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  1. GRRM is no stranger to celestial objects in odd orbits that bring about regular apocalypses - check out the prologue to Tuf Voyaging.
  2. To be fair, she says that Serenei of Lys and Rhaenys the daughter of Rhaegar were both skinchangers of cats, which seems a reasonable interpretation of the text to me. Cats, not wolves, yes, but however the skinchanging bond is formed, it seems to require physical proximity, and opportunities for Targs, Lysenes and residents of King's Landing to achieve psionic communion with wolves must be extremely few and far between.
  3. Surely the Stark kids' warging ability stems from their psychic bond with their direwolves, which rids us of any need to consider a genetic component? (Presumably Sansa doesn't become a warg owing to Lady's early death)
  4. Does it work if the B stands for Benjen? I've wondered about this, as reading his conversation with Jon in AGOT Jon I, it does suggest he sired a bastard somewhere along the line.
  5. Well, there is this guy who turns up at a fortress run by a cult who like burning royalty alive for magical reasons, and introduces himself as Gerrick Kingsblood...
  6. Amazing the Greyjoys haven't rated a mention yet - Balon, Victarion, Theon...
  7. Who are these elite Westerosi infantry of which you speak? The infantry forces we see in the book are ill-equipped peasant levies. The only professionals out there are the gold cloaks, who do not impress as disciplined infantry from what we see of them. Both would be little more than something a Dothraki horde would play with, like a cat would play with a mouse.
  8. I always felt he threw away his best chance of achieving power behind the throne when agreeing to the poisoning of Ulf White. There was a dragonrider he could control, if ever there was one.
  9. A small extension to my porch, and I would have precisely this setup - citrus growing outside my bedroom window - in a climate pretty similar to that of Braavos.
  10. Dany, for a start, in every chapter he bullies her, yet I don't think it is hinted at. There is evidence, though, that Viserys is not a true Targ. I assume he is only metaphorically not the real deal, though for those who like theories about Dornish doppelgangers, Jorah describes him at one point as less than the shadow of a snake. I'd also expect it to come up in his ravings when he commits suicide by horselord (in much the same way as Rattleshirt tells the truth when he is about to die, but no-one realises it at the time). Again, not a hint.
  11. The problem with this is that no way is Viserys going to keep this information to himself, especially after Dany has married elsewhere, and especially once she has gained influence among the Dothraki.
  12. Does the text actually mention citrus being grown in greenhouses? Of course there are greenhouses (at Winterfell), but is citrus ever grown there?
  13. The last few years, I've been in the habit of starting a re-read on 1 January, which usually takes me through to May/June.
  14. I like the OP's use of the word isolationist for Olenna. She has survived 6-7 decades of mad kings, civil wars, general plotting and suspicion, by doing...well, nothing. Not a shred of evidence of her conniving and plotting all this while, sitting undisturbed in Highgarden whilst the acknowledged players rise and fall. Yet we are meant to believe that suddenly, in her eighties, she turns kingslayer-assassin, for motives that are, to say the least, questionable, and which (as others have pointed out) do not obviously benefit her and her family. All this on the word of Westeros' most notorious liar. It doesn't stack up. (Not being there is equally the historic MO of House Tyrell - owing their elevation in the first place to not being at the Field of Fire, non-participants in the Dance, absent from either side in the Blackfyre Rebellion, absent from the decisive stages of Robert's Rebellion...)
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