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  1. Hi Sean - really impressive blog that. Thanks for recommending it!
  2. Seeing this topic has prompted me to make a start with this and do something to correct my woeful knowledge of French medieval history. One chapter in, and it's already surprising me a bit - growing up in Wallingford as I did I'm familiar with the story of Isabella of France, but had no idea she (tried to/succeeded in - not sure where it is going yet) take out her French in-laws as well as her English husband. Wallingford Castle was the Harrenhal of fourteenth-century England, by the way - Piers Gaveston won a big tournament there so Edward II conferred the castle on him, and as the century twisted and turned, it ended up with Thomas of Lancaster, the Despensers, and Roger Mortimer, all of whom died screaming as GRRM might put it. Not sure how easy it is to get hold of, but the BBC adaptation of Robert Graves' "I, Claudius" is something else that's full of plots and phrases that GRRM has made use of (the original novels are great too; the TV adaptation manages to ditch much of the content but stay faithful to both plot and character, and GRRM was pretty definitely inspired by the latter).
  3. Weren't Daemon Blackfyre's eldest two sons another Aegon and Aemon?
  4. Neither is dead, but it isn't going to happen, although it would be wonderful to read - Dany and Jaime.
  5. This repeats itself later on with the miller's wife and sons, the younger of whom may well also be Theon's child.
  6. The problem with it as a family secret is that there are times when the Hightowers could definitely make use of shadow assassins, but this doesn't happen - the approach towards Oldtown of Aegon the Conqueror, and the entire Dance of Dragons. In the specific instance you give, though, that seems plausible.
  7. For me it has to be the Blackfish during his parley with Jaime at Riverrun.
  8. Was he actually conscious whilst having sex with Melisandre? I ask because he seems to feel no regret/internal conflict over it, or any evidence of him being aware that it actually happened, that I can find, and she certainly would have the means.
  9. Fairly accurate geographically, if you interpret the Rhoyne as the Mississippi.
  10. I do wonder whether GRRM based the character on some chess-playing buddy of his who talked a good talk, took seventeen years to make a move, and then lost his queen when he did so.
  11. GRRM is no stranger to celestial objects in odd orbits that bring about regular apocalypses - check out the prologue to Tuf Voyaging.
  12. To be fair, she says that Serenei of Lys and Rhaenys the daughter of Rhaegar were both skinchangers of cats, which seems a reasonable interpretation of the text to me. Cats, not wolves, yes, but however the skinchanging bond is formed, it seems to require physical proximity, and opportunities for Targs, Lysenes and residents of King's Landing to achieve psionic communion with wolves must be extremely few and far between.
  13. Surely the Stark kids' warging ability stems from their psychic bond with their direwolves, which rids us of any need to consider a genetic component? (Presumably Sansa doesn't become a warg owing to Lady's early death)
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