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    Dany and child murder

    There's also a critique of Cortes and the fall of the Aztec Empire mixed in there - in the Meereen chapters, GRRM has been pulling bits of Prescott's The History of the Conquest of Mexico apart and reassembling them.
  2. I always picture Robert Baratheon as being Brian Blessed - his role from Flash Gordon.
  3. Lord Browndodd

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    There is a family of pterosaurs known as the Azdarchidae, colloquially referred to as "toothless dragons".
  4. Lord Browndodd

    Targaryen-Baratheons - How fiery is the blood of the stag?

    Is the appendix we see today the same as the one in the original edition published way back when, or has it been inserted/amended somewhere along the line since?
  5. Lord Browndodd

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    Trying to find fodder for a horse-based army in a desert would be a logistical nightmare.
  6. Lord Browndodd

    Balon Swann as valonqar?

    Swanns and mirrors - the knight who tried to emulate Serwyn of the Mirror Shield during the Dance of Dragons was a Swann.
  7. Lord Browndodd

    Who was the Biggest Villain of the Dance?

    Were any of Stannis' alleged traitors ever convicted of treason by anything resembling a court as we would understand it?
  8. Lord Browndodd

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    If there is one person Dany really ought to want to seek revenge on, it is Jaime, but he is almost totally absent from her internal dialogue, which suggests to me that GRRM has never intended that they should meet.
  9. Lord Browndodd

    Missing things in FaB

    Septon Barth, described in ASOIAF as "more sorcerer than septon", which leaves you wanting to know more, but we get next to nothing.
  10. Lord Browndodd

    Queries about dragons

    Flying creatures weigh much, much less than terrestrial creatures of similar size - it's a necessity if you want to get airborne.
  11. Lord Browndodd

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    This may be why GRRM was made to put the dragons in.
  12. Lord Browndodd

    A new look at the puple wedding

    Of course Littlefinger has a motive for killing Joffrey - to silence an accomplice he cannot rely on to stay silent. He kills Lysa Arryn for exactly the same reason shortly afterwards.
  13. Lord Browndodd

    References and Homages

    There is a herb called valerian, one of whose folkloric properties is to keep dragons at bay.
  14. Lord Browndodd

    References and Homages

    Found some old notebooks of mine earlier today, from long before I came across GRRM's work. They are festooned with line-drawings of dragons and various other lizards, including one of the three-headed beast King Ghidorah from the Godzilla movies, which looks startlingly like the Targaryen sigil. I wonder if Martin was a fan, too? (I also like hot baths. You have been warned)