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  1. Tyrion1991

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    I had thought that if Dany died, Jorah would have become Robert Baratheon 2.0 and killed Jon. So Jon would die like his father Rhaegar.
  2. Tyrion1991

    So what was this long story all about?

    The same arguments used by English conservatives against the French Revolution. Slow evolutionary change is better than a despot who promises rapid change through violent revolution. Daenerys is being compared to Napoleon and Robespierre. Alternatively, bitches be crazy if you give them any power?
  3. Tyrion1991

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    That killing people to get your way is okay if your name is Stark.
  4. Tyrion1991

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Well, that happened. This is the capstone that has ruined the series for me: - They go full Disney after killing Dany and every character gets a happy ending. - The show asserts that there would not be negative consequences to killing Dany. No Jon death. No vengeance on the Starks. The series has stressed the issues of unintended consequences. - The show ties itself in a knot by killing Dany. They are trying to make the point that violence is bad and pursuit of power is bad. But then have the entire issue solved by “oh if we kill the bad people then the good will rise to the top”. This undercuts the entire morality. - The wise council elects a King? No. Just no. - Elective monarchies like the Holy Roman Empire and Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth were disasters. The show runners are ignorantly assuming that hereditary monarchy is the problem. England became a constitutional monarchy without changed hereditary monarchy. - This elected council allows the North to have its own King? If hereditary monarchy is a problem then why allow the nobles their powers and a Stark in Winterfell? You can’t have it both ways. - The show decides to hang everything that is wrong with the world on Daenerys. Despite having depicted her as a hero up until two episodes ago. - Every character acts as if putting cities to the sword is a singularly unusual act. When in reality it was common in the Middle Ages and Ancient World. - In short, the show falls back on black and white morality without any grounding in reality.
  5. Yeah I mean the showrunners haven’t done their homework if they go the elective monarchy route. I think they believe it wasn’t a real thing and that it’s somehow a half way towards democracy. The show hasn’t set up a Magna Carta situation and certainly not the need for the monarch to call an assembly or parliament to raise taxes. Lord forbid the notions that the representatives should be elected. But this sounds very much like the Holy Roman Empire where each of the Wardens becomes an elector count. Given that the HRE was a disaster and dominated by the Habsburgs for centuries without any improvement in the lot of the common people it does not fill me with confidence. This system didn’t prevent the 30 Years War from occurring. Absolutist France would be a better alternative. Honestly I’d prefer if they were more nuanced. At the minute they just want to have Dany represent everything that’s bad in the world whilst our stoic heroes browbeat her condescendingly. Why not have her want to abolish serfdom or curtail the “over mighty subjects” with her Lords? Why not have her do a Justinian and get somebody to write up an actual law code? People put cities to the sword all the time in the ancient and medieval world. I don’t understand the characters belief that killing Dany will change that or that it’s somehow uniquely cruel.
  6. Tyrion1991

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Yes with the various magical items they have that boost their power. I think with that Egwene basically destroys an army from an empire implied to be equivalent to the Seanchan in one shot. You are right the Battle of Cairhein is the exception that proves the rule. From this point until the final few books the girls don’t really have a chance to use their powers. Considering how long the WoT was and that we’re constantly told OMG they’re so powerful that was a little disappointing. See I felt that Rand and Perrin were given important stuff to do. Taking back the Two Rivers, Battling the Seanchan, the assassination attempts with the Forsken, Faile being abducted, Rand being captured. The Darkspawn invasion of one of the Kingdoms. Curing the taint. Attempting to compel the Seanchan into joining the fight. His struggle with madness. There’s a lot more going on with Rand and Perrin. Even Matt, despite being the rogue, does get to command a mercenary company and set up his relationship with Tuon. So I didn’t feel as if he did much with those characters in the novels. There parts are much more low key and feel less important.
  7. Tyrion1991

    This is all Jon’s fault

    Yes WoT has a large cast of female characters and in terms that of “power level” most of them by a few books in are (absurdly in some cases) more powerful than Dany with Drogon. By the final book Egwene could probably nuke a city instantly and the rest could just take their time. The issue for me was how RJ chose to focus on the small scale stuff for most of their story. In the early books they are tagging along with Rand on his adventure. Then there’s the plot with the Weather flute. Then there’s them sneaking around in the circus. Some of these are quite characterful moments. All the wrangling as Egwene becomes amyrilin. But they aren’t particularly cool. It’s very late in the story that Egwene has to fight against the Seanchan, or Elayne for her throne and IMO we had to wait for the Last Battle before they were given room to seriously cut loose. Compare that to Perrin and Rands storylines which are very much large scale epic fantasy with lots of cool moments throughout. The same could be said with Daenerys. Even though for most of the series she is significantly weaker than any of the female characters in WoT her story is always depicted as being important and she has lots of cool moments throughout. This is partly due to RJ rigorously wanting the girls to follow their oaths as Aes Sedai to not kill, but at the same time putting them in situations where they couldn’t (or were prevented with the Gollum) from using their powers. You don’t have, as you do in Rands/Perrins storyline, excuses to fight armies of Darkspawn or smack down the Seanchan. I found this to be annoying since it felt like he knew they were overpowered a few books in. Oh I don’t mind the bitchiness. Nynaeve is one of the favourite characters. I mean honestly chills when she tricks Lan by dropping him on the wrong side of the Borderlands and raises the whole country
  8. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    No I think even those shots and the battle of the wagon train are extremely critical of the violence that’s used against the Lannister army and Iron Fleet. It spends a lot of time focusing on: people screaming, bodies being trampled on, people running away and just the general tone. It spends a lot of time showing their struggle and fight against Dany. You had Mr Tarly as the man of action. Compare that to the Battle of the Bastards where Jon at one point skewers a prone and clearly helpless man. Here it’s a mixture of spectacle and bloody minded vengeance. We don’t have the same moralising when the Knights of the Vale ride down the Bolton army as the Dothraki. Then at the end you have the triumphant moment. Dany doesn’t get that in the wagon train battle. Instead it rolls into the prisoners. Funny there weren’t any prisoners after BoB....
  9. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    No Iam saying that in this fictional setting. They’ve went from the Lannister’s being the army of brigands ravaging the Riverlands to being the Knights of Summer who we should always be sympathising with. This is not a nuanced portrayal. Well in the wagon train and the destruction of Kings Landings military defences they’re pretty clear that Dany is entirely in the wrong. She isn’t depicted as just. We have the sympathetic Lannister army, we have Tyrion brow beating the whole thing. Its entirely one sided. Which is why they overlook the sack of Highgarden.
  10. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    Tywins hanging people left right and centre in Harranhal. It’s the closest you get to the Lannister army. It’s the heart of their operation. So it’s not a specific unit but indicative of the culture of that whole army. The show assumes that every Lannister soldier in season 7 and 8 is an innocent lamb being sent to the slaughter. It’s a dramatic shift in portrayal.
  11. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    Those are the people of Kings Landing. They don’t show you the sack of Highgarden which sanitises it. Compare that to the moralising done during the sack of Kings Landing. This is a biased portrayal so you would feel sorry for them when Dany beats their army. If they had shown the Lannister’s killing innocents and raping it would be a little insincere to be caring about those folk in the shieldwall. This is evidence that they want you to relate to the Lannister army.
  12. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    There has not been a single bad Lannister soldier for two seasons.
  13. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    If you humanise your opponent you are, by definition, casting moral judgement on any kind of violence against them. Take Letters from Iwo Jima. In trying to depict the Japanese as fighting a heroic and hopeless struggle it casts doubt on the violence employed by the US against them. But even that film is careful to distance it’s protagonists from the State and the more extreme nationalists. The same is true in season 7 and 8. The series wants to cast moral judgement against Dany for using her dragon. Never mind that Tyrion killed thousands with Wildfire but hey. So to achieve this they constantly beat you over the head with their perspective and why their fears and struggle is important. The whole battle of the wagon train is basically beating you over the head with it.
  14. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    The product of the political union after the event and burying the hatchet. Not an endorsement of the German soldiers having ever been right to be fighting or for fighting them to have been a crime.
  15. Tyrion1991

    Why am I asked to care about the Lannister soldiers?

    It’s depicted as entirely monsters and evil people in the first few seasons when they’re fighting the Stark’s. Then once it’s fighting Dany they are suddenly all innocent lambs being misled by Cersei. Thats a massive in change in portrayal and tone. You’re implying that this was always nuanced when it never was. It completely flipped between two extremes. We have never been asked to view the Lannister soldiers as humans until season 7. Arya was not brow beaten with “oh but they’re just young boys who have just as much a right to life as you. Why not give up your vengeance.”. No the show wants you to root for killing the men who murder Yoren and kill her friends.