the wall and priests declaring the End Times. Come think of it, this has kind of happened with the rise of an extremist form of the faith; is that because the Seven are whipping the people up for war? The same is true of the Drowned God and Ironborn. Or because unlike those faiths this one has a real Cthulhu monster behind it. What we are seeing is two Lovecraftian Elder Ones duelling for supremacy with their respective cults.
  2. Tyrion1991

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    It’s going to create enormous structural problems having to put those battle in TWOW. Four battles is a lot of material to cut. I’d go as far as to say that Tyrion, Arron, Sam, Vic, Barristan, Theon and Asha’s ADWD were not concluded in Dance. Plus he’s going to have to rewrite large sections of them to remind us all what happened in Dance since it’s not following directly on from previous chapters in the same book. Presumably George wanted to, like in Clash, resolve these battles and properly set the stage for the next chapter. For example, how are all the personalities at Mereen going to mesh. So it’s not just the battles but also the resolution and setting the stage for Winds which has not done. I was watching a video by Linda and they suspected that George intends to do a time skip to Age Bran and Arya up. I would not be surprised if he settles all these battles and then does the jump. I d be willing to bet that almost all of the problems George has stems from having to cram part 3 of Dance with Dragons into another novel. Really he should have either restructured the novel to get a complete story or published the resolution to Dance as a separate novel. My point is that I don’t get the defence of “well these are character driven novels you can’t complain about the lack of plot” when they’re clearly heavily geared towards these big set piece battles and towards completing each characters mini arc. So the plot is important. George just did not finish ADWD. He really has been writing Dance with Dragons for 18 years.
  3. Tyrion1991

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    “I am a lion! I am a lion! Hear me roar!” I was howling. It was so funny.
  4. Tyrion1991

    Why do people trust mages?

    I am referring more to the fact that Mirri doesn’t act trust worthy. For example ominously saying “of course Khaleesi, I will help you” at the end of a chapter. She’s clearly shifty and doesn’t act like a normal person. She so blatantly is out to wreck Dany. Again, if I was doing a Pathfinder RP and I put that character in front of heroes they would just lynch her. My point is that they act like evil witches and warlocks. So, characters and people should reasonably view them with suspicion and hostility. If they have good intentions they’ve got a funny way of showing it. If Dany had killed Miri immediately or just ignored her then Drogo and her child wouldn’t have died. If Stannis had killed Mel he would be as he was in Storm, stuck on an island with no hope but with a lot less blood on his hands. Funny how trusting somebody who worships a Lovecraftian God is a bad idea. Cersei’s paranoia from listening to Maggi becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. My point is she should have took one look at Maggy and been like “hell no.” Quiathe is encouraging Dany to be paranoid and filling her head with creepy visions. It would not surprise me if Quiathe is pushing Dany into some sort of human sacrifice. We did read the same chapter where we have the corpse melted into his weir wood throne on piles of human bones beckoning Bran to drink deep from the darkness? Again, “hell no” is the natural response. Not “teach me what you know wise wizard”. Mirri - “Only death can pay for life” Blood mage. Mel - Burns people. Blood mage. Moqorro - Think he burns some people to spur Vics ships. Part of Mels religion so very likely. Blood mage. 3 Crow - Looks at piles of human bones. Looks at reddish paste the kindly man wants me to eat. Wonders where Jojen has got to. Mistakes were made. Oh yeah, the tree he’s in bleeds blood. These are all horrible people doing horrible things. She embraces being a dragon at the end of dance as Q fills her head with visions. She takes seriously the warnings about the perfumed seneschal and the mummers dragon. She believes in the HoU vision of the slaves calling out to her when she rides out into them. You’re saying if one of these creepy people rocked up you would trust them? I keep bringing up the RPG point because most parties do not trust shifty characters. It should be reasonable that a normal person would accept them at face value. None of George’s mages do that. He seems to want to make a point of characters blindly trusting prophecy and magic. I am not sure why there aren’t witch hunts to wipe out all the mages.
  5. Tyrion1991

    Why do people trust mages?

    Pretty much all the mages George has introduced are blatantly malicious if not evil and have the worst intentions for the people around them. Mirri, Melisandre, Moqorro, Maggy the Frog, the Three Eyed Crow, Quiathe. Even in some of the expanded lore with Maegor trusting a witch at court. Why? I mean for one, a lot of fantasy tends to focus on precisely the mistrust and fear that magical powers would create. Including burnings at the stake, persecution and mass hysteria. Even in popular video games like the witcher, Dragonage as well as books like the Wheel of Time. It’s a common trope. This seems entirely absent from George’s world. People don’t seem to distrust witches on principle; certainly non of the POV characters has ever said “nope” on first encountering a wizard. Like if Bran was a hero in a Call of Cthulu adventure and I pulled the cave thing with Crow, all the players would be shouting “kill it, kill it with fire”. I am not convinced by Georges insinuation that people are naturally trusting of the supernatural; if anything the opposite is true. People tend to freak out and view them with intense suspicion. Also, it’s just so glaringly obvious that the heroes should ignore if not kill these people and most of their problems would go away. Almost invariably they are the cause of most of their problems. I am not sure why everyone is so easily convinced by them when they’re suggesting human sacrifice or all but cackling maniacally. Red flags. None of these have been normal people who have made any attempt to hide what they are. I’ve never once been surprised by these mages backstabbing the hero. Maybe George intends to subvert this later on in the series where a character does kill a mage out of hand when they could have been useful. For example, Dany just straight up kills Marwyn once she learns he trained Mirri. I mean Dany I think says she was “wary” of mages but she’s still listening to Quiathe/HoU as gospel so she clearly isn’t that wary at all. But atm people seem far too trusting of mages and lack a natural hostility towards them. Even the characters that are hostile have to build up to it or have their views muddled with other issues. For example Davos. It takes the death of his sons to want to kill Mel and it’s got less to do with the supernatural elements and more to do with her religion (burnings) and her bad influence on Stannis. Varys does, but he never comes into contact with any mages so it’s irrelevant.
  6. Tyrion1991

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    He probably needed that gold simply to maintain 10,000 men on campaign for several years. Medieval Kingdoms were bankrupted financing similar ventures.
  7. Ah, Dinosaurs. That little Dungeons and Dragons chestnut. The more George reveals how fantastical the world is the harder it is for me to take seriously people’s disbelief of the Others.
  8. Tyrion1991

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Its not so much “nothing happens” it’s that you have two books of build up and then the book abruptly ends on cliffhangers. To round off the list: - Cersei trial - Battle of Mereen - Battle of Winterfell - Battle of Blood at Oldtown - Battle of Storms End These are all events which were meant to occur and actively built up in during crows and especially Dance. Events touted to occur in the opening of Winds. I’ve reread Dance a few times and he clearly wants Mereen to be the biggest and most complicated battle to date. It’s way more involved than Blackwater. All of Dany, Barristan, Quentin, Victorian and Tyrion’s story is set up for this main event. There’s a bit of a myth that George resolved the Mereenese Knot because he still has to spend a good chunk of Winds on this battle. Its a huge deal and it completely guts A Dance with Dragons as a novel. It’s clearly unfinished and of course thats a huge problem a decade on from when the last book dropped.
  9. Tyrion1991

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    They can talk about it. But the pendulum will likely swing to no. Especially if people learn Dany has the baggage of a few million Dothraki and freed slaves she’s considering bringing into Westeros.
  10. Tyrion1991

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    They can talk about it. But the pendulum will likely swing to no. Especially if people learn Dany has the baggage of a few million Dothraki and freed slaves she’s considering bringing into Westeros.
  11. Tyrion1991

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    Yeah. If nobody tells Dany that Eurons a bad man there’s a risk she might ally with him. Even if it’s Vic. Iam personally not a fan of a dragon being killed or captured because of Eurons superpowers. It should be a character driven thing and part of her arc. She makes a mistake and loses a dragon. A consequence of her choices. Plus Euron is OP and the dragons are never going to be fully grown. There’s other magic which counters the dragons. So iam not seeing a balance that needs to be made. Plus George would be sacrificing creating that dynamic of Aegon and his dragon riders which I feel should be put into the story.
  12. Tyrion1991

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    But with the faith being a power he may not be able to do that. Plus would he anger Dorne given the precedent of his father and Elia? Plus, he doesn’t seem to like Dany.
  13. Tyrion1991

    Winterfell, the castle, questions about

    It’s there to imply that the Starks are close to nature and have nurturing tendencies. This is contrast to Southern Lords who are interested in wine, whores and other repugnant wastes of money. It’s all very on the nose. Targaryens build a map of the world to conquer and play games while the Starks plant trees. Have you figured out who the good guys are? Because the Starks consider spending money wasteful. So having a derelict tower makes sense to them. They probably have the money they just don’t spend because they think it’s thrifty and place moral value on that. Bad people spend money kids. Doesnt Bran get out this way? Could be hinting how the castle is retaken in future. There’s lots of reasons castles would have hidden tunnels. It doesn’t need to be the Children but it could be. I am not sure how much George wants to do with the Children TBH. It felt like he wanted to do more then realised people preferred his political drama so delayed doing anything with them. I am guessing the crypts are a lot bigger. It’s probably like a Skyrim quest down there. Plus in World of Ice it’s mentioned that Winterfell fell to the Bolton’s a few times. I imagine they destroyed all of the tombs, dug them up, hurled their bones in ditches. So we’re only talking a few centuries of Starks and not an unbroken thousands of years I’d imagine. That or they churn through the older ones to make space. Little undignified but needs must.
  14. Tyrion1991

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    But there are more powerful and influential houses like Hightower.
  15. Tyrion1991

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    Black, green and white? Hmm, we’ll see. I am still putting money on Jorah riding Rhaegal. TBH I can never tell if we’re overthinking George’s work. It feels obvious that Dany is going to burn Aegon so it must be a twist within a twist within a twist. I mean, going back to the Alexandria example. It could be that the whole false dragon thing means that Aegon is killed and his head is sent to Dany as proof of loyalty. Because if they assume he’s a false pretender then people may think it’s prudent to kill him to avoid the Dragon Queens wrath. Which is a bit like Pompey being murdered by the Ptlomy and Caesar being appalled before conquering Egypt. Which would be ironic that it’s actually people being afraid of her that leads to her relatives being put to death and incurring her wrath on people who want to help her. However, I do think it is as people have guessed. Aegon will cut his own path and marry Arriane which cuts Dany out of the succession. She gets mad. Prophecies, Mummers dragons etc etc etc